5 Amazing Mantras to Love One’s Self

The fact is that any human being born into this world under normal circumstance is born with self-love. At the core of our very existence is self-love. Self-love is not conceit. It is rather a healthy attitude towards oneself and towards life per se.


Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0

1. Accept Yourself

The basic step towards loving your self is to accept who and what you are as a person. Understanding and accepting the real person that you are, opens up a whole new perspective towards yourself and life. Like the sides of two coins, the real you will have both positive and negative traits both physically and mentally. Accepting your physical traits such as facial features and body built can be truly liberating. Every human being has his or her own imperfections, some obvious and others not so obvious. While personal grooming and a body that is fit are extremely important, it is unrealistic to constantly strive to look like a celebrity model or a movie star.

Being able to accept yourself is not only the best thing that you can do yourself but also the most basic prerequisite for loving yourself.

2. Be Happy

Learning to be happy is the greatest favor a person can do to himself or herself. The positive effects of learning to be happy are many. The ability to look at the brighter side of life not only impacts the mind but also the body. Growing number of researches done on the correlation between emotional well-being and physical well-being, proves that a happy heart and mind goes a long way in having a healthy body.

3. Put Others First

As strange as it may sound, putting others first is a form of self-love. This has been and always will be the secret of those who have been successful as well as happy. You can see such noble traits in the life of great world leaders who have brought about lasting changes for the collective betterment of individuals at large. In simple terms by thinking of the other person’s need even before you think of yourself, is like a magic wand that can kindle happiness and joy all around you.

4. Live Healthy

Taking care of your body, having the right attitude, learning and practicing the right behavior are constructive ways in which you can love yourself. These are practices that will eventually lead you to a happier and fulfilling life. Adapting a ‘go green’ lifestyle is a great way to love your own self. Grow whatever vegetables you can in your little space. Use kitchen waste such as vegetables to make your organic manure.

Plan your days so that you don’t use your vehicle as little as possible. Look for other ways make the environment less populated. 

5. Be Open to Learning

Change is the norm of the day. Accepting and adapting to this law of nature is very vital for happy living. In stark contrast to narcissism, self-love in a healthy manner always works towards keeping the ego at bare minimum. The thought that a human being is neither always right, nor always wrong can be very liberating. This kind of understanding makes a person open to perspectives that prevail around. The willingness to correct one’s self and to learn things that will enhance you as a person, and in the process your quality of life, is indeed an essential part of self-love.

Self-love is an essential positive attribute that human beings should cultivate and nurture. A balanced approach will build successful individuals who will make a significant and lasting positive impact on those around them.