Depressed? These 7 Places In India Will Make You Feel Happy!

Chitrakoot Falls

India is a land with the utmost beauty and geographic diversity in the world. Right from the mystic Himalayan hills in the north to the tranquil beaches in the south, each and every corner of this country is enriched with the goodness and bounty of nature. Although every state and city here has something special to offer but there are some exotic locations and landscapes that will rejuvenate your soul and body. Hence, in case you are depressed or if you are looking out for a break from your stressful life then these 7 places are perfect getaway options for you.

1. Rann of Kutch

Rann Of Kutch

Photo by Nagarjun Kandukuru, CC BY 2.0

Rann of Kutch is salt marsh situated in Thar Desert in the Kutch area of Gujarat. The northern part of the desert is the border line area of India and Pakistan. The desert has huge stretches of white salt spread all around which makes the terrain appear like some planet in outer space at night. Every year a 3 month long festival – ‘Rann Utsav’ is celebrated here. Tourists all around the world flock this place during the festival time to experience the local taste and tradition of Kutch.

2. Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli Beach

Photo by Elroy Serrao, CC BY-SA 2.0

Tarkarli Beach is one of the most crystal clear beaches located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The pristine waters in the beach are so clear that you can almost see the sea-bed here. Apart from the serenity of the beach, you can also enjoy the water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling in Tarkali Beach. The region also offers some of the best sea-food and local recipes.

3. Pangong Lake TSO Lake

Pangong Lake TSO Lake

Photo by Fulvio Spada, CC BY-SA 2.0

Pangong Lake is located in the Himalayan hills and is about 134 km long. The lake extends to the region of Tibet as well. The lake has a romantic view to offer due to which it has been a part of many Bollywood (Indian film industry) scenes and songs as well. You can sit for hours around the lake and gaze the clear sky in a moonlit night. Many tourists take a halt at this lake as a rest point in their Leh-Ladakh trip. Summers are the best time to visit this lake as the water freezes up during the winter time.

4. Bandan Kodini

Bandan Kodini is one of the most beautiful yet unexplored parts of the world. Located in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh this location has Rock Mountains made up of marble. You can take a trip to these marble rock mountains on the Narmada River through a boat. The place has one of the most heavenly landscapes to offer. To get the best view of the place it is advised that you experience this place on one of the full moon nights.

5. Mihir Garh

Mihir Garh

Photo by BOMBMAN, CC BY 2.0

Mihir Garh is a man-made wonder located in the Thar Desert near Jodhpur. Mihir Garh is world’s most extraordinary hotel as it has all the amenities packed in one beautiful castle. The hotel appears like a sand castle and right from its fireplace to the curtain holders, everything is customized. You really need to experience the royalty of the place to believe it.

6. Chitrakoot falls

Chitrakoot Falls


Chitrakoot falls is based in Jagdalpur and is the largest waterfall of the country. The mouth of the waterfall is about 1000 feet wide and is horse-shoe shaped. You can really experience the chill in your spines as the water gushes down into a deep cavern.

7. Munnar


Photo by Ramesh NG, CC BY-SA 2.0

Munnar is located in the southern state of Kerala. The hill-station has one of the most breath-taking views with its wide spread tea-estates and relaxing home stays. You can visit this place at any time during the year but the best time to spend here is during the monsoons.

India is a beautiful country blessed with immense natural beauty. You can choose any state or part of the country and dwindle yourself or have a relaxed vacation for couple of days.