7 Ways to Recover from Addictions and Anxiety Disorders

World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a world mental health report. It correlates mental issues or anxiety disorders with substance abuse. It states that it is very easy for drug addiction to slip into anxiety and stress for the individual. So, how can you recover from it? Seeking medical help is a sure-shot way to deal with anxiety and stress, if the condition is severe.

Any individual can try and do some simple steps to improve their condition. These steps do not include taking any prescription drugs to prevent anxiety, but they tend to help a lot in such cases. These simple steps will help you to recover from substance abuse and deal with the host of problems associated with it. Let’s have a look.

Photo by Valentin Ottone, CC BY 2.0

1. Yoga

Practicing yoga is a great way to reduce stress of an individual. It also serves as a healthy distraction for folks struggling with drug addiction. Yoga helps to create focus and stability of mind in an individual. It helps to deal with substance abuse by providing a sense of self-reliance, self-awareness and motivation. If done correctly and on a daily basis, yoga can have an immense positive effect on any individual.

2. Change of Daily Routine

Changing your daily pace can also help a lot in similar cases of stress and drug abuse. Bringing a bit of variation in your daily routine is a positive change in this sphere. It helps to break the never-ending cycle of emotional stress and drug abuse. It creates a necessary sense of diversion in the individual’s mind as well. This makes sure that the individual does not relapse and go back to substance abuse.

3. Healthy Food Habits

Having a strict and timely eating schedule can work wonders for people suffering from anxiety and stress. It also brings a sense of structure and coherence to the lives of people who have a drug addiction problem. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits, as those help in regulating the hormonal balance in your body. Having a good sense of food habits is also crucial for people recovering from drug addiction as it helps in setting a new metric to their lives, and prevent them from going back to the same old routine.

4. Adequate Sleep

A healthy body requires at least 8 hours of sound and peaceful sleep. Sleep, as we all know, helps the body to heal from inside. During sleep, our basal metabolic activity is the highest, and it releases useful hormones into the body that relives stress and makes the body calm. During sleep, anxiety is lowered considerably, and getting enough of sleep also makes for a fresh and jovial mind.

5. Regular Exercise

Exercise is a great way to make sure that your hormones are in check for reduced anxiety levels. Daily exercising helps the body to produce endorphins, which provides a natural high for the mind. It is also a great way to de-stress and rejuvenate your body. Drug abuse can be significantly improved with a daily dose of exercise.

6. Art and Music Therapy

There have been several medical cases which show that efficient use of art and music can have a positive effect in an individual’s mind. Since substance abuse is a primary mental issue, art and music therapy helps in promoting awareness regarding this topic. It facilitates a harmless outlet for individuals and helps them deal with their emotional outbursts. It paves the way for self-expression which seems to be lacking in cases where folks suffer from anxiety and stress.

7. Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture and Aromatherapy            

Even though the use of alternative medicine is debatable in certain countries, there have been specific reports which indicate that certain practices can help individuals who are suffering from severe anxiety and drug addiction. Acupuncture is used quite effectively in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of the body. It helps in detoxification of the body, and promotes the production of endorphins in the body. Aromatherapy is very helpful in reducing stress, and offering an increased sense of relaxation.

These practices are quite useful ways that any individual can try. They are easy to follow and abide by without much external constraint. Drug addiction and anxiety go hand in hand. So, these practices will help the individual in both cases. Always remember to seek professional help if these substance abuse and anxiety problems persist.