10 Daily Habits That Will Make Your Kids More Creative and Smarter

Scientists often pronounce that the foremost juncture of a child’s life is considered as the aperture of prospects. Brain can build up the most unbiased webbings at these crucial phases. Intelligence, creativity and smartness are considered to be innate qualities. However, some searches have refused to agree with this aforesaid statement. According to them, intelligence and smartness can be enhanced with the help of purposeful activities. The environment and the seasoned activities play a significant role in the process of nutriment.

Here’s out handpicked list of 10 Daily habits that will make your kids more creative and smarter amongst their peers.

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1. Travelling Escapades

Travel is a cunning speculation that makes you bright and considerably swells your intelligent quotient. It also develops your perception of corporeality as you bask in new sights and environment. According to   science, it has been certified that it enhances your probabilities of being victorious as you get exposed to diverse cultures. Travelling escapades increases aesthetic distinction and enriches your imagination. Such voyages fling off your comfort zone and make you register your strength and capability.

2. Reading of Books

The reading spree succours an individual in every aspect of his/her life. It has an amazing calmative power and can sharpen your brain muscles like no other anecdotes. It also has a colossal potential to boost your analytical skills, general knowledge, vocabulary, and writing strength. Books also help you to travel to places without being dynamic.

3. Indulgence in Outdoor Sports

Outdoor games are a multi receptive enterprise and aid the children to amplify their grey cells in eccentric ways. It also helps to subsume notions in a pragmatic manner and soothingly invigorates creativity.  Time spent outside also lessens anxiety and snowballs the imagination skills.  Children also tend to intensify compassion while conversing with the nature and eventually develop massive physical strength.

4. Developing A Hobby

A new set of hobbies like music, dance, painting, sports and other sorts make you smarter than ever. Hobbies make you malleable and help you to acclimatize in every division of your life. Music revamps your auricular senses and motor reflexes. Dancing on the gleeful music beats can rear your memory and towers your rational thought process. Painting prospers your aesthetic versatility while sports tweak your degree of fitness.

5. Imbibing A New Language

The advantage of multilingualism cannot be expressed in any words.  Mastering more than one language ameliorates our attention level, short term memory, self-control and holistic views. It also helps to rediscover yourself and demonstrate a nascent identity. Multilingual speakers are also better at shunning off inapt information, designating tasks and are also able to balance multitude of works with élan.

6. Breaking Off the Shackles of The Comfort Zone

The shackles of comfort zone engulf you in a world of claustrophobia. Once you shell off from it, you will be able to feel the gush of energy and a clement exhilaration. It will escalate your creativity, tactical tools and credence. Once you digest to propel your limits, you will certainly be able to expand your propensities in multifarious estates. A jocund life, broader mindset, and openness to an advanced experience will make your kid smarter than the average minds.

7. Joining Soft Skill Classes

Soft skills are indispensable for being triumphant in your career. Self-management, growth of mindset, self-awareness, emotional regulation, self-confidence, stress management, resilience, persistence, patience, perceptiveness, communication, teamwork, interpersonal relationship skills, presentation skills, facilitating skills, leadership skills, networking skills are some of the most important set of prowess that an individual necessitates to attain success. Well, annexing a training class will take you one step forward for acquiring these life changing aspects.

8. Networking with Inspiring Bunch of People

It has been proved innumerable times that networking with inspiring set of people can augment your mental horizon and deepen your learning process. Interesting and positive people can have a magnificent reflection on your mindset. Inspiring people have the leadership qualities and can effortlessly imbibe personal development within you. Their thoughts will substantially balloon up your mental voltage.

9. Recruiting Goals

An elegant goal assertion and working hard towards it will enhance your chances of being one of the intelligentsias. A robust purpose and zeal to achieve it will make your life replenished with productivity. Each single tiny step undertaken to accomplish your targeted goal is a step towards success and a smarter you. It will also amplify your self confidence and self-esteem. We bet once you conclude your desired goal, your happiness will know no bounds. A sense of contentment and power of hard work will envelope you in a mind-boggling paradise.

10. Intaking Healthy Foods

A well-balanced diet will definitely won’t metamorphose you into a menacing advocate but it will serrate your thinking ability. A whip- start food intake will devoid you of Food Coma and would help you to implement better performances in every barb of your life. Citrus fruits like lemon and orange have Vitamin C. Vitamin C incredibly strengthen the bones and abolishes toxic elements. Similarly, Nuts like almonds, cashews and pistachios are full of antioxidants and can flame up your immunity. On the other hand, fish also contains high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and iodine. Some other nutritional foods are spinach, brinjal, oatmeal, berries, chocolates, eggs, broccoli, chicken and etcetera.

7 Reasons Why Lost Hope Is a Lost Battle

Our life is full of curves and it never furnishes a straight rose-tinted avenue. Ups and downs are part and parcel of our existence. In such grim situations, the minuscule ripple of hope can alter the onerous prospective to an extended level. Hope against hope is the key mantra!

At times, people are unable to endure all the topsy turvy that life throws at them and mislay all the glimmering hopes. In a nutshell, one’s jocular existence metamorphoses into a life full of disappointments.

Here is a handpicked list of 7 reasons why lost hope is a lost battle!

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1. Unfulfilled Dreams

Hopelessness is a lethal disease and can make your world upside down. It can adversely transform an optimist to a pessimist. When people lose hope, they also overlook their propensity to dream for the future. They effortlessly give up on their desired aims and undergo severe anxiety. Your glorious stupors desert you and go into hibernation. Eventually, one also loses their motivation to work hard for their far-flung goals. Anyone going through such a locus should chin up to not let their invisible crown fall off on the muck.

2. Depression and Worthlessness

Hopelessness can also fabricate a way for depression and worthlessness. Repeated failures, stagnant life, monotonous routine are the chief reasons in this case. The want or, zeal to outshine the peers and colleagues can lead to these states. Arduous & unfathomable hopelessness can also lead to treacherous mood swings. Emotional instability, swift panic attacks and paroxysm of provoking anger are some of the terror worthy red flags. As a result, your impulsive mood disorders and mischievous tantrums can tarnish your peerless relationships with your near and dear ones. Remember, not everybody will readily keep up with the extemporaneous exasperations. Depression will also make you lose weight and the feeling of hopelessness will just get reinforced. Always remember that the universe is a cosmic place and there are so many other colossal landscapes to concentrate on, other than the materialistic aspects.

3. Suicidal Tendencies

Hopelessness substitutes buoyant emotions like ecstasy and bliss with the vindictive emotions of apprehension, embarrassment, and discouragement. It almost becomes impossible for a person to be psychologically stable when clenched with these poisonous emotions. As a result, it leads to self abuse and suicidal tendencies. In such a situation, the person concerned should immediately seek the help of a clinical psychologist or, a psychiatrist. Thus, uncoil your thoughts and unlatch your mind to rejuvenate yourself.

4. Inferiority Complex

An inferiority complex occurs when the feelings of inferiority are augmented in the individual through dispiritedness or, failure. Hopelessness makes you lose your self esteem and self confidence. This culminates into a tumbling body language, stammering speech and lousy insecurities. In addition, receptiveness to other people’s stances and will also stir the venomous feelings.

5. Inability to Concentrate on The Larger Picture of Life

Hopelessness is similar to a darkness which visually impairs you from viewing the shimmering stars. It completely dismantles you during the catastrophic failures and shattering conditions. The undisturbed attention on negativity harvests more negativity. It sinks you in a gloomy shadow and makes way for a hushed departure. Anyone confined in such a situation should look into their peripheral surroundings and observe all the creatures enterprising for a gleeful life.

6. Serious Toll on Health

Hopelessness also has a quirky way to worsen one’s health. It leads to fatigue and weariness. One loses the urge to intake food and loses the tenacity to get up from their bed. It leads to eating disorders and can make you acrimoniously lose weight. Quite abruptly plopping weight in a short span of time will make you look anorexic and malnourished. It also leads to acute indigestion problems and terminal Diabetics.

7. Alienation

Hopelessness makes a person cut off from his/ her social life. Social isolation is emanated from the feeling of worthlessness. This tendency is deep-rooted in mind and garnered by intemperate negative emotions. It is needless to mention that these negative emotions are monumentally thunderous in nature. They can devitalize lives by causing sheer imbalance in energy system and also shoots off a chain of emotional polarity at the same time.

5 Ways to Discover Your passion

There’s nothing to feel ashamed about if you do not know what your passion is or what you want to do in life. More than half the people out there face the same dilemma. Some people find their passion at a young age and pursue that as their career path. On the other hand, some others may struggle to find what they like or what they are good at. It does not matter when you figure out your passion because it is never too late for that spark to light that fire inside you and for you to go out there and chase your dreams.

Nevertheless, the earlier you find it, the easier it will be to pursue it of course. Here are 5 ways in which you can try discovering where your passion lies.

Photo by Mohamed Almari, CC0 1.0

1. Try Everything

Unless you try out something you will never know if it excites you. Read up on every single course offered by your college and see if it sparks an interest. Just going by the name alone will not give you insight into what exactly you will learn in that course. Read up on it and maybe watch an introductory video. Take part in all the different activities available in your school. A famous example of this is Steve Jobs and his class on typefaces. On a whim, he decided to take up a class on calligraphy which led to the making Apple’s products stand out in the market. Unless you dip your feet in the water, you will not know the temperature.

2. Don’t Quit Easily

What most of us tend to do is to give up on something the minute we are not good at it. What we need to understand is that no one is good at anything in the first try. You will always stumble in the beginning. If you give up the minute you face a hurdle you will never get a proper experience.

3. Imagine Money Not Being a Factor

Imagine for a minute that you had a billion dollars. What would you do today? Would you set up a canvas and paint? Or would you go into the kitchen and spend a day baking? When money is left out of the equation many situations in life become simpler. Sometimes following your passion may not lead to money, but once you figure out what your passion is and you truly love it, you will figure out a way to make money from it.

4. A Hobby Is Different from A Profitable Passion

Often people get carried away if they just like doing something. This usually happens to school and college going teens. Studies at school will not be half as interesting as playing football or playing the guitar. Before making a rash decision and saying that that’s what you want to do for the rest of your life, stop and think. Think if you are good enough to become a Rockstar. If you are not then you should keep it aside as just a hobby and continue looking out for something else you would want to do all your life.

5. Imagine

Once you find something that could potentially be what you want to do for the rest of your life, sit down and imagine yourself doing it. Read up on people who do what you want to do, or something similar to it. If you enjoy what you are imagining, there you go you have found your passion. It is important, although to not get carried away. Some professions are glorified. Try talking to someone who might help give some insight into the various positives and negatives in a certain career path.

If you are 15 or 50, there is always time to do what you love. Just expand you comfort zone and start moving towards the edge. Risks are always involved, if you are jumping from one path to the other.

Always remember to think everything through. Rash decisions lead to more downfalls than rises.

6 Ways You Can Avoid Motivation Burn-Out and Stay Ahead in The Game

In today’s era, everyone is trying to be settled up in their lives, thereby, working hard, day and night, to earn more and more money to enjoy the luxuries of life. Somewhere, amidst all this, there may be times when you are not getting the desired output. This situation might lead to a motivational burn-out, where you feel stressed and that nothing is going right. If you are facing such a situation, then don’t worry, we have got some amazing ways to avoid motivational burn-out.

Photo by Pixabay, CC0 1.0

1. Meditate At-Least Once in A Day

We all know that meditation works great, but let me tell you, it works wonders! After a good shower in the morning or in evening, try to settle down yourself with closed eyes. Release all your thoughts and let your mind be blank. Pronounce ‘OUM’ and listen to the sound coming out of your mouth, this will help in letting all your thought go away. Repeat a couple of times and start with 10 minutes of a sitting and increase gradually. Trust me, the kind of mental and internal peace you experience by meditating, nothing else can give that to you and you will certainly agree with me after one or two sittings.

2. Invite Positivity and Let the Negative Thoughts Go Away

To stay motivated, it is very important to have an optimistic approach in everything that you do. Believe in the mantra, that everything happens for a good reason; which we may not realize at once. A lot depends on the thinking. Whatever we think, we gather that energy and we call for it. Think positive, gather the positive energy and the positivity will be ultimately the outcome. It is natural for negative thoughts to barge in, but try not to overthink about them and do not hold on to them.

3. Do Not Hold the Glass for A Longer Time, It’s Just a Phase

There may be circumstances where you feel that nothing is going right in whatever you are doing. You keep thinking about it over and again and as a result, make yourself a victim of motivational burn-out. It is OK to think about the adverse states, but do not let yourself stick to those thoughts. Remember, it’s just a phase and it will pass with the time. All you have to do is divert your mind from it, focus, stay strong and drop the glass filled with negativity.

4. Take Out Time for Your Passion and Things You Like to Do

In the race to earn money and prove yourself, we certainly are forgetting what we loved to do during our childhood and what we had dreamt to become during our college. You might be a great painter, an actress, a model, a writer, a singer, a dancer, a traveler, a guitarist, a DJ, an RJ etcetera. Why not take some time out of your busy schedule and invest in the things you love to do? Believe me, they act as a great stress buster and keep you going! Try this, feel good and oh! You can thank me later.

5. Go for Digital Devices Free Vacations Once in A While

Getting away from your regular city/place of work for some time is another great idea. It’s perfect if you plan with a group of your friends, if not, don’t wait for your friends to make a plan, be a planner yourself, pack your bags and get away to some nice serene place for a vacation. Make sure that you do not use your cell phone much, except an emergency and for god’s sake, no laptop, please! Try to enjoy your own company and explore as much as you can be keeping yourself away from your digital devices. This will be a great refreshment and you will feel it yourself.

6. Socialize, Make Friends and Smile

If you are not a very social person and like to stay in your shell, then fella! It is the time to get out of your comfort zone and indulge yourself in group outings, socialize and make new friends. Pop that bubble and show them the hidden side. Participate in every activity and enjoy yourself to the fullest. And yes, most necessarily, do not forget to laugh loud and keep that smile lightning up yourself. You will definitely cherish this time well spent and this will definitely boost you up.

9 Ways to Organise Your Mind and Ideas

All of us have a multitude of ideas every day. Thoughts which flash our minds when we are doing mundane tasks during the day like driving, taking a shower or trying to sleep. Often, we tend to forget these ideas very quickly. Imagine how it would be to remember all these ideas, consolidate them and actually work on them to produce something magical.

Here are some ways in which you can organize your thoughts to make the best out of them.

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1. Jot Everything Down

The simplest and most obvious way to organize thoughts is to just jot it down. Different people may have their own preferences on how and when they want to write things down. It may be in the form of a diary, or sticky notes all over the house so that as soon as you think of something, turn around and there will be a sticky note on the wall right there for you to write it down. Some people like writing down all their thoughts in a journal before going to bed while some prefer doing it as soon as they get up in the morning. Either way, make sure you do it as it is an excellent practice.

2. Draw A Mind Map

Often, we find ourselves flooded with too many thoughts. A wave of imagination comes crashing in and there’s no way to control it.  An easy way to make sense of these thoughts is a draw a mind map. Start with the first thought which comes to your mind and write that down in the centre. Go on building the map by adding more thoughts radiating away from it.

3. Draw A Pie Chart

There are many things which we need to do in a day, all of which occupy space in our minds. An easy way to see how much mind space every task is occupying is to quickly draw a pie chart. If you find that some mundane tasks are eating away too much of your delicious pie, cut down its share.

Switch off gadgets and sit down with the old-fashioned pen and paper. During this age of technology, we spend too much time getting distracted by the tings and tongs of our phones. Even as I write this article, I will check my phone twice to see if I have any important messages. This will definitely affect creativity and flow of thought. Whenever you feel like you need to organize your thoughts and all the different things going on in life, switch off all gadgets, take a piece of paper and start writing it all down. You will realize what an amazing impact it has on your creativity. 

4. Timelines

No, I’m not talking about scrolling through your Facebook timeline. Make a timeline of all the tasks you have. For the day, for the week and for the month. This helps in realizing the amount of work and better planning towards finishing it on time. It also helps in setting goals for oneself. Writing down short term, medium term and long-term goals helps one achieve them compared to those who don’t put down their goals on paper.

5. Meditation

Sometimes, we just have too many things to worry about. This can get overwhelming at times. When this happens, practicing meditation for just 5-10 minutes a day can calm our nerves and make us see things clearly and from a different perspective. Once you are done with your meditation you might realize things which you missed out on earlier.

6. Exercise

Exercising is a lovely way to take a break from the hustle of life and organize your thoughts. The change of pace will give your mind a break. Your subconscious mind will now have the space required to sort out everything in the background.

7. Talk to Someone

An outsider’s perspective on things often helps in organizing our thoughts. When we explain what we are thinking to someone else and process their opinions and views on it, we will get better clarity on what exactly we were thinking about and planning in the first place.

8. Find A Single Word for Every Thought

Sometimes we will not be in a position to write something down easily. When this happens, we can associate a word with every idea or thought we get and remember just that word. Later, if we recall the word, it is enough to recall the whole memory. It is an efficient way of organizing thoughts which is in fact followed by many orators.

9. Storytelling

A story is in itself organizing. It has a beginning, middle and a conclusion. Sorting out thoughts in the form of a story helps remember it easily in a organized manner. Storytelling is essential to memory and remembering things in the form of a story is a fundamental memory strategy.

Above are the timeless ways to help you organise your mind and ideas for a better life!

5 Ways in Which Brain Games Boost Your Memory

When it comes to passing time, or spending some fun-filled hours, playing brain games, whether it is sudoku, crosswords, scrabble, chess, checkers, etc., is just a great idea. But do you know, that indulging yourself in brain games also boosts your memory and has a very positive effect on your thinking power? That’s right. Well, do not take us wrong; we are talking about only the ‘brain games’; and not the other fancy video games (nothing against them, we love them too!). Many researches show that these brain games are not only fun and good for a time pass, but can prove to be of great advantage to human brain. Want to know how? Read on!

Photo by SteenJepsen, CC0 1.0

1. Increase Concentration Power

A very good effect of playing brain games is that, they help you to concentrate more in everything. For example, for a student, involving in games like Sudoku, will help them to concentrate while studying for their exams, concentrate in their classrooms and at other places. For an adult, along with these advantages, they can do their official work more productively. The reason behind this is that, these games itself require a concentration to play, hence improving the overall skill eventually.

2. Upsurge Vocabulary

Games like, crossword puzzles, word finding, hangman etc. are very good for improving English vocabulary. You come across new words which you may have never heard of, or some which you’ve heard of but do not use on a daily basis. These games are great for any school going kid or even her job seeking sister. There are many other word games available in the market, so download a couple of them for yourself and for the younger one and get ready to kill the vocab!

3. Boost General Knowledge and Expand Imagination Power

There are other games, which indulge you in a play of day to day events in a very fun way. These games are really good to stay updated on what is happening around you. There are short quiz games and other games available for a fun filled experience. Not only this, playing brain games also add to expand your imagination power. It’s been revealed in some researches that people who love to play brain games are better at imagination and are more artistic.

4. Refresh and Exercise Your Mind

Like human body needs some stretching and exercising to keep it going in a healthy manner, the brain also needs some work-out to function at its best. Brain games act as a great power booster and refresher for human mind. Take a break from your daily tiring work and go for a quick 10-minute word search or Sudoku, and give that dose to your intellect and feel charged for the next task. They act like yoga for your brain and meditation for your thoughts.

5. Improve Thinking Skills and Multitasking

Treating yourself with some good brain exercise also enhances your thinking skills and you can multitask at the same time. Many researches show that people who tend to play games like chess, Sudoku etc. have a greater power to think for different ideas and can easily perform a couple of tasks simultaneously. Such people can think out of the box and bring out new ideas for different schemes. These games are also a great indoor option for kids. Sit with them and teach them new tricks and ways to crack that puzzle and solve the Sudoku.

Hope you liked the idea and we also hope that we just gave you a reason to look for that Sudoku or the crossword puzzle in the magazine or newspaper!

5 Ways to Figure Out the Road Map for Success

Success. Something every one of us strive for in life. Many people think that just hard work will result in success. Work for 12 hours a day, 14 hours a day. But hard work alone will not lead to success. Smart working combined with proper planning and discipline will result in achieving your dreams. Visualizing progress is the main task here. If you have a company to run, you need to visualize what it will look like in the next 5 or 10 years. If you are just starting your career you need to decide what you want to become and visualize yourself in that position.

Here are 5 ways in which you can figure out your pathway to success.

Photo by Pixabay, CC0 1.0

1. Identify Your Passion

Discover those things which you do which make your heart flutter and your mind buzz with excitement. Those are the things which you can do in life without getting tired and without giving up on the way. Only when you find that one thing which you love doing will you be able to set it as a target for yourself and work towards achieving it.

2. Set Clear Goals

Most people often have vague goals. “I will work in the fashion industry.” Or something like “I will make a billion dollars in 10 years.” How you will make a billion dollars and what role you will play in the fashion industry are questions which need to be answered. Clear goals look like “I will be the CEO of Google.” It could even be something small like “I will score x percentage in my upcoming exam.” Whatever goal you set for yourself must be precise and accurate. Only then will working towards it become easy and it will be an achievable goal. 

3. Intermediate Baby Goals

Baby steps are what it takes whenever you start out on something. Set small intermediate goals which finally lead to the larger goal. This will serve as checkpoints on the way which will make sure you are working on the right path. Achieving a goal isn’t an overnight task. It takes months and years of hard work. Setting small goals along the way will train your mind into not diverting from the larger goal. If we do not do this, our minds will lax away from the goal at hand and we will not work towards achieving it.

4. Seek Accountability

There are always speed bumps on any road. Similarly, there will be hurdles on your road to success. Sometimes a situation needs to be judged and something some critical points need to be analysed. Seeking external help at this point of time will aid in making a better decision. A third person’s opinion will always broaden your outlook towards a certain matter. It may also lead to some ideas and certain lines of thought which may not have been considered before.

5. Turn on That Switch in Your Brain

A car will not start unless the ignition is turned on. A light will not come on unless the switch is turned on. Our brains will not start functioning in high capacity unless we turn on that switch in our minds which will make us go on full throttle till we achieve what we want. Find that switch and turn it on. Unless the motivation to achieve what we want comes from within we cannot get to where we want to be. External factors can motivate us only to a certain extent. After that it is all up to us. People can come along with us on this path only up to a certain point. After that we are all on our own. We need to learn to work without that external push. The fire should move from being at your legs to being inside your stomach. That’s when success can be achieved.

Why Self Satisfaction Is Considered Important for A Happy Life

Very often, when I notice people, I come to a conclusion that they find happiness in money, materials, luxuries and all those sort of goods or services which curtails the principles and practices of an ascetic. Now, let’s look at the other side. Not very often, when I notice an ascetic, my previous conclusion literally comes to a conclusion just by observing that man with his sheer opulence of simplicity. Opulence and simplicity are close antonyms. Aren’t they? But, how well both go together to define an ascetic? Really, well.

As a person who likes to observe, this is where I differentiate and come out with the true meaning of ‘happiness’. Indeed, it is very simple, just like an ascetic. The feeling of happiness never comes secondhand as in the case of those searching for it in wealth and a lavish lifestyle. In fact, it comes from a form which is intangible. It is not perceptible by our mind. It all lies within and only our truthful heart can perceive it. There are many paths to find that intangible form but one of the most important is the path of being self-satisfied. Many also refer to it as ‘inner peace’. If we are self-satisfied, we will always be happy.

Photo by Pixabay, CC0 1.0

Most often, society relates happiness to success. But, does it know the meaning of success? Success is half about accomplishing your goal and the other half is about remaining self-satisfied after the goal has been accomplished. However, the irony remains that you cannot be half successful or partially successful as success is a complete thing. To be successful, you need to have both the boxes checked. The importance of self-satisfaction is well understood here as being successful is the ultimate goal of life. Basically, being self-satisfied should be the ultimate goal. For all those who have accomplished their respective goals, are you successful? Well, your self-satisfaction can help you get to a decision.

Every decision that you take in your life confronts you with a test of your conscience. The after effect of your decision may land you in an uncomfortable situation as life is not a bed of roses and both, ups and downs are bound to happen. Now, there is another test placed in front of you. This time, it is that of your self-satisfaction. You will always be willing to come out of the tough times but you won’t be able to avoid your present, which resembles the down stage of your life. In order to let that present not be a barrier in your quest for a better future, you need to be self-satisfied with whatever fate has imposed in your life. A self-satisfied you will then be unstoppable in your endeavors.

The greatest virtue you can learn in your life is the ability to remain calm. Arguably, this goes side to side with the ability to remain self-satisfied. When you are self-satisfied, the idea of frustration, complaining, castigating and all those derogatory ethics will make no sense to you. Life will be a happy journey for you and you will always want to improve, as a person.

A wrong thought which has infiltrated into some of the minds is that self-satisfaction makes humans stable and it doesn’t allow them to aim for higher objectives. Remember, self-satisfaction is never a long-term thing. We should not look at it, considering a wider duration of time. It is all about accepting yourself in that present case scenario, no matter how long it lasts. It is a result of the hundred percent you have given put into something. Nothing better than the immensely popular fable, ‘The Tortoise and The Hare’ can put an end to this thought. The tortoise was never demotivated by the initial lead that the hare had taken and was self-satisfied with its inherited speed, which was no match to that of the hare. As a result, it continued and went on to win the race. You will certainly agree that there can be no higher objective for a tortoise than defeating a hare in a race.

Keeping other spheres of life intact, all of us should seek for self-satisfaction. There may be many external reasons to stay happy but all those external reasons will only keep you happy if you are self-satisfied.


10 Tips to Become the Best Version of You

There is an inborn need in human beings to evolve. We evolve physically and mentally right from the time we are born and the process carries on till our last breath. However, people tend to stagnate once they reach a particular point in life. Yet the one who strive forward are the ones who stand apart.

The human civilization is here today because we evolved ever since the human race came into being. If our ancestors had not moved on we would not have been where we are. Hence the need for development is not only a need for the present but also a need for the future.

How and where do you start this process of becoming a better you? This is a good question that needs to be answered. A 360-degree approach is required to get an all-round result. Ideally improve for the better in each area of life.

Photo by 2554813, CC0 1.0

1. Positive Thinking

This tops the list every time you want to work on becoming a better version of you. An optimistic attitude is quintessential for a successful life. It helps you accept the things that you cannot change and to be grateful for the good things that you have.

2. Be Open to Learning

One of the greatest virtues of successful people is their ability to learn new things. It is one of the greatest virtues a human being can possess. In fact, it is much desired leadership trait practiced and possessed by great leaders of the world.

Learning is an ongoing process and it only takes a halt when a person stops breathing. The ability to learning new things and evolve is pre-requisite to becoming a better you.

3. Personal Grooming

This is an essential part of personal growth and success. Half the job is done for a well-groomed person. Take good care of your attire. Accessorize well. Accessories can add life to your clothing. Take expert advice on how to use accessories in the right manner.

4. Healthy Eating

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and vice versa. It is an ongoing cycle. It is not about blindly following the diet fads but about meticulously weighing your options following a healthy diet regime that suits your body.

5. Relationships

Relationships keep us going. They are an integral part of our life. Successful people always look towards contributing to relationships around them rather than thinking ‘What do I get from this particular relationship?’. They don’t keep stock of all the negative things that happened to them or the negative things that people did to them. Instead they move on. Forgiving, understanding and empathizing are winning traits that will help you become a better person.

6. Get Your Focus Right

Understanding your capabilities, your passion, and your goals can help you focus on where and how you need to reach your destiny.

7. Watch Your Speech

The words you speak can make or break your relationships, profession and even your future. Take control of your words don’t let your words control you.

8. Get Your Body Language Right

Is it possible for you to say a lot of things even without saying anything? Yes, you can with your gestures and facial expressions. Thoughtless and awkward facial expressions can be unappealing and can create a negative impression. By checking yourself out and learning gestures, postures and facial expressions you can score well on your body language.

9. Improve Skill Sets

The fast-spaced world requires fast paced people. In order to stay in the rat race one needs to constantly improve one’s skill set.

10. De-Clutter

One does not need to restrict the process of de-cluttering to physical things alone. It could also mean de-cluttering yourself from things that weigh you down. This is when your personal goals and vision comes in handy. Free yourself from tasks that don’t help you reach your goal. For example, you might be a part of too many social groups which take away a large chunk of your time. Reducing the number of groups, you are in will be great time saver.

The very fact that you want to become a better person is a positive sign that you are in the right track. The ability of a person to evolve and improve of his or herself is a sure shot sign of success. Such people will surely go places.

5 Reasons Why Minimalists Lead a Happier Life

Intentionally trying to live with only things you need is called minimalism. Over here, the word intentionally is the most important. Sometimes, leading a simple life can be much more satisfying than always chasing behind the word “more”. Here are some reasons why minimalists lead happier lives.

Photo by Stocksnap, CC0 1.0

1. Less Stuff, More Time

Successful men like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have always been seen wearing the same clothes every single day. When asked why with is so, Mark Zuckerberg’s reply was that he eliminates the tiny, insignificant things in life which take up time and energy so that he can utilize that time to be more productive. If we decide to be minimalistic and not care about accumulating things which do not matter, then we will be blessed with lots of time to do things which we otherwise do not have time for. Removing stuff doesn’t only refer to physical possessions, it also includes minimizing your schedule, getting clear about your priorities and being clear about who and what you want in life.

2. Helps Focus on Goals

Having less things to worry about will bring about concentration on the things which really matter. Imagine you have 100 things to do but only one is helping you achieve your dream and goal in life. Now imagine having only 10 things to do. More time can be devoted to your goals which lead to more concentration and focus which in turn will help in achieving those goals.

3. Gives A Certain Sense of Peace

Limiting your possessions means eliminating greed. When we are not greedy for more and more, satisfaction sets in. Satisfaction is something which brings in a great deal of peace and happiness. Some people are not satisfied irrespective of the number of material possessions they have. And others, to satisfy this greed run behind money and fame leaving behind much more important things like family and love.

4. Gets Rid of Inferiority Complex

Often, when we see others having more than what we have, we get a sense of jealousy and inferiority complex. If he can have that, why can’t I? And then, even if we can’t afford it, we’ll buy that something, which we probably don’t even need. Feelings such as jealousy and inferiority complex will all go away in the snap of a finger if we learn to be minimalists. They voluntarily have only the things they need, so they will automatically be happy with what they have.

5. Gives You a Sense of Having a Lot of Space

Some people live in small houses and fill it with a lot of possessions. This will end up making the house look smaller than it is. The smaller the number of things you have, the bigger your space will seem. Be it your house, your room, your desk at work, you will always feel good being in a place which is spacious and roomy.

Minimalistic lives may suit some and not others. People who feel that we have only one life to experience everything might not want to give up some things. Others who feel that ultimate happiness lies in achieving certain things in life may be okay with giving up something to attain something else. Though it may not suit everyone, minimalism does surely bring about a certain level of peace and satisfaction. It cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time and conscious effort. Slowly, minds need to be tuned to accept that we do not need certain things, and eventually get rid of them.

A small suggestion on how to start. Go around your room and throw away everything you have not touched in the last one year. Chances are that you will probably never use them if you haven’t in an entire year. This itself will end up de-cluttering a major portion of your room. Gradually, over time, you will succeed in leading a minimalistic and happy life.