Six Ways to Connect with Nature for A Relaxed Mind

Hello beautiful people!

Do you ever feel nostalgic remembering the good old days when you used to remain outdoors for the maximum time of your day? Long walks back to home from school, playing for hours, swimming and cycling were the things which made us the happiest creatures on the Earth then. What about now? Is everything still the same? A sure-short, No. The reason behind this is our disconnection with Mother Nature. You will agree that the amount of stress and anxiety is only increasing in our lives despite technology making our lives easier.

Proximity to Nature showers innumerable benefits to us including relaxation to mind, peace and calmness in our lives. So, let’s get started and acknowledge the ways in which we can connect with Nature and buy some happiness!

Photo by jill111, CC0 1.0

1. Create Your Own Space!

Don’t you wish to have your own natural dome to come back to often? Find out that one place where you can just be in the lap of nature with no worldly creature around. Try to visit this place daily, weekly or monthly. When you’re there, make sure you are alone to dive in the serene beauty of Nature. People de-energize us. To establish a connection with Nature, you need to disconnect with the rest of the world. Stay aware of your senses; take a walk barefooted; capture the picturesque sights and sounds around you.

2. Or Bring the Nature Closer to You!

Instead of you going to meet Nature, call the Nature itself closer to you.  Organize your family dinners, business meetings, etc., outdoors in the fresh air. While already having a good time, it would be much better to garnish it with greenery, freshness, and gorgeousness of Mother Nature. To add more perks to it, name it a Theme Party and serve freshly plucked fruits as starters. Keep floral decoration around, and stimulate your creativity by brainstorming ideas to add a Natural touch to everything.

3. Indulge and Plunge

Start indulging in any sort of activity which keeps you closer to Nature. You can choose swimming, gardening, sand-art, or anything. Learn to make beautiful crafts and sculptures to decorate your garden. If you are good at painting and sketching, do more of it revealing your love for Nature in form of art. Join some online classes or blogs to learn how to grow plants easily in pots or glasses. Try and find every possible way to connect or join with Nature through different activities.

4. Green the Routine

Be a little generous and make space for Nature around you-in your home, and your workplace. Decorate your cabin, desk or living room with in-house plants, jars filled with water and shells. Put fresh flowers in the vase kept near you. Just a look at these things will calm and soothe you eyes and mind. There is a plethora of art pieces available in the market nowadays symbolizing nature and spreading greenery. Invest in them. DIY crafts, pots, vases will add the personal touch you were looking for!

5. Get Unplugged

Unplug your earphones for a while. I bet you love unplugged songs, don’t you? Mother Nature loves the unplugged you. While you are trapped in the hands of technology, you miss out on a lot of captivating views and sounds. Walk to your place from work, noticing and appreciating the nature. Look at the awaiting trees, blue sky, rippling water. Listen to the breeze, birds chirping, and dancing sea waves. The rhythms of nature will make you crave for more.

6. Share the Treasure

Once you realize the role of nature in making your life beautiful and relaxed, share the feeling and thoughts with your loved ones. Tell them how you feel while being in the lap of nature. Communicate and reciprocate the thoughts. Doodle around while walking or stargazing. Write down your thoughts. Let the love inside you reach the world. It will help you connect to the nature better and for long.

Dear people, the number of ways are endless if you possess the love for Nature. Don’t become an ‘aisle side’ person but a ‘window seat’ person. Open the windows- of your home and your soul.