5 Ways To Help A Friend Overcome Depression


Worried for your friend’s behaviour lately who is not the usual chirpy happy person as before? There might be a chance that your friend is suffering from depression. Though this disorder does not seem to be very devastating from the outside, internally it can inflict a lot of pain. Thus, it is very important to gather proper information about this disturbing disorder and then start helping the person who is suffering. If you really want to help out your friend who is fighting depression, here are 5 ways that you can use: (more…)

5 Foods To Avoid When Feeling Depressed


It’s true that whenever we are depressed and also hungry, we start gorging on various deep fried, oil-soaked, or sugar-laden treats and snacks. We think of them as our ‘comfort foods’ and ‘mood-lifters’. Moreover, majority of us gulp down many cups of coffee to feel better, while a few of us try to drown our sorrows by drinking wines and liquor.

Unfortunately, after filling our stomachs with these foods and beverages, we end up feeling more miserable and weary than before. This is because they contain certain substances which prevent the brain and various glands from working, properly. As a result, we are unable to feel happier and healthier!

Here is the list of 5 foods and drinks that you must steer clear of, if you are enduring a bout of depression: (more…)

6 Books To Read When You’re Feeling Depressed

The Alchemist

Depression can be a chronic condition as well as a temporary feeling. What we need then is someone or something to cheer us up or make our minds diverted from our woes. Ironically, when we are in throes of depression, we tend to remain alone, disinterested, and mournful. For chronically depressed people, we advise you to seek professional help from certified practitioners. For the rest of you, we ask you to continue reading this article with attention!

Recent scientific studies have proved that reading is one of the best ways to cope with bad moods. A good book not only keeps you engrossed but it also perks up your mood, significantly. So, we have brought to you a list of 6 highly-acclaimed books that are guaranteed to drive away your depressive thoughts: (more…)

10 Tips To Get Over Depression To Live Wild And Free

Stay Calm

If you are feeling low, sad, and guilty while being tired with a low self esteem, you might be suffering from depression. This problem is like a deep well from where it might seem impossible to climb out. Each time you try, you fall down. But, the scenario can be reversed with proper guidance and timely treatment. Here are 10 tips that are practical and easy to apply to help you fight depression. These will definitely guide you to come out of it and live wild and free. (more…)