5 Funny Wedding Customs In India!

Tamil Brahmin Weddings

The fat Indian wedding is one unique celebration that every person must experience at least once in his or her life. India is a country with diverse culture and this diversity is reflected in the wedding customs practiced in various parts of the country too. In some parts of the countries the wedding rituals continues for days together. Heavy costumes, colorful environment and mouth-smacking delicacies are a common site at any Indian wedding. Apart from these, there are some age old customs, which are quite amusing. Although most of these customs are backed by some strong reasons, you still would find them funny. Some of the funny wedding customs followed in India are as follows. (more…)

5 Easy To Cook Indian Dishes For Bachelors

Basmati Rice Kheer

Are you an Indian bachelor, culinary-challenged, and staying away from home? If yes, then waste no time and go through this (almost!) life-changing article.

Yes, we know you have mastered the art of cooking instant noodles, omelette, and sandwiches. We also appreciate that you have, smartly, saved the phone numbers of all nearby pizza shops and home delivery outlets. But we also know that you are longing for your mom’s Indian homemade food.

So, get ready to learn and cook these 5 tasty, easy-to-make, familiar Indian dishes to overcome your homesickness. (more…)

Depressed? These 7 Places In India Will Make You Feel Happy!

Chitrakoot Falls

India is a land with the utmost beauty and geographic diversity in the world. Right from the mystic Himalayan hills in the north to the tranquil beaches in the south, each and every corner of this country is enriched with the goodness and bounty of nature. Although every state and city here has something special to offer but there are some exotic locations and landscapes that will rejuvenate your soul and body. Hence, in case you are depressed or if you are looking out for a break from your stressful life then these 7 places are perfect getaway options for you. (more…)

The Ultimate Guide to Bargaining in India – Save Money, Be Happy


Who doesn’t want to save money? After all, it is a great feeling to have full pockets at the end of the day, especially when it has been ‘the shopping day’. Bargaining is as inherent to shopping in Indian markets as culture is to India! If you are planning to shop on the Indian streets, you will have to master this art of bargaining. Street shopping can be thoroughly enjoyed if you are a pro in negotiating and settling down on prices of items that you love. It is not just a custom to bargain, it is a must. Pricing has no set rules in the Indian markets and most of the products are overly priced with really high profit margins. Hence, bargaining is the best way to go when shopping in India. (more…)

The Most Bizarre And Unusual Indian Customs

Lathmar Holi

India has one fascinating culture. There has been so much interest in Indian culture worldwide. It exhibits a plethora of bright, colourful and ethnic celebrations throughout the year based on change of seasons. But more than often, one comes across an unusual custom that has been traditionally hung to. Such strange Indian customs are backed up on religious grounds and might not be very pleasant to experience. Nevertheless, they provide a decent amount of shock value to the viewers and provide a totally different aspect of the developing urban culture in India. Some of the most bizarre rituals that you might across while travelling in India are: (more…)