5 Classic Boardgames To Play When Bored


All of us all have memories of playing fun-filled and exciting board games during our childhood. Whether at leisure during a relaxed weekend or in annual family vacations, or en route a long journey, board games are the perfect thing to play if you have company and ample of time. Most of the games can be played with a minimum of two players and are good to kill time when you are lazing around and facing boredom. Here are the best 5 Classic and evergreen boardgames which you can play when you are feeling blasé and turned off: (more…)

7 Funny Wedding Traditions Around The World


Wedding is a legalized and socially-acknowledged conjugal partnership between the spouses. Generally, the couple exchange wedding vows in presence of an authority figure, who then publicly pronounces them as married at the end of wedding rituals. The world is, however, divided into many countries, religions, cultures, and ethnic groups. So it’s a common knowledge that some of their wedding traditions are bound to vary greatly. In fact, almost all marriage rituals can be weird, painful, or downright entertaining!
So, here’s a list of 7 wacky but extremely funny wedding traditions that you will definitely wish to witness: (more…)

6 Fun Activities To Kill Time When You’re Alone


More often than not, there are times in our hectic lives that we find ourselves left alone with plenty of free time. Instead of feeling bored, you can turn this situation beneficial to you. All you have to do is use your creativity and get in the mood to have fun.

So, we have brought you a broad list of 6 simple and enjoyable activities that you can try to make this period rewarding and memorable: (more…)

5 Indoor Activities For Kids During Summer Breaks

Making Scrapbook

For a kid, a summer break means no classroom lectures, homework, or exams. However, for a parent, it usually means having a noisy, bored, and naughty kid running amok in the house. During summer vacation, kids have lots of free time, no specific timetable to follow, and very few interesting activities to do at home. Consequently, they get bored within a few days and end up sneaking out of the house to play, even in the scorching sunlight.

Of course, we can’t expect kids to behave as grownups. Neither can we let them drive us mad. So, it is crucial to keep your kid occupied with interesting activities, in order to keep him inside the house, safe and healthy, during the summer vacation.

If you are a harried parent and clueless about how to keep your child busy and active in a positive manner, then we suggest you to go through this article, now!

Here is a list of 5 simple, fun-filled, and kid-friendly indoor activities that will surely keep your child occupied, entertained, and out of harm’s way: (more…)

7 Activities To Enjoy During Long Power Cuts

Playing Guitar

Power cut has become a common way of life for us, albeit a disruptive one. It is nearly impossible to imagine a single day or night of our lives, without electricity. In fact, during an unexpected power cut, almost all of us feel irritated, helpless, and unhappy.

We sit quiet, do nothing, and keep waiting for electricity to return, only to end up bored. So we have listed below 7 enjoyable activities you can do to entertain yourself during long power outage: (more…)

5 Interesting Activities For Family Picnics

Lumpini Sundial

Picnics are a fun way for families to unwind, forge deeper bonds and enjoy a day off. It is not just about a family outing, but a lot more. It is all about being able to enjoy with your kids while spending quality time with them. How about introducing some picnic activities that will not only help them get the necessary exercise, but help them learn new things. Let us discover 5 such activities that will help your kids learn new things while having fun.

1. Sack Race With Twist

Sack RacePhoto by Matthew Hoelscher, CC BY-SA 2.0

We all know about the traditional potato sack race that involves jumping with sack to reach the end point. Now let us give it a twist and add more spice to it. While the players are ready with their sacks, ask them to travel in pairs. They will need to keep up the pace with their partner while trying their best to win the race together. (more…)