5 Tips For Business Owners To Maintain A Healthier And Happier Workplace


Every successful businessman knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of people, working together as one. Keeping this community healthy and happy is the key point to maintaining a healthy working atmosphere. It has been rightly said, “Making money is good, making a difference is better; but making money while making a difference beats all”. Here are 5 tips for business owners to maintain a healthier and happier workplace:

1. Gelling Together Is Fun

Getting Together

Photo by Ed Passi, CC BY-ND 2.0

For a happy workplace, the working group i.e. the employees should mould together well and have fun working with each other and with their boss too. The stress is always there, but sharing lighter moments with the staff, having lunch together, celebrating small achievements and occasions, or even organising small outings with the team members. Stress free employees will be more productive. This way you can work on building inter-personal skills and stay as a happy team. Remember, team work makes the dream work!

2. Show Concern For Employees’ Health


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Employee happiness matters, so does their health. A healthy and happy workplace boosts productivity in business. Work on ideas that encourage a healthy lifestyle for them during work. Take care of the ergonomics and how you can modify their workstation to be best suited for their body and posture. Conduct regular annual health check-ups and organize professional talks or workshops related to the common health issues that are more prevalent. If your business set up allows, create a small workout area and allow free time for exercises. Even the food available in the workplace should be hygienic and healthy. A healthy employee will serve more happily and create better customer satisfaction in terms of services or products.

3. Don’t Crush Creativity


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When you assign a particular work to your subordinate, it is advisable to give them a sense of direction, but do not overdo it. There must not be rigid rules to follow while working. This creates an oppressive atmosphere in the workplace. Rather, give them the freedom to use their creativity. Let employees make mistakes and give them the opportunity to correct them. Do not over control their jobs. Give them the flexibility to manage their own work issues. This positivity and freedom is liked by everyone and they work happily while staying interested in achieving the set goals.

4. Appreciate Their Work


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Praise them for small achievements. Respect them for their work choices. That goes a long way in gaining their respect and towards employee retention. For a good business to flourish, it is inherent to keep good employees retained. Some workers will appreciate a small note of thanks or an appreciative email for a piece of outstanding work that they have accomplished. Some need a public applause. Express your gratitude in the most suitable way. It may have been a long standing problem, which he or she has resolved. It could also have been an impressive client presentation, made by your employee that helped you grab a project. Do your bit and show how thankful you are for the hard work done.

5. Sometimes, Listening Is More Important Than Talking


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In a workplace where a variety of people from all walks of life come together under one roof to work, a successful business owner should always be open and available to listen to them. There might be personal issues which are bringing down an individual’s performance like a new mother who needs flexible working hours to continue working. There are grudges against each other in a team which does not allow the team to function properly. Hear them out. Also, keep asking feedbacks from your employees about work related problems and suggestions in the form of solutions to such problems. Try to listen to requirements like trainings to remain updated so that you can arrange paid workshops or certain courses that will help employees to enhance their knowledge. That will prove very beneficial for your business too.

The great industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, has expressed it marvellously for a successful business – “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”. So, build a healthy and happy workplace for your employees who in turn will make your business soar high in the long run.