How to Develop Inner Satisfaction & Live Happy

It’s a dream of each and every person to live happily without any issues but not many achieve it. The reality is that this condition of inner satisfaction may seem unachievable to experience but is achievable. Inner or innate satisfaction is found when a person is aware of his subconscious level, to be at the present and find joy and pleasure in small things that come his way. Happiness and joy are attained when a person is not attached to the failures or success that he faces, he remains neutral, whatever comes his way. In short, he has held on his emotions.

So, here we have come up with such 5 tips which help in developing inner satisfaction and to live happily. Try to implement this into your life and do it again and again. Repeat until you achieve it and continue even after that.

Photo by, CC0 1.0

1. Realization Of Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness refers to three main systems in your body and it’s not related to the organs, bones or your physical body. Instead, it refers to those things outside the physical body, that’s our own feelings, thoughts, and mind. To have a realization that 99% of things what makes us who we are, can’t be seen or sensed. In fact, it can only be felt. To develop an inner satisfaction and to live happily, you need to understand this aspect of life. If you practice or train yourself to bring happiness to these aspects, the change will be stronger.

2. Your Thoughts Define You

Your thoughts are what really makes you who you are. So, if you think positively, then positivity will come to you and if you do the opposite by thinking negatively, negativity will follow. Rhonda Byrne in her book describes the concept of the law of attraction. She says like attracts like. If you’re optimistic about your future, then positive things will happen to you and vice versa. Your actions are based on your prior thoughts. To improve your inner satisfaction, think positively on every aspect, be it your work, family or passion. Take risks and never think about failure.

3. Principle of Abundance

Do you remember the last time when you were happy for everything that you had? Unfortunately, most of the people live in a world where they feel like they are lacking something, they tend to focus on those. Like the popular saying, the grass is greener on the other side, most people feel that they lack something and face a lot of limitations and feels that the other people are living a perfect life which they don’t have and regret their actions without any cause. It is called as scarcity mentality where one person feels that they lack money, time, opportunities etc. When you feel such things, you lose your inner satisfaction and are not able to live a happier life as a result.

4. Feeling Detached

Often, people are in an imaginary world where they place their expectations on people, money, possessions etc. We’re merely a minute part of this universe, yet we feel bigger than that. When we examine the human history, it can be seen that people want to conquer the world itself, control people, and possess all the wealth although the lifespan being an average of 75 years, almost just 27,000 days or just 6,48,000 hours. Then, why are we getting attached to people, things, and money? We become so dependent and we feel that we can’t live without it. It’s indirectly disrupting our lives to a great extent. Feeling detached to everything, be it your past, or people or money or kingdom, is like flowing through life with much greater ease. That’s going to improve your inner satisfaction.

5. Develop Habits

Habits play an important role in the development of a person. It also develops one’s inner happiness because when they perform habits, they feel a sense of accomplishment. But, those should be good habits in order to achieve the inner happiness. That helps you to be connected to something that you love. Good habits such as reading books help you to engage yourself and to improve your intelligence, habits such as writing help you to be better at creativity and so on. Develop habits to live a satisfying life.

If you ask me to summaries the whole post in few words, then I would say that you should distance the negativity, find love and peace within. It is the only way you can attain inner satisfaction and live happily thereafter. Fake until you make it. So, grab a coffee and be ready to implement these challenges given in the list into your life because you deserve to live your life to its fullest.