6 Indoor Activities For Kids During Rainy Season!


As much as we love to get drenched in the monsoon season, it can equally prove to be a damper for the kids. With roads and playgrounds soaked up in water there is not much left for the kids to enjoy. Hence, it is a daunting task to keep the kids busy during the rainy season. Moms and dads need to plan well to ensure that kids do not get bored and they make best of their time staying indoors in monsoons. Following are some of the indoor activities that will help your kids enjoy their stay at home.

1. Puzzle

PuzzlePhoto by INTVGene, CC BY-SA 2.0

Puzzles are a fun way to keep your kids indulged and pass on your time. You can get a readymade puzzle from the store or ask your kids make one on their own. A picture can be drawn on sturdy piece of Bristol board or cardboard. Outline the puzzle parts carefully, cut them with scissors, mix them and you are all set for a game of puzzle. The puzzle exercise can be a cognitive activity for kids between 3-6 years of age.

2. Reading And Storytelling

StorytellingPhoto by dassel, CC0 1.0

Developing reading habits in early age itself is quite important for personality development and you can use the rainy days as an opportunity to do so. Plain reading may seem boring to the kids, so divide them into groups or assign them a character from the story. This way the kids will actually enjoy the reading process. To make the process more interesting you may also reward the best reader at the end. To make sure that you do not burden the kids with high vocabulary reading, start off with simple stories and comic books. You can raise the bar eventually.

3. Treasure Hunt

Treasure HuntPhoto by OpenClipartVectors, CC0 1.0

Treasure hunt is one of the traditional games in which kids are asked to find the hidden objects. The hunting process is divided into various levels. With each passing level, you will get a clue for the next level. The final level i.e. the jackpot will be the reward and the treasure of the game. It is a fun game which helps the kids boost up their intellectual as well as physical potential to the fullest.

4. Indoor Bowling Game

Indoor Bowling GamePhoto by sharonang, CC0 1.0

You can arrange a bowling game for your kids at home with the help of some plastic water bottles, duct tapes and a ball. Arrange the bottles at the end of the room and make a line with the help of a duct tape. You can then give the kids a medium sized ball so that they put down the bottles.

5. Memory Game

Memory GamePhoto by Mike Mozart, CC BY 2.0

Memory game also known as the picnic memory game is a game that challenges the kids’ memory and makes them giggle at the same time. To play the game you need to make the children sit in a circle. Then the first kid says- “For picnic I packed my bag with….” The kid can say any item of his choice. The game then progresses and every player need to continue the list while reciting the item mentioned by the earlier players as well.

6. Yoga And Meditation For The Soul

MeditationPhoto by suc, CC0 1.0

Competition and stress has surfaced into kids’ lives as well. Hence, it is important that you keep your kids mentally and physically fit so that they survive the competition. There can be no better way to maintain the sanity of health and mind than meditation. Yoga and meditation CD’s available in the market which you can use. However, a simple meditation and basic yoga exercises for an hour can also work wonders for kids.

Staying back at home during the play hours can really prove to be boredom for the kids. Hence, it is essential that as parents you arrange for some fun indoor activities for the kids. The indoor activities can be entertaining and a learning experience as well.`