5 Tips How Being Assertive Will Keep You Away from Depression

Being assertive and being a push over has a very thin line in between. Being assertive means standing up for your decisions and to take confidence in your viewpoints, no matter what others think. It is not about being rude to others or making them do things that they don’t want to do. Being assertive means respecting the viewpoints of others and to accept it while not compromising your dignity.

Photo by geralt, CC0 1.0

1. Being Assertive Gives You Confidence

There is nothing more important to strengthen your character and to drive your stress away than to be confident and assertive. Being assertive is not about bullying others into pursuing what you want. Being assertive gives you a personal space and helps to boost up your confidence level. Confidence is pertinent for emotional well- being and being assertive means you are confident as to what you want and you are driven to get it. This does not mean that you have to go overboard with your confidence as it can do more harm than good.

2. Emotions Are Always at Check

When you are assertive, you make sure that you are always up to the mark. Being on point whether in a job interview, a speech or a meeting is essential as it shows character. Your personal emotions should not be mixed with your professional life and what better way to keep your emotions at bay rather than to be assertive. Being assertive gives you clarity and a sense of drive which will help you keep your focus. When you are focused and driven there is little scope for emotional baggage which can ruin your entire demeanour. Emotional balance is also necessary for others to take you seriously especially in your professional life and

3. Gives You Faith in Your Abilities

Being assertive makes it clear that you know exactly what you want, and you are not afraid to face it anymore. You are willing to give it a try and you do not have any inhibitions regarding your stand point. What matters the most is how you manage your abilities to make the most out of your situation. Being assertive also helps you to be clearer of what you want. When you are clear as to what you want you can assess your strong and weak points. Thus, giving you a clear picture and making you believe in your true potential.

4. Improves Your Communication

Being assertive builds your confidence and focus which can in turn shed new light. New perspectives give you new ideas and help you to tackle a challenge from a completely new angle. Since being assertive gives you a profound sense of hope and renewed energy, you are clear in your head as to exactly what you want. You are able to properly communicate to others if you are well aware and conscious of what you want. Efficient and precise communication is quite necessary if you want to grab the attention of others and make them note of you. 

5. Self-Satisfaction

Out of all the perks that a self-assertive nature gives you, it is the self-satisfaction that is perhaps the most alluring of all. Standing up for what you believe in and letting others know about it without any fear or inhibition is definitely what you want, to boost up your confidence, drive away the stress and to put the best of your abilities into the forefront. After all that is what matters the most. 

It’s time to throw caution to the wind and stand up for yourself. Whether it is demanding a raise for your job or to make your views heard by a group; you need to let them know with confidence and poise. Make sure you follow the tips and don’t cross the borders of being insolent and confused. Being assertive is an art that can be developed over time.