15 Things Successful People Never Do in Life – Learn from The Masters

Whenever we discuss about success, people always think that, what special inborn traits these successful persons do have in them. But, believe me, it is not that like, they are not born with any kind of special characteristics. It’s just that they do same things like you do, but in a different manner. This manner of working ‘differently’ adds on to their success. So, let’s observe a few things which the populace of triumphant people never does in their life span.

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1. They Never Just Say, They Do

These people are the ones who do not consider only speaking. A man is best acknowledged by his deeds but not by what he professes himself to be. Self-praise is no praise. The braggarts are not to be taken seriously. An individual is for eternity judged by the qualities of his actions. Actions reveal the character and intrinsic worth of a person. Actions are eloquent than the words of a man because nobody likes to disparage himself in his own words. Education, ought to make us realize the disparity between words and actions of those, who come into contact with us. An intelligent and a successful person know the value of deeds and hence, he prefers to prove his worth by the actions he do, rather by saying it all around.

2. They Never Lose Patience

These populaces are not impatient. Success is a long tale of travails and tribulations, sweat and perseverance. It cannot be achieved overnight.  There are none of roads which are magnificent to success. Miracles are the theme of fairy tales. Boons granted by angels are mere myths. One must realize that the only key for opening the doors of success is through hard work. Those, who burn midnight oils, taste the sweet fruit of success. So, impatience would lead us nowhere. Great achievements require greater efforts and patience. Great creations take time to appear and then come into being. Therefore, one should not despair of hopes if success is belated. Our efforts are undoubtedly crowned, be it at the earlier moments or at the later stages.

3. They Never Get Downcast

If a man has a will to complete an object, he will find a way to do it. No obstacle is insurmountable enough to deter him. Nothing can shake his faith. A man of will is never dejected by anything. Such person makes out how to achieve everything in the teeth of stiff opposition. He can mold inhospitable circumstances to his liking. One can achieve anything in life through his hard work. It is the will of the man which makes him improvise, manipulate and devise different behavior and means. So, strong will is the last means of a man if he has to achieve his cherished goal of life. He has the talent to carve his own way if he has the tenacity of will.

4. They Are Not Directionless In Their Lives

Fickleness is the worst frailty in human nature. The ones who are not firm in their thoughts drift in all directions. They are directionless in their aim of life. Those who can’t stick to their resolution come to grief. Moss grows only on stagnant stone. Similarly, a man engaged in some particular work regularly, gains some experience. Perfection is the fruit of constancy and the cause of success in life. Those, who are prudent, act patiently to achieve what their hearts’ desires. Only a determined person tastes success by following the determined path.

5. They Are Not Disheartened By Failures

Man acts with a view to achieving success his goal in whatever field he is engaged. Obviously, he dreams of success and he never bargains for anything lesser than success. But, success is not at all times the end result. It may happen that all of his efforts are ending in fiasco. A guy of fortitude will persevere realizing that his failure is a step to become skilled, for achieving success in future. He will always learn from his failure. The failure provides man an opportunity to analyze its cause. Having realized his shortcomings, he will adopt prudent course on the way to success.

6. They Do Not Rely Upon Destiny

The ancient masters like Aristotle had put forward the theory that the catastrophe in the living of the man issues from flaw in his own character. The rebounds of his acts contribute to his ruin. Man, himself is the architect of his destiny. Whether, a man suffers or prospers will depend upon a man’s temperament, his actions and his doings. Good actions usually lead to good results. Whereas, ill-considered actions have unpleasant and even disastrous consequences. Nothing can tie down a man with fortitude. Those who accomplish something owe their success to their efforts. On the contrary, failure is credited to destiny.

7. They Do Not Give Advices, They Set Examples

The paramount form of advice is to translate it into one’s own action and set an example before others. The world does not lack in the number of preachers. The pity is that mere advice cannot be expected to have a desired impact on those, whom they wish to guide. If one is capable to come up to one’s belief, it could have a tremendous impact on others. They are more than willing to follow you. Mere words of advice and laying down rules can lead society or country nowhere. Mere advice to others without following oneself is meaningless and may sound hollow. It will make one look ridiculous in other’s eyes. Therefore, it’s better to show the way by following what one wishes to preach.

8. They Are Not the Ones Who Fright from Misfortunes

There are instances in life of a man when he has to confront the hard realities of life and his hopes are dashed. An insight of solitude and desolation overtakes him. Happiness is just an interlude in the tale of sufferings. The realism of life is hard and it just breeds pessimism in him. Those who remain unfit to conquer it feel a sense of melancholy, but those who overcome it, are optimists and become successful in life. Optimism encourages him to face harsh conditions boldly and convert misfortunes into success. However ruthless the miseries of life may be, a successful person is always saved by hope.

9. They Do Not Have Little Knowledge

A man with modest learning is prone to flaunt his knowledge. A little information about anything always proves to be dangerous. Empty vessels make much noise, while deep water runs silently. So far, so good. But, when it comes to imparting to others, it is awe fully dangerous. Such persons can rightly be termed as quacks that move around in hordes in the planet. These people are the exploiters and they prey on the gullibility of the innocent.  But, it is not the trait of a successful person. He speaks only because he has in depth knowledge of the field he is dealing with. This is what has leaded him to be on cloud nine.

10. They Do Not Resort to Foul Means

Honest trail of life is paved with difficulties but it certainly leads to one’s cherished goal. Means are more significant than ends. In the present rat race, man considers ends more important. It hardly matters whether means are fair or foul. Nobody bothers about the questionable methods, which a person makes use of, to attain his goal. Success at every cost is the major concern of modern man. However, honesty pays in all toddle of life though the path is definitely an arduous one. Honest means brings success and a feeling of exultation as well. It cannot be felt by a man of guilty conscience.

11. They Never Squander Time

Timely action is the key to success. Time once gone cannot be recalled. Neglect in small things may spoil the labor of the years. Thus, the most effectual motto of life should be, do it at the instant moment. Time is momentary and fleeting. Doesn’t matter whatever the situation arises, time knows the trend of no wait. Those who are able to realize this truth and make effective and intelligent use of the time in hand, shine with bright colors in their future, else they will always have to repent later. For having a sweet fruit many efforts are required to be put in. It’s the procrastination that always robs our time. Time is a gem and is very prized. Once, it has gone, it means it has gone, it will never arrive back.

12. They Never Overlook Their Responsibilities

It is undeniable that world is heaving of all varieties of evils and hardships. Power and responsibility are accompanied with a lot of care and worries. A crown is never without a thorn of responsibility. There are persons, who have very difficult duties to perform. Only such persons know the sense of suffering and responsibility. It is not trouble-free to enjoy the glory to success because it involves loads of suffering and sacrifice of one’s efforts. It is just true that which every rose, there comes a thorn. There are none gains which are devoid of the pains.

13. They Never Flow Away with Emotions

Practical men are the ones, who act prudently. They weigh every opportunity, in every aspect, which knocks at the door. Foolish people are governed more by emotions than by reason. Their approach to life and opportunities is not pragmatic. They don’t ponder over before taking hasty decisions. As a result, they act thoughtlessly and suffer later on. But, such rash decision seldom yields good results. Otherwise, a sensible man makes a proper planning and decides his line of action. Our actions must be the result of our foresight lest we should repent later.

14. They Grab Every Opportunity That Comes Their Way

They never spare any opportunity which arises. At hand, there happens a deluge in the dealings of men and one must take jam-packed benefit of it. He should not let the chance slip out of one’s hands. Opportunity knocks rarely at one’s doors and it must be seized, when it happens to knock. Just as one can give shape to hot iron, likewise, one can modify the opportunity to his own way. Wise men apprehend that opportunity utilized at the right moment lead to success. It is no use wasting time in the wild-goose-chase.

15. They Never Rash Upon with Things

Speed is the hallmark of modern civilization. In this world of cut throat competition, he sets endless aims. But, success always results from steady pursuit of aim. The work done by fits plus starts leads one nowhere. For the proper execution of work, both constancy and steadiness are necessary. A diligent person is not discouraged by difficulties. He continues to march towards his goal. Thus, he steals a march on a person, who believes that success is sudden and effortless.

So, the above listed are the things, not doing of which helps in the turning of normal people into the extraordinary ones. Hence, if you also start practicing these not to do things, no one can stop you from attaining success and reaching the zenith, and being on cloud nine.

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