10 Reasons That Make Music a Source of Happiness

The rhythm of the songs strings your heart’s chords. Is that what happens you listen to music? Just answer me – how many times in a day do you plug in your earphones and listen to your playlist? Do you update your song list very often? Why do you think DJ is on the priority list of organizing a party? Does a romantic song play in your head when you meet your crush or a peppy number resonates in your brain when you are in a dancing mood? Do you Google the lyrics of the song and sing along? Do you go for karaoke nights to enjoy your leisure time? Does it happen to you that you listen to a new album and then that song gets on your lips and you continue to hum that song for a week or so? All of these questions are related to the inculcation of the habit of listening to music literally, all the time. Why is it that people have such a deep adulation towards music nowadays? The simple answer is that melody of the songs intrigues people and gives them few seconds of respite. So, happiness is an emotion that is quite rare to find in this world where humanity seems to fade away and music finds a way to attain that felicity. Here are 10 reasons that make music a source of happiness: (more…)

5 Time Tested Ways to Live a Peaceful Life

What do you wish from your life? Of course, serenity and blissful course of events to happen in your life. Do you dream of being a part of a charmed life? Do you fantasize a life that sprinkles the pixie dust of elation and overwhelms your soul? If yes, then definitely you are a peace seeker and you have been prying over small rays of tranquility in life. You are no Harry Potter who can shoot a wand and fight the Dark Lord to shed the dark clouds away from Hogwarts. You are a human being with no wizard powers and you have to deal with atrocities of life and bring stability by withstanding the adverse situations. Life always holds quivering incidents that devastate your natural flow of actions and thus, you find yourself sandwiched between the choices – do or die. In the wake of getting out of the trial and tribulation of life, you lose the chance of enjoying the respite time. In this techno savvy world, everything runs with a supersonic speed and the ones who are left behind are called losers. Everyone is running after someone or something and thus, nobody has time to spare for searching silence within oneself. But definitely the hunger for leading a life free from stress dwells inside every individual. Here are 5 ways that you can use to live a peaceful life:


5 Tips For Business Owners To Maintain A Healthier And Happier Workplace


Every successful businessman knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of people, working together as one. Keeping this community healthy and happy is the key point to maintaining a healthy working atmosphere. It has been rightly said, “Making money is good, making a difference is better; but making money while making a difference beats all”. Here are 5 tips for business owners to maintain a healthier and happier workplace: (more…)

6 Interesting Facts About Laughter


Laughter is the only universal language that is recognized by all and you don’t even need to learn it to communicate with others. This fascinating means of communication has intrigued scientists and general folks for ages. Many scientific studies have been carried out to understand why, when, and how we laugh. (more…)

How To Enhance Your Sense Of Humor


All of us possess a sense of humor but with varying degrees. A humorous person enjoys many benefits such as popularity, good health, and high-level of confidence. If you want to make your life worthy, you will need a good comic sense.

Fortunately, you can improve your comic ability just like any other life skill. Here’re some time-tested, easy, and effective ways to fine-tune your funny side: (more…)

7 Useful Tips To Avoid The Monday Blues


No one likes Mondays. But since Monday is never going to disappear, why not make the most of it and make your grueling post weekend blues a happier one. I have put together a list of 7 sure fire ways to kick start your miserable Monday and avoid the downright depressing Monday Blues.

1. Get Your Stuff Ready Ahead Of Time

I know it’s easier said than done, but if you take a few minutes the night before to prepare your stuff for the next day, it will be a lot easier when you roll out of bed and are stumbling around in your post slumber haze to find what you are looking for. Why not use the first day of the week to showcase those new pair of shoes or your fancy new tie? (more…)

5 Fun Games For House Parties With Friends

Card Game

We all love to party with our family members and friends. A party means friendly acquaintances, tasty food, bright decorations, and of course, enjoyable party games. However, you may find that hosting a lively memorable party for friends is not an easy task. You will need to include fun-filled games to avoid turning your party into a boring function.

Don’t worry about the party-game part as we have got you covered there. Here is an all-inclusive list of 5 enjoyable and boredom-killing games that will surely make your house party a success: (more…)

5 Nursing Tips To Keep Patients Happy!


Nursing and taking care of patients is considered as one of the noblest profession in the world. At the same time it can also prove to be one of the most hectic and frustrating job as you need to deal with different patients suffering from different type of disorders. Apart from ensuring physical well-being of patients nurses have to ensure emotional wellness of the patients also. No amount of tip can guarantee a patients satisfaction and perfect health. However, the below mentioned tips would help you to keep your patients happy. (more…)

5 Ways How You Can Be A Good Roommate!


Sharing your space with a stranger can be quite difficult, especially when you have never ever shared your room with anyone else.However, with few adjustments you will realize that sharing your room is not a bad deal at all. In fact you may soon end up being best friend with your roommate and will start making memories that you people will cherish all your life. Although there are many ways in which you can keep your roommate happy, the best 5 ways to ensure that you are at peace with your room mate are as follows. (more…)

5 Tips To Bring Laughter Into Your Life


The modern way of living has, undoubtedly, made our lives easier and faster but at the same time, it has rendered us busy and stressed out. We are taking our lives so seriously that we have forgotten how to laugh, smile, de-stress, and enjoy!

Why is it necessary to laugh?

We all have experienced that after having a good laugh, we generally feel better and happier. It has been proved scientifically that laughter triggers physical and emotional changes in the body. It is touted as a powerful antidote to anxiety, pain, and fear. Nothing works quicker than laughter to lighten our moods and calm our brains. (more…)