5 Healthy Alternatives To Morning Tea

Fruit Smoothies

Are you one of those people who love their ‘me-time’ in the morning with a hot cup of refreshing tea but want to replace the beverage with a healthier option? Well, you are not alone! This quest for health is springing up commonly as most people want to switch to … Read more

5 Ways How Meditation Improves Will Power


Meditation empowers the self. One of the famous quotes of Buddha goes to say-“Meditate, Live purely, be quiet, Do your work with mastery, like the moon, and come out from behind the clouds. Shine”! Meditation acts like a gym in strengthening our mental muscles of will and determination. With too … Read more

5 Ways How Negativity Hampers Work


It is said that success is the by-product of determination and hard work. However, fewer are still able to achieve success at workplace. This often happens because these people who are not able to succeed are lacking at something. They are hardly aware that it is their own negative pattern … Read more

5 Lessons That Failures Teach


We look up to successful people and just see their achievements. Little do we know that a lot goes on behind the scenes, on the path to success. Take for example, the great scientist Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb. He achieved success because of his positive attitude. In … Read more

5 Yoga Asanas To Reduce Restlessness


Stress, anxiety and restlessness have become common household experiences in today’s fast paced and stressful world. We all would have faced tensed situations like failing an examination; death of a family member, missing a deadline at work, failed relationships-there is never an end to the list. Such experiences often traumatise … Read more

5 Classic Boardgames To Play When Bored


All of us all have memories of playing fun-filled and exciting board games during our childhood. Whether at leisure during a relaxed weekend or in annual family vacations, or en route a long journey, board games are the perfect thing to play if you have company and ample of time. … Read more

5 Myths About Meditation


Meditation is the simplest and one the most popular method to fight stress, relax body, and regain mental peace. Yet, there are some widespread misconceptions about it that can really discourage people from trying meditation or make them quit midway!