5 Interesting Activities For Family Picnics

Lumpini Sundial

Picnics are a fun way for families to unwind, forge deeper bonds and enjoy a day off. It is not just about a family outing, but a lot more. It is all about being able to enjoy with your kids while spending quality time with them. How about introducing some picnic activities that will not only help them get the necessary exercise, but help them learn new things. Let us discover 5 such activities that will help your kids learn new things while having fun.

1. Sack Race With Twist

Sack RacePhoto by Matthew Hoelscher, CC BY-SA 2.0

We all know about the traditional potato sack race that involves jumping with sack to reach the end point. Now let us give it a twist and add more spice to it. While the players are ready with their sacks, ask them to travel in pairs. They will need to keep up the pace with their partner while trying their best to win the race together.

What It Teaches?

Kids will understand that it is all about partnership, harmony and boosting the moral of their partner. Your kids will develop a higher EQ and will develop sensitivity towards the needs of another. While competing is great, they will learn to be understanding towards their partner’s needs and work accordingly. This will sure help them in long run where we share working space and develop a positive attitude to co-dependency.

2. Learning From Nature

NaturePhoto by aimee rivers, CC BY-SA 2.0

Have your kids explore the surrounding area and ask each of your kid to collect a leaf, a flower and a rock. Ask them to collect 5-10 different items each. When they are done, ask them about each item. For example, get them to guess about the name of the flower or the name of the tree from which they got the leaf. On reaching home prepare a scrapbook of nature. As for the rocks collected, explain them about different rock formation and the soil. Later on tell them to paint it in different colors and showcase it in their individual rock museum.

What It Teaches?

Kids will learn about different species of plants and flowers. You can tell them about ecosystem and teach them a lot about the environment. This will give them the ability to be in touch with nature, to understand the flora & fauna while having fun in the wild. They will develop an eye for detail, ability to explore and find something new while increasing their power of observing things around them.

3. Jumping Rope

Jumping RopePhoto by LongitudeLatitude, CC BY 2.0

Jumping rope does seem like a child’s play, but what if I told you that this too can be spiced up. You need jump rope, plastic cups and water. Now to begin with fill up each plastic cup with water, ask two players to twirl the rope, while other kids can attempt to jump the rope three times consecutively. This is to be done while holding the cup in their hand and without spilling the water. Of course, the water will spill, so, the one with most water left at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

What It Teaches?

This game will teach them to keep focus, develop high concentration and develop spatial functionality. Additionally, they will be working cardio that is good for physical health. The game will work out their brain cells and their physical muscles at the same time.

4. Creating Sundial

Lumpini SundialPhoto by Mark Fischer, CC BY-SA 2.0

Sundial is a horizontal clock that is made on the ground to tell time with changing position of the sun. You will need two sticks or two twigs will do. Use one twig to draw a clock on the ground and use another twig to be planted in the middle of the clock. First ask the kids to determine the time of the day by looking at the shadow of the twig falling on a specific place within the clock. You can even use a shoelace that can be tied at on the middle twig and help them understand the hands of the clock and the shadow to determine time.

What It Teaches?

Kids will learn about various positions of the sun and an ancient method of telling time long before mechanical clocks existed. Additionally, this will help improve their math learning ability. They will learn to observe minute details of sun’s changing positions. You can teach them about determining directions according to the shadows that fall on the ground.

5. Memory Game

FlowerPhoto by Sarah Joy, CC BY-SA 2.0

Ask your kids to collect miscellaneous 15-20 items. It can be anything like rock, a leaf, a flower, a twig, you can even use your pen, a hair-clip and more such small items that will count up to 15-20. Now place all these items in the empty picnic basket, have your kids look at it for 20 seconds and then ask them to write down what all they remember.

What It Teaches?

This will sharpen the memory skills while helping them in harnessing their retention power. It is all about improving memory.

Now these fun activities are sure to make your picnic interesting while teaching your kids a lot while having fun.