Top 10 Inspirational Stories to Get Motivated

Everything you want is one of the other side of fear.”-  Rightly said by Jack Canfield, there are dumps in life that disappoint you and the disheartened self asks you “Why did you let this happen?” Do you never fantasize that you had the powers of a tarot card reader or you were a chiromancer who could predict the fortune and not let anything be entangled in the arms of difficulties? When the uncertainties knock your door, do you always grit your teeth and let the situation worsen or you wear your armor to fight it? There are so many legendary personalities who have undergone such tragedies in life which left them broke. But they did not look back and just stepped forward leaving their imprints for the rest to follow and get inspired. Here are 10 such fictional and real life stories that can induce courage in you and motivate you to do whatever you want without bowing before anyone: