Live, Love and Enjoy- 10 Holiday Ideas to De-Stress Yourself

People, what is the point of earning livelihood which doesn’t allow you to live? Don’t stick on a particular track and listen to it on a loop mode. Take the headphones off. Listen to yourself instead of what your routine makes you listen and do. It’s your life. Life needs to be enjoyed. Fall in love, or be the love. Enjoy or be the enjoyment yourself. In this rat-race which has no beginnings, no ends, and no rewards or destinations, don’t let your individuality be suppressed. You and your soul deserve a holiday. To live fully, love deeply, and enjoy unconditionally.

But, how would you do this? Don’t worry. We have got your back in this. 😉
We bring you 10 ways to celebrate your life by treating yourself with a holiday to wish goodbye to all the stress you have invited in your life.

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1. Green the Scene

How often do you actually stop and notice the beauty of Nature? What’s better for a holiday than an outing to underexplored natural places with your family, or friends, or better alone? Green the scene around you. It helps to reduce stress and enhance concentration which is what you ultimately need the most. It also provides you a peaceful, calm time to help you reenergize for the forthcoming routine chaos.

2. Bake Together, Stay Together

You might have heard the statement that ‘A family that eats together, stays together. But, trust me, nothing can be better than a day when all the members in your family cook or bake something together. If you’re away from your family, you have with you your friends who occupy no less importance than family. Sit together. Plan something. Indulge everyone in cooking including those who rarely cook. The purpose is not to have good food, but to forget every other worldly thing and focus on a single thing together. You will not only prepare food but also bake love, happiness, and bonding. It’s these small things that bring you more enjoyment than eating out in a five-star restaurant. And for the first time, you will enjoy the kitchen chaos, messy platforms, loud gossips and togetherness. 

3. Social-Boycott

For people like me, who are constantly gathered by people at workplace and at home and are tired of answering phone calls and reverting to e-mails, you can celebrate your holiday as a ‘No Social, Just Personal’ day. Ask other people in your family or group to switch off the phones and laptops for the day and indulge in some sort of activity like playing indoor games together such as- Ludo, Carrom, Cards, etc. Go out for dinner, or watch a movie together. But, the prime rule should be followed- Social boycott. Avoid the chit-chat with other societal elements and focus on yourself and your loved ones. Sometimes, people and social network drain out you and you need to recharge yourself.

4. Movie Marathon

This is something which some of you may not agree to, but conducting a ‘Movie Marathon’ on a holiday is a fun idea, compiled with stress-reliever. Watch consecutive shows of movies and that too in an unplanned way. Go and sit in the theatre and watch whichever movie plays next. The excitement of the unexpectedness and the joy of watching back-to-back shows is incomparable. Movie-maniacs, how do you find the idea?

5. Meet, Eat, And Greet

Sometimes all you need to relax and enjoy your holiday is the company of your loved ones, life-discussions and heart-to-heart conversations. Go and meet them at their place, or your favourite coffee shop, or the back side of your school, and have conversations. Sing, dance, play or do your own thing which refreshes your mind. You can opt for a family dinner, a get together of school/college friends, or a tea-party.

6. Spa-Day

After days of hectic schedules and arrayed deadlines, studies and household chores, you become tired and stressed mentally and more than that physically. Your body needs relaxation at least a day in a month. Have Spa-lidays more often. Spa treatments and massage therapies often correlate with fewer sick days, reduced stress level, and induction of happiness.

7. Sport-Day

How about having some sport amusement for a holiday? Sport includes nearly all sorts. Choose the one closer to your heart even if you are not a champion at it, and play till your body doesn’t allow anymore. You may feel the fatigue for minutes, but the mind peace and relaxation you will get after hours will keep you reenergized and focussed for forthcoming days. Include everyone around. Organize a kind of Sport-Party if you want. Brainstorm ideas to make your holiday tranquil, untroubled and enthusiastic.

8. Hobby-Day

For a change people, let your hobbies take the charge of the coming holidays. Let them love you, revive the creativity and passion in you, and take you down the memory lane when your hobby was once your dream career. Isn’t it unfair to not even spare a single day for them? Do you sing? Do you dance? Do you cook or sketch or write or read or do any other activity on this earth? Go on. Keep aside the rest of the “important”, and Enjoy!

9. Give and Gain

Yeah, this is one of the ideas which I personally follow. Try out this once. It will not give you adventure or thrill or fun, but guaranteed happiness and joy. After all, who doesn’t feel happier by seeing people around him smiling because of him? Search, browse any nearby orphanage or old-age home, and pay a visit to that place. You don’t need any preparations. You just need to be. Be present. Listen to them. Understand them. Do something for the people living there which you can easily do. Because, for them, it is something really special and the blessings and happiness which you will receive after the visit will always remain in the list of your happy times.

10. Wander

Move out. Take a break out of this city and discover something new outside. Choose a city and wander. Don’t hire a local guide or cab. Use the local public transport system; communicate with the people living there. Go to local events and just become like one of those natives, instead of going there as a tourist. This will impart you fresh ideas, change of mind and mental peace. This needs to be in your holiday bucket list which you might be jotting down right now.

Yes. This is it. My ideas lack thrill, adventure, parties and concerts, loudness and something out-of-the-box but I can guarantee you will not regret giving them a chance. Happy Holiday! Live, Love and Enjoy. 

8 Most Stressful Things in A Teenager’s Life

Adolescence is one of the most tumultuous times in everyone’s lives. In addition to all the difficult hormonal changes, there is the constant societal pressure to act like an adult while still being treated like a child. The cherry on top is having to decide on a career and being thrown face first into the ‘real world’. It’s really no wonder then that teenagers are some of the most stressed out people!

Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0

1. Transition from Childhood

Losing the utopia of childhood is tough for everyone. It’s when life is at its most pleasant and easiest. Being required to leave childhood and all its associated benefits and pleasures behind seems like an unlikely source of stress, but it nevertheless affects people because there’s no outlet for this kind of frustration. The best way to tackle it is to keep alive the inner child in you, and not let the world beat it down!

2. Parents and Family

During adolescence, there is the greatest disconnect between parents and their children. Teenagers start to feel as though they can’t talk to their parents, and this is when the teenagers’ views on things diverges from their parents’. It can create a lot of friction in the family. Teenagers can start to feel isolated as they feel like they cannot rely on their primary support group (family) anymore.

3. Pressure of Being Popular

This is perhaps the most well-known source of stress for teenagers. At this stage of their lives, teenagers are cementing their identity. That crucially requires positive social interaction. Having a solid group of friends, and being well liked by their peer group becomes very important in these years. This is often not very easy, and coupled with the problem of bullying, provides a lot of stress.

4. Academic Pressure

This is usually the first time for teenagers that they face cutthroat competition. The pressure of getting into a good college or pursuing a worthwhile career is paramount. Having to decide on a career to pursue for the rest of one’s life at such a young age is a source of stress in itself. The twin evils of academic pressure and tough competition contribute majorly to the stress in a teenager’s life.

5. Hormonal Changes

This is the time when teenagers go through puberty. Initially, there are emotional changes that increase the vulnerability of the individual to stress in general. Then there are also physical changes that exert influence over one’s stress level. These biological changes, while completely normal, do create a background in which a teenager is likelier to get stressed, no matter if everyone is suffering with same issues.

6. Trying to Find One’s Footing in The World

This transition from childhood to adulthood also entails a person finding their place in the world. It’s tied to their idea of identity. It means becoming the kind of person they want to be, doing the things they want to do, setting their value and moral structure in stone. This is a very difficult task and one is sure to encounter a lot of frustration on the way.

7. Time Management and Fulfilling Expectations

Not just from parents, but also school and society at large; a teenager has a plethora of expectations that they’re expected to fulfil. This can create anxiety and stress. Added to this is the problem of managing time. A teenager feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day for all that they want to do. Keeping their grades up through studying and doing homework, pursuing extracurricular activities like sports or painting, as well having enough time to maintain a healthy social life takes its toll on them and generates a lot of stress.

8. Self-Image Issues/Relationships

Going through puberty that causes a lot of changes in the body can give rise to various self-image issues – especially when society says it’s important to look “thin and pretty”. It’s very easy to gain weight during this period. Self-image and self-esteem issues can hinder one’s emotional development and in some cases even lead to disorders such as anorexia and depression. This need to ‘look good’ is enhanced by the fact that this is the time when teenagers are introduced to the world of romantic love – and self-consciousness of one’s body goes up. This is a major source of stress and can be very detrimental if not kept in check.

All this stressful thing in a teenager’s life are not independent phenomena. They are interrelated and interdependent. A solution for one problem can often work as a solution for many of these problems. It’s important to believe in oneself and always ask for help when needed!

7 Ways to Deal with People Who Stress You Out

Life in the current century is hard. With every passing day, you have loads of work piled up. You strive to achieve our goals and cross all the major hindrances that might ever stand in the way. But, it is always easier said than done. Some people around are not always supportive of your dreams and often end up messing things up for you. This might not be their intention and probably past experiences are taking a toll on their behavior. Then again, it is better to deal with them once and for all!

In this article, we will be enlisting 7 effective ways to keep such people at bay and stay positive while you conquer your dreams.

Photo by Tim Gouw, CC0 1.0

1. Decide

First and foremost, you need to have a clear idea of how important this person is to you. Try to think rationally and ponder about all the times they have let your energy down. If you feel like you can let go of him or her, you definitely should. Holding onto toxic people can prove to be fatal to every progress you want to make in your life or career. It is not always the easiest option but definitely the most effective one.

2. Interaction

A great way to overcome negative people in your life is to let them know how they make you feel. You might have had this conversation in your head a million times but it is now time to say it out loud. Be calm and patient. Try to avoid harsh words and instead give them time to soak it in. In this way, the person can work on their vibe and your rapport with him or her remains intact too.

3. Distance

Another way you can deal with toxic people is to maintain a certain distance with them. Distance would imply limited interaction and meetings. Do not try and do it all in a day. Take one step at a time and slowly restrict your relation to mere a “Hi” or “Hello”.

4. Focus

Focusing on your work and concentrating on what you can achieve helps individuals to identify their inner abilities and enhance their future. Once you are on the right track, you know exactly what you have and who you are. This way the pessimists around you lose control over your life.

5. Connecting with Your Inner Self

Take some time every day to meditate. Meditation relaxes the mind and cleanses the soul of all that is negative. It is a wonderful way to detoxify and calming your inner being. The more you can connect with your own true self, the less will the people around affect you.

6. Improve

The most important fact that your need to know is that only you are capable to push your own limits and nobody else gets to decide your standards or shortcomings. Work on your set of skills every day to improve. Try being your best self and set short term goals that you want to achieve. Confidence is an important part of your path to success and it is only possible to have confidence in yourself if you constantly challenge your own self and grow better.

7. Talk to Yourself

Spend some time each day to let yourself know that you are perfect just the way you are and you need no one’s validation to prove your worth. Know that you are blessed in your own way and nobody can take that away from you. Be grateful for all that you have- all the small and big things in life. Do not let any toxic person destroy your opportunity by simply pulling you down.

Always remember that it is your journey and no pessimistic individual has the power to destroy the good in you. Ignore all the negativity around and strive towards a brighter tomorrow. Hustle hard and make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way.

5 Ways To Help A Friend Overcome Depression


Worried for your friend’s behaviour lately who is not the usual chirpy happy person as before? There might be a chance that your friend is suffering from depression. Though this disorder does not seem to be very devastating from the outside, internally it can inflict a lot of pain. Thus, it is very important to gather proper information about this disturbing disorder and then start helping the person who is suffering. If you really want to help out your friend who is fighting depression, here are 5 ways that you can use: (more…)

5 Foods To Avoid When Feeling Depressed


It’s true that whenever we are depressed and also hungry, we start gorging on various deep fried, oil-soaked, or sugar-laden treats and snacks. We think of them as our ‘comfort foods’ and ‘mood-lifters’. Moreover, majority of us gulp down many cups of coffee to feel better, while a few of us try to drown our sorrows by drinking wines and liquor.

Unfortunately, after filling our stomachs with these foods and beverages, we end up feeling more miserable and weary than before. This is because they contain certain substances which prevent the brain and various glands from working, properly. As a result, we are unable to feel happier and healthier!

Here is the list of 5 foods and drinks that you must steer clear of, if you are enduring a bout of depression: (more…)

6 Books To Read When You’re Feeling Depressed

The Alchemist

Depression can be a chronic condition as well as a temporary feeling. What we need then is someone or something to cheer us up or make our minds diverted from our woes. Ironically, when we are in throes of depression, we tend to remain alone, disinterested, and mournful. For chronically depressed people, we advise you to seek professional help from certified practitioners. For the rest of you, we ask you to continue reading this article with attention!

Recent scientific studies have proved that reading is one of the best ways to cope with bad moods. A good book not only keeps you engrossed but it also perks up your mood, significantly. So, we have brought to you a list of 6 highly-acclaimed books that are guaranteed to drive away your depressive thoughts: (more…)

10 Tips To Get Over Depression To Live Wild And Free

Stay Calm

If you are feeling low, sad, and guilty while being tired with a low self esteem, you might be suffering from depression. This problem is like a deep well from where it might seem impossible to climb out. Each time you try, you fall down. But, the scenario can be reversed with proper guidance and timely treatment. Here are 10 tips that are practical and easy to apply to help you fight depression. These will definitely guide you to come out of it and live wild and free. (more…)