10 Tips to Become the Best Version of You

There is an inborn need in human beings to evolve. We evolve physically and mentally right from the time we are born and the process carries on till our last breath. However, people tend to stagnate once they reach a particular point in life. Yet the one who strive forward are the ones who stand apart.

The human civilization is here today because we evolved ever since the human race came into being. If our ancestors had not moved on we would not have been where we are. Hence the need for development is not only a need for the present but also a need for the future.

How and where do you start this process of becoming a better you? This is a good question that needs to be answered. A 360-degree approach is required to get an all-round result. Ideally improve for the better in each area of life.

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1. Positive Thinking

This tops the list every time you want to work on becoming a better version of you. An optimistic attitude is quintessential for a successful life. It helps you accept the things that you cannot change and to be grateful for the good things that you have.

2. Be Open to Learning

One of the greatest virtues of successful people is their ability to learn new things. It is one of the greatest virtues a human being can possess. In fact, it is much desired leadership trait practiced and possessed by great leaders of the world.

Learning is an ongoing process and it only takes a halt when a person stops breathing. The ability to learning new things and evolve is pre-requisite to becoming a better you.

3. Personal Grooming

This is an essential part of personal growth and success. Half the job is done for a well-groomed person. Take good care of your attire. Accessorize well. Accessories can add life to your clothing. Take expert advice on how to use accessories in the right manner.

4. Healthy Eating

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa. It is an ongoing cycle. It is not about blindly following the diet fads but about meticulously weighing your options following a healthy diet regime that suits your body.

5. Relationships

Relationships keep us going. They are an integral part of our life. Successful people always look towards contributing to relationships around them rather than thinking ‘What do I get from this particular relationship?’. They don’t keep stock of all the negative things that happened to them or the negative things that people did to them. Instead they move on. Forgiving, understanding and empathizing are winning traits that will help you become a better person.

6. Get Your Focus Right

Understanding your capabilities, your passion, and your goals can help you focus on where and how you need to reach your destiny.

7. Watch Your Speech

The words you speak can make or break your relationships, profession and even your future. Take control of your words don’t let your words control you.

8. Get Your Body Language Right

Is it possible for you to say a lot of things even without saying anything? Yes, you can with your gestures and facial expressions. Thoughtless and awkward facial expressions can be unappealing and can create a negative impression. By checking yourself out and learning gestures, postures and facial expressions you can score well on your body language.

9. Improve Skill Sets

The fast-spaced world requires fast paced people. In order to stay in the rat race one needs to constantly improve one’s skill set.

10. De-Clutter

One does not need to restrict the process of de-cluttering to physical things alone. It could also mean de-cluttering yourself from things that weigh you down. This is when your personal goals and vision comes in handy. Free yourself from tasks that don’t help you reach your goal. For example, you might be a part of too many social groups which take away a large chunk of your time. Reducing the number of groups, you are in will be great time saver.

The very fact that you want to become a better person is a positive sign that you are in the right track. The ability of a person to evolve and improve of his or herself is a sure shot sign of success. Such people will surely go places.

6 Non-Verbal Techniques to Influence Others

“Actions speak louder than words” is a phrase we have heard more than just once. Over the years, there are many things which people have told us over and over. We know the theory but don’t know how to execute it practically.  We all want to influence people, to be likeable, to be a good role model and leader. But the steps towards that are unknown. Just being aware of many idioms and reading quotes and motivational lines isn’t enough to impress the world. We need to know how to play with people’s minds to influence them. And non-verbal communication is the easiest and most fool-proof way of doing that.

Here are 4 non-verbal techniques you can easily master and use them to influence people easily.

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1. Good Manners

Small incidences often add up to form an opinion. Good gestures can go a long way in making a good impression. Be it holding the door open for someone, smiling and nodding to greet a person when you pass by them in the halls or just a casual word of “Hey how are you doing” can make people like you a lot. It doesn’t take much of our time to greet someone or acknowledge them. But that small gesture will stay in their minds and many small gestures together will build up to form an excellent image of you as a person. So next time, don’t ignore that person walking by you at the corridor, smile at him and start building a good image of yourself in others minds.

2. Use Your Eyes

Maintaining eye contact with the person you are speaking to, improves your communication skills immensely. It shows you are deeply involved in the conversation and want the other person to listen to what you are saying. The best way to make someone listen to you is showing them that you are intent on holding their attention, isn’t it? Be careful though, you don’t want to seem too intimidating!

3. Hand Gestures While Speaking

Holding our hands behind our backs while speaking is a very common mistake. It generally arises out of nervousness and anxiety. Overcoming this is key to making a good impression. Only kids in school hold their hands behind their backs while they stand. Broad, smooth and frequent hand gestures make you seem confident and involved. Often good actors are good speakers. The reason behind this is that they know how to utilize the stage to the fullest extent. Standing still does not come naturally to them and they automatically move around. Gestures are an effective tool to make good conversations and speeches.

4. Touch

An appropriate touch at the right time, which says, “I care” speaks much more than a long explanation about you actually caring. A pat on the back or a comforting hand on a shoulder really screams out your emotions in an effective way. A firm handshake shows you are confident and extroverted.

5. Don’t Be a Slowpoke

Imagine a person who speaks very slowly, takes a lot of time to come to the point and drags every tiny detail. No one likes those people. Talking fast and executing things fast is an effective way to show that you are proactive. Being energetic exudes energy into others around you. Laugh out, make jokes and always be attentive and alert. It easily influences those around you to be the same.

6. A Smile Is What Takes You That Extra Mile

Joyful, happy people are always liked. No one likes a person with a grim expression who is serious all the time. Smile generously during a conversation. It can be deceptively charming. A smile can diffuse tensions and break barriers. People who smile are always more approachable and likeable.

Communicating is something everyone who knows how to speak a language can achieve. But, effective communication is something that needs to be learnt, practiced and mastered eventually. Go out there and start experimenting!

8 Interesting Ways to Improve Your Social Skills

Okay. Before the preaching begins.

What are social skills?

Why do we need them and why are they important?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, social skills are the essential skills required for successful social interaction.

Society is what shapes who we are, most of the time. A person who has a good relationship with everyone around him will lead a happier life than someone else who doesn’t. To be able to have a good understanding and relationship with those around us we need to have a few skills. Here are some ways to improve and build inter personal skills.

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1. Experiment Different Ways of Talking with People

Being sociable is all about communicating with everyone. A social butterfly is one who flutters around the entire room making conversation with everyone. Each person who we encounter in life is different. They will have varying levels of ego, different outlooks towards life. We need to know how to make a conversation with all of them and the easiest way is to experiment. Some people like listeners and some like chatterboxes. Mold your talking style to satiate the needs of the other person.

2. Prune Prejudices

Imagine you have a glass with some liquid in it. Someone else comes to serve you a drink and pours it unknowingly into your glass assuming it is empty. You will drink it, but it will not taste the same as they intended it to taste. This is the concept behind prejudices. Our mind is often filled with the preconceived notion of what the other person is like. Before talking to someone, clear your mind of all this and start with an empty slate. It will help you judge the person for yourself and also to talk to them better.

3. Communicate Without Words

Often our body language is what speaks much more than what we say. While approaching someone, be genuinely happy to meet them. Wear a smile and start speaking to them jovially and they will automatically reciprocate. While listening to someone, lean in, hold eye contact. This will show that you are interested in what the other person has to say, which will encourage them to speak to you. 

4. Encourage Others to Talk About Themselves

Everyone in this world is self-centered. It’s just the radius which differs. When we trigger someone to talk about them, usually they get a new-found energy and talk more. Ask questions which make a person talk about their lives, mainly their problems. When they talk about their problems to you they automatically become closer to you.

5. Offer Compliments Generously

Complimenting someone makes them feel extremely good about themselves. They will them associate that feeling with the person who made them feel that. Complimenting someone is the most fool proof way to make them like you.

6. Imbibe Qualities from The Social People You Know

We all know lots of people who are very social. Observing them will give certain insights into what characteristics they have which makes them so sociable and likeable. Imbibing those qualities will help us understand how we can change to become more like them.

7. Be A Bundle of Joy

Nobody likes people who crib all the time and have a negative outlook towards everything in life. They are the ones who suck the energy out of everyone they speak to. On the other hand, people who are happy and joyful all the time spread joy and happiness which everyone welcomes and enjoys.

8. Act According to The Surroundings

Being social with people who are from ethnically different backgrounds may be difficult. For this, we need to read up on their cultures and traditions and act accordingly. People in different parts of the world may have different social rules and to live among them we need to follow those rules.

Finally, be yourself. Nobody who is fake is likeable. Changing yourself is different from being overtly fake. Our minds can be played with and we can change our personalities if we really want to. Concentrate on what you want and you will be able to mold your personality accordingly.

4 Ways to Commit Yourself to Personal Growth

Personal growth is an ongoing process. It is something that an individual needs to adopt as a lifestyle if one needs to lead a successful life. Ideally, it requires an all-round approach. A lot of times personal growth is attributed to professional growth and success. Many times people attribute the word ‘personal growth’ to improving skill sets that enable a person to achieve professional or monetary success. However, a broader perspective will enable an individual to achieve much more.

Personal growth does not end with just attending a bunch of personal development program or reading books related to it. However, one can never undermine the value of good quality workshops and books. They can be great resources to edify and motivate a person towards greater personal success. However, a more radical and grass-root level approach can yield lasting benefits.

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1. Decide Your Future

As utopian as it may sound, your future truly is in your hand. Yes, the fact is that we live in uncertain times and that no one knows what the next minute holds. But the truth is every minute that life grants us can be impactful when we make the right choices. Ask yourself few questions and answer them. What is that gives you real happiness? What would you be like to be known as by people around you? These are few questions that help you making yourself a better person. 

2. Make A Personalized Plan of Action

This era of information overload can be both inspiring and overpowering. There are many resources that enable you to chart out a plan of action for your personal growth. However, these resources are best used as guidelines. They can be tools that help you personalize your POA. The best person to make your POA is you. Your plan of action for your personal growth should be challenging and practical as well. If you are happy where you are, then sketch out a plan that will jostle you out of your comfort zone.

Jot down your strengths and weaknesses. Work on areas that you need to get strong in order to achieve your goals. Break down your long-term goals into short term goals. Set time limit for short goals too. It is easier to appraise at regular intervals.

3. Take One Day at A Time

The ‘instant culture ‘gives only instant result. Lasting results always take grit, perseverance and integrity. Living in a fast-paced world you simply cannot deny the ethos of the instant philosophy. People who really emerge successful are those that know where to draw the line. One has to strike a balance somewhere. This can only be possible when you are sure of who you are and what you want to be.

Having a vision or a goal for life, makes life simpler. When you start focusing on your vision then you know where you need to invest your time and resources and where you need not. You will notice that each day is less cluttered with unwanted chores. Now it is easier to focus on activities that will take you towards your life’s vision. The fact remains that some days will still be bad and that nothing might go in the right direction. Yet that is not the end of the road. A true athlete always runs till the finishing line. Similarly, a winner always finishes what he or she begins in the midst of all challenges.

4. Be Accountable

Being accountable is an effective way to attain your goals. There is a natural tendency in human beings to be more alert when they are being watched.  Why not use this as an effective bait to enhance yourself.  Being accountable to a reliable person can make your personal growth plan more effective and efficient. You can be accountable to a close family member, friend or even take professional help.

Personal growth sounds more complicated than it actually is. In simple terms, it is an exercise that an individual performs to bring about happiness and success into one’s very own life. The primary beneficiary of the personal growth is your own self. Others around are only secondary beneficiaries. To sum up personal growth has to be adopted as a way of life. If you are committed to personal growth then identify your goals, make a plan of action and take one day at a time and appraise your own self at regular intervals.

How to Overcome Inferiority Complex at Work?

Have you ever had this thought that you are not good enough to be called an employee in your company? Do you think that you are not as good as your contemporaries? Do you think your schooling is not from a high-fi elite school, so you can’t match the standards of the other students? When a task is assigned to you, do you refuse to do it because you think you are not as advanced as your competitors? If you possess any such thoughts of shame in your mind, then you are definitely a victim of a disease called “inferiority complex.” Wherever you go, you see such low-esteem in many of the people and you are unable to understand why? Let me tell you that inferiority complex is a psychological phenomenon that dwells in the people who are submissive and lack self-confidence. It is a susceptible malady that evokes people to doubt their abilities and thus, feel bad about themselves. It is commonly found at workplaces where there are numerous people with diverse minds and talents and thus, the chances of scaling one another increases. Here are 10 ways by which you can overcome inferiority complex at work:


10 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneurs

From a small vendor to a big coffee shop employee to a corporate official, anyone can be an entrepreneur. But then why hundreds of people fail and only a few become giant names? The simple answer to this question is that it takes a lot of passion and courage, first, to take the decision of stepping into the world of new challenges where risks enmesh the limbs of the neophyte and second, to dare to give a shot to the most vulnerable earning option, i.e. entrepreneurship. Success is just a tag that follows the track of excellence and diligence. Being an entrepreneur and that too a successful one is not a layman’s job, one has to burn the candle at both ends to attain the impossible. The biggest business tycoons have emerged from the bog of the unprivileged. For instance, the journey of transformation from a mere school teacher to one of the richest man in the world, Mr. Jack Ma, the owner of the gigantic “Alibaba group,” has displayed the essence of consistent efforts which has lifted him to the apex of the commercial market. There are other names in the queue of moguls like Bill gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page etc.


5 Self-Help Books That Can Help in Personality Development

Personality is the definition of one’s real self. Values, beliefs, thoughts, perception, attitude, desires, and code of conduct collectively form what is called a personality. There is no holy scripture or any set of rules that govern the personality of a human being. Personality varies from person to person, but there is definitely a lesson of a bunch of traits, emotional stability, and intellectual ability that needs to be learnt by every individual in order to acquire a personality that can be adored by others. There are numerous prolific writers, psychologists, and philosophers who have scribbled their thoughts about personality development in various books. Here are some of the examples of self-help books which requires you to read and experience the real life situations and how you can inculcate the qualities of an appealing personality:


How to Overcome Shyness at Your Workplace?

Are you one of those employees who are called wallflower among all? Do you refrain from attending your official parties? Are one of those who make excuses when ordered to give presentations at your office? Do you hesitate in communicating with your authorities? Do you have your lunch in aloof? Do you feel discomfort at your work stead? If yes, then you are anti-social and you are in dire need of overcoming your fear of talking with people.  To all my readers, you must know that this era belongs to those who can express themselves and do not believe in hiding themselves behind the curtains. You better understand one thing that your proficiency is your sword, but to make yourself worthy of taking the sword out of the sheath, you have to conquer your diffidence.


7 Tips to Help You Set Realistic Goals in Life

Humans and their wishes never end. As a man grows his needs and hunger for accomplishments increase day by day. But man does not realize that he goes astray in the wake of running after those voracious needs. It happens in every individual’s life and it is the utter inadvertent nature of human being that makes him do so.  Have you never been caught up in a situation where you have made such an expensive demand for yourself, be it buying a car or becoming the executive head of a renowned firm? Imagine that you have recently joined a company which pays you a meager income and you have made a decision of buying a flat at a stage of life, where your prior installments of washing machine are still being deducted from your bank account. So, will you be able to grab your much awaited dream in such a predicament? This is what you call a tragedy, a juncture of life where your goals and your fate slip out of your hands. Therefore, here is a list of tips, rather questions; that you need to ask yourself when you prepare yourself for the attainment of such unrealistic goals in life.


How to Become a Successful Woman Entrepreneur?

Have you ever felt that you don’t belong to the place you work currently? Do you feel that it is time for you to stop listening to commands and start preparing yourself to be the boss? Are you enervated of watching yourself glued to your chair for long hours? Does this 9-5 job nag you all the time? Does your decision to be a desk jockey frustrate you? Have you reached a point in life where you just want to quit your vocation? If your answer is yes, then you are definitely looking for a change in your career – a change that will demand nothing else, but for you to embark on a new business venture.

To take up a self-made plan and to execute it requires immense courage. Today is the era of innovation and it is not unusual to find people waffling between their job opportunities and the choice of converting their passion into work by opting for entrepreneurship. You must have seen men taking such financial risks because women are often hesitant in making such precarious decisions. But with the world recognizing the talent of women in various fields of work, women are highly motivated to do something extraordinary. Here are the 10 ways for all the women who wish to transform themselves into successful women entrepreneurs: