10 Tips to Become the Best Version of You

There is an inborn need in human beings to evolve. We evolve physically and mentally right from the time we are born and the process carries on till our last breath. However, people tend to stagnate once they reach a particular point in life. Yet the one who strive forward are the ones who stand apart.

The human civilization is here today because we evolved ever since the human race came into being. If our ancestors had not moved on we would not have been where we are. Hence the need for development is not only a need for the present but also a need for the future.

How and where do you start this process of becoming a better you? This is a good question that needs to be answered. A 360-degree approach is required to get an all-round result. Ideally improve for the better in each area of life.

Photo by 2554813, CC0 1.0

1. Positive Thinking

This tops the list every time you want to work on becoming a better version of you. An optimistic attitude is quintessential for a successful life. It helps you accept the things that you cannot change and to be grateful for the good things that you have.

2. Be Open to Learning

One of the greatest virtues of successful people is their ability to learn new things. It is one of the greatest virtues a human being can possess. In fact, it is much desired leadership trait practiced and possessed by great leaders of the world.

Learning is an ongoing process and it only takes a halt when a person stops breathing. The ability to learning new things and evolve is pre-requisite to becoming a better you.

3. Personal Grooming

This is an essential part of personal growth and success. Half the job is done for a well-groomed person. Take good care of your attire. Accessorize well. Accessories can add life to your clothing. Take expert advice on how to use accessories in the right manner.

4. Healthy Eating

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa. It is an ongoing cycle. It is not about blindly following the diet fads but about meticulously weighing your options following a healthy diet regime that suits your body.

5. Relationships

Relationships keep us going. They are an integral part of our life. Successful people always look towards contributing to relationships around them rather than thinking ‘What do I get from this particular relationship?’. They don’t keep stock of all the negative things that happened to them or the negative things that people did to them. Instead they move on. Forgiving, understanding and empathizing are winning traits that will help you become a better person.

6. Get Your Focus Right

Understanding your capabilities, your passion, and your goals can help you focus on where and how you need to reach your destiny.

7. Watch Your Speech

The words you speak can make or break your relationships, profession and even your future. Take control of your words don’t let your words control you.

8. Get Your Body Language Right

Is it possible for you to say a lot of things even without saying anything? Yes, you can with your gestures and facial expressions. Thoughtless and awkward facial expressions can be unappealing and can create a negative impression. By checking yourself out and learning gestures, postures and facial expressions you can score well on your body language.

9. Improve Skill Sets

The fast-spaced world requires fast paced people. In order to stay in the rat race one needs to constantly improve one’s skill set.

10. De-Clutter

One does not need to restrict the process of de-cluttering to physical things alone. It could also mean de-cluttering yourself from things that weigh you down. This is when your personal goals and vision comes in handy. Free yourself from tasks that don’t help you reach your goal. For example, you might be a part of too many social groups which take away a large chunk of your time. Reducing the number of groups, you are in will be great time saver.

The very fact that you want to become a better person is a positive sign that you are in the right track. The ability of a person to evolve and improve of his or herself is a sure shot sign of success. Such people will surely go places.