5 Ways How Negativity Hampers Work


It is said that success is the by-product of determination and hard work. However, fewer are still able to achieve success at workplace. This often happens because these people who are not able to succeed are lacking at something. They are hardly aware that it is their own negative pattern that is sucking up all the opportunity to achieve success. If only they become aware about what is causing failure, it would be easier to eliminate it all. Through this article you will discover 5 ways how negativity hampers work. (more…)

5 Lessons That Failures Teach


We look up to successful people and just see their achievements. Little do we know that a lot goes on behind the scenes, on the path to success. Take for example, the great scientist Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb. He achieved success because of his positive attitude. In his words, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Looking at him and others who are great achievers in the history of art, science, mathematics, astrophysics and other such domains there is a lot to learn about failures. Through this article you will discover 5 life lessons that failures teach, and go on the path of achieving success. (more…)

5 Ways On How To Treat Your Failures In A Positive Manner

Keep Trying

Facing failure is not fun, especially if you fail in something which is important to you. But treating your failures with positivity is very essential. Otherwise, it might drown you and your strengths. The famous Michael Jordan admits, “I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed”. Failure should be accepted as a teacher who teaches us very important lessons of life. This learning can be possible only if you look at failure positively. Read on to know about 5 ways about treating failures positively: (more…)

6 Reasons Why Following Your Passion Is A Must

Happy Life

Did you ever have that crazy dream when you were a child? The one where you would become a famous rock star, sports player or maybe even backpack across the world? Everything seemed possible when we were young. The sky was the limit to our hopes, dreams and fantasies. But why did it have to end? At what point in our lives are we wired to stop believing that we can achieve the unbelievable? We only live once right? So why not go out and attack the world like we were so willing and brave to do when we were young! Here are six reasons why following your passion is a must. No matter how old you are. (more…)

7 Tips On How To Take Criticism In A Positive Manner


How you deal with criticism can have a knock-on effect on your life. More than often, criticism causes anger and aggression and it can lower self-esteem of a person if taken negatively. But it is honesty, take it positively. Learn to resolve inner conflicts by accepting the facts about yourself. If you wish to be successful as a student, professional or be a better person, learn to admit your mistakes. Here are 7 tips on how to take criticism in a positive way: (more…)

How To Feel More Fresh At Work


Spending each day at work demands a high level of alertness and concentration. Whatever be the job profile, working efficiently asks for a great deal of energy to maintain productivity. If you feel dog-tired at work easily and get fatigued even before afternoon, here are some inevitable tips that will help you feel fresher: (more…)

6 Useful Tips To Control Anger Outbursts


A German proverb says, “He who has conquered his anger has conquered his enemy”. It is always better to stay in control of your anger; do not let it control you. Getting angry actually hurts your own soul much more than the people whom you are angry at. Read further about 6 tips that can be very useful in controlling your anger outbursts: (more…)

6 Easy Ways To Break The Ice And Start A Conversation

Caught up in a situation where you want to talk but just can’t? Being a conversationalist is not that easy, especially if you are the ‘introvert’ types. To start with an open-ended conversation with anybody, there is no need to get clammy and feel awkward. If you think you need to tread on those silent zones and start talking, here are some useful tips that will help you break the ice: (more…)

6 Indoor Activities For Kids During Rainy Season!


As much as we love to get drenched in the monsoon season, it can equally prove to be a damper for the kids. With roads and playgrounds soaked up in water there is not much left for the kids to enjoy. Hence, it is a daunting task to keep the kids busy during the rainy season. Moms and dads need to plan well to ensure that kids do not get bored and they make best of their time staying indoors in monsoons. Following are some of the indoor activities that will help your kids enjoy their stay at home. (more…)

5 Socializing Tips For Introverts

Making Friends

You can call yourself an introvert if you do not enjoy company and are at peace when left alone. When the mind tends to be preoccupied with its own thoughts, it does not seek anyone else’s attention. Such people try to minimise their contact with other people. This does not necessarily mean that introverts can’t socialise. Here are 5 tips that will boost introverts to mingle with the crowds more easily:

1. Moving Out Towards Anxiety


Photo by Sharon Sinclair, CC BY 2.0

Each one of us has certain introvert as well as extrovert traits within us. But somehow, we feel comfortable in our own circles sometimes. An introvert needs to try moving out of this comfort zone and step in the next orbit. If this invites anxiety, stay calm but do not come back. Instead, get used to this anxious state so that it guides you to better socialisation. This might need more pushing than you had thought. Try to learn newer things and introduce yourself to different concepts. Another key point to be kept in mind during this effort to socialise is, not to try it every day, at least initially. Give yourself a break and start afresh the next day. (more…)