5 Reasons Why the Modern Generation Is So Stressed Out

The one word that pops in to our mind when we think about life in the current century is “stress”. It is needless to say that most people are victims of this dangerous monster and there is almost no escape from it. Stress is a constant factor in a life of a five-year-old, a young adult or an aged individual. But, the situation was not so bad for our previous generations. Studies suggest that the stress level in individuals have reached a marked level in the recent times.

A major way to keep stress at bay is to identify the key elements in our life that causes it. This way we can be at a much better state and make the necessary changes in our daily lives. In this article, we shall be discussing 5 major reasons for the increased stress levels in the current times.

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1. Rat Race

The world is changing at a rate faster that we could have ever imagined. There are inventions and innovations every other day. This creates a constant drive among people to strive for the best and push their limits. On one hand, it can prove to be beneficial but sadly enough, this constant pressure often results to increasing stressful situations. The burden of always delivering our very best to outrun all others can create a negative impact. We tend to become restless and lose track our health and mental state.

Make sure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and resting your body enough.

2. Social Media

The advent of social media has worsened the condition of certain individuals and a large part of it include the teenagers. The bustling internet crowd is always on the go, following the latest trends and exploring new places. Selfies, pictures and status updates have become a vital part of our life. It is almost like a social validation that one requires in order to live. We enjoy less and are busy updating our social media sites with whatever we do or see. The essence of travelling or spending quality time with our loved ones is lost somewhere. Many find it intimidating to see others enjoy themselves and often forget that everyone is blessed. This leads to increased stress and most times they fear missing out on all the good stuff that is out there.

3. Lack of Outdoor Activity

Be it children or adults, most of us are stuck in our schools, houses or offices with very little time outside of our air-conditioned rooms. We have no form of physical exercise that will drain out the negative energy in our body. Working out and outdoor activities makes people happy but most of us cannot find time to indulge in them. Along with this, we are prone to eating junk food on a daily basis. Our physical health degrades and as we know, there is a strong correlation between mental and physical health. Both our mind and body is hammered down by the daily mundane lifestyle and results in stressful environment.

4. Financial Pressure

Owing to our increased needs and demands, we are bound to earn more or sometimes loan out some money from commercial institutions. Car loans, house loans and education loans are a common thing these days. This compels us to work harder and earn better. All of us are striving hard for a promotion. A promotion can be achieved only with hard work and sometimes we are so engrossed in chasing that salary that we forget to take care of ourselves. The burden of such financial commitments can prove to be laborious and leaves us disturbed.

5. Pessimism

With all the negativity around, it takes a lot to think positive and act accordingly. We often fail to look at the brighter side of things and focus only on what we lack. Pessimism is an evil that grabs every individual in its way and destroys them. Negative thoughts and toxic people are harmful for your well-being. It is a hindrance to happiness in life and must be defeated to lead a stress-free life.

There are other factors too that add to the stress in our daily lives but what is most important is to know how to beat it. Enjoy life as it comes, find pleasure in small things, and let go off all the negative energy around you. You are sure to feel much better and relaxed with time.

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Listening Music

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‘Rest is not idleness. To lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summers day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time’. This has rightly been quoted by Sir John Lubbock in his famous book ‘The Use of Life’. Time has become so precious these days that taking a break from work and vacationing becomes our last priority. A normal working day in today’s modern world is full of a variety of stresses, pressures and dissatisfactions. Monotonous weekly routines make us vulnerable to boredom at work. If that sounds like you, you ought to think of taking a break. Opting for a relaxing vacation is a good option as it will prepare you for a fresh start at work after you return. Here are 6 reasons why vacations are important for stress-free work: (more…)

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7 Stress Release Tips For Working Women

Working Women

Toiling hard to strike a chord of balance between work and home? Working women are usually undergoing various levels of occupational stress every day. Gender-specific job stressors, like difficulties in combining work with family or sex discrimination at work, lead to accumulation of negativity. Stress is increasingly becoming a common health hazard with a negative impact on the lives of working women. A working woman can follow these 7 easy tips to ease out the tension in her daily life:

1. Define Boundaries Between Work And Home

Working Women

Photo by Steve wilson, CC BY 2.0

Do you often end up carrying the burden of your work place till home? It is a common feeling to keep the thoughts of undone jobs of office, lingering in our mind till the next morning. This leaves us physically present but mentally absent at home. Make it a rule – whatever is the situation at work, you will keep it away from your mind once you are at home. Keep away the office phone, abstain from checking and replying back to e-mails every minute, avoid thinking out solutions to work issues for the next day. This will definitely give you more ‘quality’ time with family or friends at home.

2. Organise Your Day


Photo by geralt, CC0 1.0

Stress is sometimes created by our own self. For instance, trying to race against time, but not getting the much needed document tenses you unnecessarily. If this sounds like you, you need to ‘organise’ yourself a bit. In order to seek relief from stress, it is a good practice to organise things beforehand. Small efforts to line up to-do-lists a day before can go a mile in saving you from the chaos. Simple things like keeping your desk clutter free, prioritising and executing the first things first and sorting out pending tasks in time, can offload you from the burden. You will feel more productive, and achieving deadlines assigned to you will be easier.

3. Exercise


Photo by PublicDomainPictures, CC0 1.0

Why is it so important to put on those running shoes? Exercise releases endorphin – the hormone that fights stress. Working in and out from one day to the next can take a toll on our body and mind. As a working woman, it becomes all the more essential to squeeze out time for exercise in the super-busy schedule. 30 minutes of daily aerobic activity enhances physical and mental health of a working woman who is more prone to occupational health hazards than her male counterpart. It can be a refreshing swim in the pool, a ‘cardio’ workout in the gym, an early morning walk or jog, an energetic cycling session out in the sun, an enjoyable Zumba class or even a spiritual ‘Power Yoga’ session.

4. Switch To Humour


Photo by Portrait-Xan, CC0 1.0

Every now and then, try to ‘disengage’ from the working pressure and engage in some or the other form of humour. Once in a while, witty jokes can spread smiles across the office floor lightening up the boredom. At home or in break time, try to catch up with stand-up comedy shows on television or watch some latest funny spoof videos on you tube. Laugh it up loud if you feel like, as laughter is a great stress buster. Talk to friends who make you laugh. Sharing lighter moments with kids at the dining table can turn out to be one of the best moments of your entire day.

5. Foods That Eat Away Stress

Dark Chocolate

Photo by AlexanderStein, CC0 1.0

Omega-3 Fatty acids are the new-age stress busters, though they were sources of ‘good fat’ since ages. Flaxseed oil and fish oil are some of the richest dietary sources. Walnuts, ready-to-eat cereals, and broccoli are other vegetarian sources. If you are unable to introduce these things in your daily diet, feel free to pop in a daily capsule of the prescribed medicine. Wait and watch how it makes you happier and ready to face challenges at work every day. Here is some more good news if you have a charm for chocolates – Dark chocolate is good for stress relief. Cocoa has flavonols that actually help us in reacting to tensed situations better. So, go ahead and munch on!

6. Practice Yoga And Meditation


Photo by Petras Gagilas, CC BY-SA 2.0

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand in creating a stress-free life for you. Time and again, the advantages of these ancient practices have been proved in numerous studies. Besides disease control, Yoga and meditation, if practiced regularly, can teach us to calm down our perplexed minds. Our body gets trained in controlling negative thoughts, flying temper, bad temperaments and reactions to stressful circumstances. It also enhances flexibility of the body as well as the mind.

7. Pamper Yourself


Photo by Fort Rucker, CC BY 2.0

Do at least one thing to pamper yourself on a holiday. It could be a spa, a swim in the sea or pool, an unfinished novel, listening to your favourite collection of music, watching a full movie or anything else that leaves you happier and blissful. As a working woman, you tend to forget doing things for yourself. Time constraints are always present, and this is especially true if you are bringing up kids. In between this hectic schedule, women often tend to forget to take care of themselves. Do not wait for anyone else to do that. Step up and plan a shopping day if that’s what makes you relax.

As a working woman, fight the stress. It is easier said than done. But fighting stress with your own strategies is inevitable for your well being. So, believe in yourself and be in control of your lives, do not let stress control you.

5 Yoga Exercises For Stress Management

Standing Forward Bend

Yoga is in practice for almost 5000 years and has been considered as a perfect art of living. It is just not a physical exercise, but a way of life through which you can control your body, mind and soul. The bible of Yoga,’ Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ was penned down almost 2500 years ago.
You can now easily manage stress with the following yoga exercises. (more…)