6 Most Common Ways in Which People Waste Their Time

Time is a valuable factor for us but we waste this valuable factor in many ways. Wasting time is one of the activities which we do every day that never proves to be productive. Most of the time we are not even aware of how we are wasting our time. Time management is a skill which people these days are not good at. It has always been a major problem to manage time. Although there are timetables, work schedules and so many things to make children and workers not waste time and work according to scheduled things but still they tend to find out ways to waste time making themselves busy in unnecessary things. Here are 6 most common ways in which we waste our time.

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1. Daydreaming

May it be children or adults, they all love to daydream. It’s the easiest way to not pay attention in whatever work you are doing. This way-out work takes longer time than it requires and wastes the time which could have been used for some other purposes. Although daydreaming is not considered as a way of wasting time by psychologists as it helps children in thinking creatively and helps them flourish well but things within a limit seems nice. People daydream most of their time which not only makes them waste their time but also keeps them away from their present work.

2. Gossiping

Gossiping is something in which we all indulge. All the time we are seen gossiping with our friend or family. Does it help us in any way? No. this is one of the unhealthy habits in which we all tend to involve. Most of the time in college and workplace is wasted in gossiping about others. Hence this practice must be stopped once and for all. Even if you cannot stop it, do try not to talk about others that often. This will not only save your time but give you a positive feeling.

3. Sleeping All Day

No doubt sleeping is good for health. But sleeping all day is a waste of time. We tend to sleep because we feel tired. We feel tired of not doing anything and to spend our time, we find sleeping the best option. We should sleep for 8 hours a day but sleeping more than that would make us lazier and stop us from doing our work.

4. Spending Time On T.V, Computers and Mobiles

These gadgets are for our use only but spending more time on these than required can cause harm to us. They waste a lot of time of ours and make us addicted to them. We always are busy on our phones playing games or chatting. Don’t you think that time can be used for some productive work? Hence try spending less time on these equipments.

5. Complaining

We are never satisfied with what we have. We always look for some more and want more. We continuously complain with things we have and want to make them better. It is good to make things better but complaining never helps. This way we waste our energy in complaining and get nothing out of it. It is always better to be satisfied with what we have and not waste time for wanting for more.

6. Procrastination

We always tend to postpone things in our life due to our laziness. Postponing things makes our work tougher and takes lot of time from our life. Hence, we should stop procrastinating and use the present time to work and do something useful.

We shared the above ways with you so that you avoid doing them and rather invest your valuable time in doing something productive. So, give your mind a break and act!

9 Ways to Overcome Procrastination and Manage Time Efficiently

We human beings love to procrastinate. We waste time thinking how things are to be done rather than actually putting efforts to do it. Wasting the valuable time which our life provides us, will lead us to trouble. The people who are on top have always valued time. Hence valuing time should be the priority in everyone’s life. So, follow the 9 ways below to help yourself overcome procrastination and manage time effectively.

Photo by Kalyan Kanuri, CC BY-SA 2.0

1. Planning

Planning out the schedule before starting day is actually a good idea. When things are planned, you would not worry about wasting time as you would have a schedule to follow. Planning a routine will make you stick to the routine as it will remind you to not waste time and use it efficiently. Schools, colleges and all educational institutions follow a proper time table to manage all the subjects in less time.

2. Dividing Time

Dividing time is not the same as planning. While planning, you may plan to do a particular thing for a longer time but dividing time for different things, will make you focus on lots of things on one day. For example, if a student fixes to study 5 subjects in a day he will study more. But if he studies only 1 subject he won’t be able to cover all the subjects. Hence dividing the time for more than 1 subject will help him manage time better.

3. Reducing Distractions

Distraction is always there no matter how important work we are doing. Avoiding distraction is a difficult task these days. Hence there are few things which we can do to avoid distractions. For example, not keeping the phone with you while studying or doing your work.

4. Giving Yourself a Break

Giving some break to yourself while doing work is an important aspect of time management. It will help in keeping you fresh and would keep you focused too. This break would also give you time to re-energize your mind.

5. Setting Priorities

We all have different priorities in life. There are few things which are important for us and few things which are not necessary. According to this you can set your time and give more time to the important.

6. Prefer Morning Than Night

Day time is the perfect time to carry out all the work. Although there are people who prefer night time to study or do their work, but during the day we have ample amount of time which can be used properly. Hence do try to do most of the work during the day.

7. Time for Extra Activities

Within the packed schedule, we should always give some time to extra-curricular activities. This way, you would not feel you are wasting time and can do other activities which are important too.

8. Study Every Day

For students studying every day is the key to manage time as they won’t have to rush during exams. When you keep loads of work for the end moment, it makes you stressed resulting in not so good quality of work.

9. Stop Worrying

Worrying all the time eats away most of our valuable time. This way neither we are able to work not get to think properly.

With the above ways you can make sure that you get your life together in time!

20 Interesting Things to Do in Free Time Post Exams

In our academic life one of the most calamitous words is an examination. No matter which exam you are appearing for, you are bound to sail through massive pressure and nerve-wreck. The moment they get over, you can dawdle back to normalcy and indulge in fascinating activities to bust your boredom. Here’s our top pick of 20 interesting things to do in free time once your grueling exams are over!

Photo by rawpixel.com, CC0 1.0

1. Splurge on A Vacation

After months of toiling hard, it is time to take a break to an unexplored location in search of tranquillity. It can be lush emerald mountainous terrain of Uttarakhand or pristine white beaches of Andaman’s. Get lost amidst the breath-taking landscapes and bid a waving sayonara to your prostrated mind.

2. Swimming Lessons

Swimming heals a jaded soul like no other exercises and renders a golden opportunity to escape from the humdrum of reality. Thus, be a true-blue water baby and knock off the scorching heat with equal élan.

3. Shun Your Cooking Skills

Who doesn’t love food? Beginning with lip smacking continental dishes to extravagant margaritas, sumptuous cuisines are the absolute favorites of every individual. Therefore, grab your apron and don the chef’s hat.

4. Engage in A Volunteering Service

If you swear by social service and would love to extend your helping hand to the unprivileged clan, then venturing into volunteering works could turn out be your quintessential activity.

5. Indulge in Adventurous Activities

Snap off from your comfort zone and strive for high-octane activities like scuba diving and river rafting to witness some life changing moments.

6. Binge Watch New Tv Series & Movies

Catch up with all the unwatched TV series and movies from across the globe and get smacked with cultural shocks.

7. Personality Development

One can also wisely utilize their post exam breaks in revamping their all-round personality. Try and work on your cognitive aspects and foster your soft skills.

8. Get Hold of An Inspiring Book

Enroll for a brand-new membership at your nearest library and pick up an inspirational book. Remember, reading a good book can make you traverse to an unparalleled world of paradise. We bet, once you finish off reading, you will find it gruesome to ramble back to reality.

9. Rearrange Your Room

An unclean room with full of clutter can have a detrimental impact on your fragile mind. Thus, roll up your sleeves & reorganize your distressed room into an organized Zion.

10. Online Training Programmes

In the recent era, corporate sectors look for freshers with multitude of talents. Hence, register for online training programmes to spectacularly modify your resume.

11. Reconnect with Your Parents

In this fast-paced world, we are becoming so engrossed in our daily schedule that we often pretermit to talk to our parents. The precious relationship between parents and a child is almost on the verge of becoming extinct. Thus, deploy your fleeting recess to renovate the exorbitant bond with your family members.

12. Virtual Internships

Due to the advancement of technology, virtual internships have become a thing of the present and are likely to garner more popularity in the future. Thus, upgrade your curriculum vitae and apply for the suitable internships!

13. Career Counseling

Bring into play this short-term break to visit a career Councillor. Open up about your aspirations and personality traits & enrich your career prospects with the professional guidance.

14. Retail Therapy

Get your style games on point by squandering on some amazing clothing. Undergo a grooming session and wait to turn heads!

15. Explore Your Own City

We have this bizarre tendency to visit outstation spots but generally remain oblivious to the magnificence of our own cities. Thus, go on an excursion to the offbeat nooks and corner of your city & get astonished to see the unfurnished elegance.

16. Sleep Like a Sleeping Beauty

This is perhaps the most interesting activity to conduct during your post exam breaks. After days of hard work and sleepless nights, it is high time to indulge in some dreamy sleeps in order to throw off the chronic weariness.

17. Health Check Up

In the rat’s race, we humans have almost transformed into robots. As a result, it is taking a toll on our healthy lives. Deadly diseases having loads of side effects are springing up like mushrooms. Thus, it is advised to go for an overall health check-up because prevention is definitely better than cure.

18. Discover Yourself

At times, instead of stepping out of home, you can coddle in some “me-time”. Recharge your biological battery and learn to spend time alone. Master about your strengths and vanquish your weaknesses to triumph in all the battles of our uncertain life.

19. Join A New Language Class

Honestly, every Indian is trilingual. But, in order to add another feather to your hat, you can effortlessly join a foreign language class. French, German and Chinese Language are quite in vogue.

20. Trekking Tales

Choose any lush green trekking trails and embark on the journey. Trekking up to the summits will help you to increase your endurance and will make you all the more resilient. It will immensely help you to flag off the post break life with exhilarating energy.

10 Every Day Habits Every Teenager Should Follow for Saving Time

Studies have shown that at least 30% of today’s teenagers are stressed out and depressed about their day to day life. This results in an unhealthy obsession to finish the syllabus in time, leading to rash eating and erratic sleeping. No matter how much time a teenager makes for himself or herself, it seems that there is never enough.

These simple every day habits, if incorporated properly in your own routine, will save time. In addition to that, it also puts the individual in a routine cycle that includes proper timing for all kinds of activities, including relaxation and playing. Let’s check out some of these habits:

Photo by Vic, CC BY 2.0

1. Start with A Healthy Breakfast

It is very crucial for a teenager to maintain a healthy diet, in spite of all odds. A healthy dietary routine helps to include proper time management aspects in the life of a teenager. In addition to that, having proper meals saves a lot of time which would otherwise be lost in finicky eating.

2. Stay Fit and Agile

In order to maintain a fit body and mind, it is very important that a teenager includes some form of daily physical activity in their routine. A few examples of this sort of physical activity can include light yoga, jogging in the morning, playing a sport regularly, etc.

3. Establish Early Sleeping Routine

It is advisable for teenagers to maintain a proper sleeping routine. Studying or staying up too late is very counter-intuitive in nature, as it causes immense exhaustion and fatigue. However, if you sleep early at night and wake up early in the next morning, you are fresh and primed up for an entire day of studying.

4. Make Time for Introspection and Yourself

Meditation is also a fun exercise that teenagers can try for themselves. It relaxes the body and mind, improving the blood flow to the brain. This increases memory capacity of an individual. It saves a considerable amount of time, judging by the fact students who meditate tend to have a lot of unfettered free time in their hands than students who do not.

5. Keep Away from Addictions

Substance abuse and smoking are quite bad for health. Almost every teenager has experimented with either one or both of these. Why? It is so because of the ways of the world and how people live in the 21st century. Drugs are a waste of time, so if you want to save time, that’s the last you want to be.

6. Regulate Spending Time Online

These days every teenager has a computer or mobile device with internet access to it. This addiction of staying online in social networking websites can go quite far. So be considerate with your internet usage. Limit your online interactions and focus on spending the time more productively.

7. Stay Healthy

Saving time would not amount to anything if you fall sick. Around teenage, every person’s body seems to change. So, it is the perfect time to introduce personal hygiene to teenagers. Maintaining a proper health plan and following it seems to work quite well.

8. Make Time for Creativity

Teenage is the ideal time for expressing creative ideas. So, do not be alarmed by taking some quality time out of each day, and devote it to garner new skills and creative outlets. This keeps the person interested in co-curricular activities in school and saves time which would have been wasted otherwise.

9. Organize Study Hours

Organizing and making a detailed study plan is the way to go for any teenager who has been boggled by stress. This creates a set of goals for the individual to achieve. Depending upon how proficient you are, you can set targets for yourself.

10. Do Not Spend Too Much Time with Electronics

It is important to incorporate some form of physical activity in a teenager’s life. So, during his or her play time, send him or her outside. Playing outside and not in front of a computer screen, is a much better way to save time and get some work done in the process.

These ideas might look simple and plain, but incorporating them into a teenager’s daily routine will work wonders. It is much better to make sure that you are following a loose routine first before adding too much to your plate. These ideas or everyday habits will be able to change a teenager’s perspective towards his/her studies and motivate them.

10 Tips to Avoid Distraction While Studying

It is always suggested to people, to take advantage of good circumstances. We should make good use of our favorable time and most of an opportunity while we hold a chance. It can be used as a supportive substitute. Hay should be gathered at the time of shining of the sun, as it will get ruined, if wet.

Likewise, it also applies to a student, during his study time. He should make good use of his time, as once it is gone his time would not come back. No matter how much we hear that marks don’t define you, but knowledge does, so study with all concentration to have defined knowledge of your field of study!

Distractions are momentary disturbances which can make you lose your concentration. Then again, it is up to you to succumb to them. Here, we bring you some tips which will help you concentrate on your studies without getting distracted!

Photo by CollegeDegrees360, CC BY-SA 2.0

1. A Good and Suitable Place for Studying

The foremost and most important thing which comes in mind when we talk about studies is the place of your study. You should choose a place in which you are comfortable to study and also are away from any kind of distractions. It may a library. But it is always not such, some people feel sleepy there. So, you can choose any other room or a quiet place where you can study with your full concentration.

2. Take All Your Required Materials and Then Start

Before you sit for study, always collect your needful materials at one place, so that you do not need to get up again and again in search of your belongings. These materials could be pen, highlighter, notes, book, register or any other thing. This will not break your concentration and you will be able to study in a proper manner.

3. Do Not Make Use of Your Mobile Phone

Always keep aside your mobile phone while studying. Try and keep it in silent mode, so that even if it rings it doesn’t distract you. Once, you complete your chapter or a part of it, and then feel free to take a break of 5 minutes and check your calls and inbox. If you feel that some of the calls require immediate response, give them another contact number for emergency, which may be of your mother.

4. Do Not Make Use of Internet

Try and avoid the usage of internet. If you have any such access, that will lead in distraction. Still if you feel some need of using it, resist your lure and note down the things which you have to search and then search them when you take a break.  This will help you in focusing on things more properly.

5. Ask the Members Around You to Give You Privacy

When you are studying ask your mom or other family members and friends not to disturb you. You should sit and study at the place with least noise. When you are not prone to any kind of disturbance, your focus towards things will be better and then you will get to study in a more efficient manner.

6. A Good Sleep Of 8 Hours Every Day

Always make it a habit of sleeping on time. For your brain to function in an effective manner, a good amount of sleep it very essential. If you are not sleeping properly at night, then it would make you feel lazy the whole day and then your concentration towards your studies won’t be proper.

7. Learn the Habit of Saying NO to People

When you are studying sincerely and someone calls you out for work or play, try and say ‘no’ to them. It should not matter how much hard this may be for you. You will have to learn to resist yourself from various things if you wish to achieve something in your life. Say ‘no’ to all the activities which hinder your schedule and work and gives you stress.

8. Develop A Schedule for Studying

While some are day persons, some are owls. You need to choose the time according to your comfort, that whether you will study during the day time or at night. Choose the time during which you are able to concentrate at your best level and are surrounded by minimal amount of distractions.

9. Intake A Proper Diet

The food you intake should be in a proper amount. Do not eat too much before you sit for study. This can upset your stomach and act as distraction for you. Try and eat healthy meals. Avoid junk food.

10. Take Short Breaks and Relax

When you study for around 1 hour, prefer taking shorts breaks and relaxing yourself. You can also chant mantra like Gayathri mantra during this time as it would help you in relaxing your mind. Then you will feel fresh again at the time you would go for study.

These are some small tips which if followed in a proper manner can reduce the sources of distractions around you and you will be able to concentrate in a more enhanced way. Developing a more effective concentration power will not only help you in your studies, but through the life time it will act as an asset.

4 Popular Life Hacks That Help to Save Time in Daily Life

Time is ephemeral. It never waits for anyone, be it for whatever reasons. Those, who let the time slip away, always have to repent. Someone has correctly said that procrastination always robs our time. So, one must make use of it in an intelligent manner. Only those who are able to realize this truth, succeed in life. Time is very valuable. It cannot be recalled. Once gone, it is gone for good. The far sighted and sensible course for a man of action is to utilize his each and every moment. If we waste minutes, we may be wasting hours and years in the cumulative terms. The clock keeps on ticking and its hands are continuously moving. They know no break, no respite and no rest.

Timely action is the key to success. Time once gone cannot be recalled. Neglect in small things may spoil the labour of the years. Thus, the most effective motto of life should be, do it now. Do not hold it till tomorrow what can be done today. Delay is the theft of time. Those, who have the habit of delaying matters, look back on life with regret.

Photo by Pixabay, CC0 1.0

Now, a single day consists of only 24 hours and there is a lot more amount of work to do. That is why sometimes people think while working that, if they could get a few more hours to work, they would have completed their work in a much better way. If you want to do the work in an appropriate and proper manner, then you should save your time, in some other work. This will ultimately give you some extra time for work.

Everyone has the same amount of time with them. The main thing which arises is of time management. How one manages his time is the most important factor which is to be considered today in every field of work. When you talk about saving time, every minute counts. In your daily routine if you start saving few minutes by putting in some extra efforts and following small steps, you will see that it really matters.

Let’s see below some popular life hacks which will help in saving your most precious asset i.e., time, in your daily life.

1. Arrange Your Clothes a Day Before

First of all, always take care that whenever you go to bed, before it you take out few minutes and organize your clothes for the next morning. Following this every day, you will find that you were able to save your time the next morning. Otherwise you would have been in a hurry, and then you will find this work an extra burden upon you. So, try and arrange your outfits for the next day before you sleep. By doing this, you will also get ample amount of time to think and choose.

2. Keep All Your Pocket Essentials at One Place

The next very important thing which arises is that you should manage and keep all your pocket essentials at one place only at night. This would help you save your time the early morning for wandering your room from one corner to the other in search of things. Like keep your wallet, handkerchief, pen, watch and other belongings which you carry everywhere at one place only. The next morning you the time which you would have spent in finding for these things would be saved now.

3. Make Use of Auto Complete and Auto Fill Keypad Shortcuts

Now, the modern-day society believes more on social media and groups for interacting with people and staying in touch with them. For this purpose, they have various apps installed on their handsets like WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, hike, snap chat and what not.  Most of their time is spent chatting with friends and other people on different groups. This takes a lot of time to type. If you make use of auto fill keypads it would save your time to a great extent in totality.

4. Prepare Your Work List for The Day

Prepare a list of your work which you have to do on a daily basis. This won’t let you forget your important tasks. Also, you will not have the need to squander your time thinking what work you had to do. Set your priorities and work according to it.

Inculcating these habits in your everyday routine will help save your valuable time to a great extent.

5 Reasons Why Time Management Is Crucial for Students of All Ages

As soon as the alarm clock’s music hits your ears, you know, it is time to face another long day. While some manage to get going for the day with a zeal to learn something new, others keep brooding over the last 5 minutes of sleep they had to miss. The reason why that 5 minutes of sleep bothers them this much is the fact that they slept late at night!

This is the same old story of a student struggling to study, attend classes, do extra curriculars, catch up with friends, and rest; everything within 24 hours. And while we accept the fact that we are all students of life, it is always, at all ages, important to manage time effectively. So, here are some more quick reasons on why time management is necessary to succeed, for students of all ages.


Photo by Max Pixel, CC0 1.0

1. Time-Table Becomes a Blessing

Inculcating the habit of following a timetable is the first step in managing time for many. The reason why schools follow a timetable is that a student can only concentrate on a subject for so long. If one continues to study the same subject for 5-6 hours, their concentration level decreases and they get bored.  Similarly, in later stages of life, this technique will leave you with increased concentration and less monotony in work.

2. You Learn to Befriend the Deadlines That Kill

Quit beating yourself about why you pushed your homework to the last minute. Make sure you finish your homework a day or two before so that you have enough time to correct errors, receive feedback, make improvements and watch that TV show you’ve been meaning to, with a relaxed state of mind. Now as you finish the book report before the deadline, you have created enough space for yourself to produce an ‘A’ grade assignment.

3. College Becomes a Cakewalk

Students usually struggle their way through school, juggling between deadlines and social life. What they are unaware of is the monstrous college schedule which is going to uproot their persona if they do not handle challenges carefully. Not getting your work on time affects you mentally, as with no fruitful result, you begin to doubt your capabilities and become short tempered. If one learns to manage time well as students itself, they unconsciously learn to systemize their day to day life. This systemization further helps in becoming composed and better at handling challenges that college or office work may throw at them later.

4. You Learn to Not Hate Exams

24 questions and 30 minutes, so precisely 1.25 minutes for each answer, that’s a lot for 3 markers, don’t you think? Well since you are busy doing the math (in an English examination of course), you have already lost a minute or two, this calls for a recalculation, hence, this vicious cycle fails to end.  However, if you knew how to utilize time to the best of your capabilities, you would act smartly and pay heed to directly aiming to answer the questions, given such a small span of time to complete them all. Thus, by learning to manage your time better, you automatically learn to organize your examination time well.

5. Balance, Balance, Balance

Remember the old friend you forgot to call? The first day, first show that you missed? Or despite asking for an extension, the history assignment that you received a C for? You might even recall the time when you almost had a nervous breakdown because of all that stress you had while balancing tuition time, family time, friends time and sleeping time. Doesn’t matter if you are currently in 8th grade or giving your 10th board exams, what remains necessary for all to understand is that time management can help eliminate workload and as a result anxiety. By managing your time well, you can make space for all your assignments and extravaganzas.

So, don’t trouble all your family members, pleading them to helping you out with the project that is due tomorrow. Instead, take a deep breath, work up a time-table, organize your thoughts and goals and see how time management skills help you become that social, as well as the healthy and active A grade student who gets enough sleep.

Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Manage Time Effectively

Time and tide wait for none! Time is momentary and fleeting. Be it for the best or the worst of situations, time knows no wait, no break, and no respite. The clock keeps on ticking and those who realize the truth on time, are the ones who shine with bright colors. It’s the procrastination that always robs our time. The sensible course for a man of action is to utilize his each and every moment. Lazy people fritter away their energy and while away their time.

To achieve the desired goals, one has to work hard every minute to utilize the available time to its fullest potential. Everything takes time to happen, then again, deciding the time you want to invest in doing something is up to you. Time management is an art everyone wants to master, but while trying to manage our time, we fail because of certain mistakes we tend to make. Below, we have enlisted some of these mistakes you should avoid to manage time effectively.

Photo by Pixabay, CC0 1.0

1. Postponing Things

Timely action is the key to success. Time once gone cannot be recalled. Neglect in small things may spoil the labor of years. Thus, the most effectual motto of life should be, do it at the instant moment. Do not hold your work till the next day which can be very easily done today. Delay is the theft of time. Those, who have the practice of delaying matters, look back on life with regret. It is always better to sort out problems as they sprout, before allowing it them to spread their roots.

2. Trying to Save Time in Everything You Do

Now, a single day consists of only 24 hours and there is a lot more amount of work to do. And some tasks might require more efforts and focus, therefore, you should not shy away from shedding a few extra hours for it. And while saving time is concerned, you can be quicker in completing a task which does not require much thinking. This way, not only will you be able to manage your time like a pro, but also, your productivity will not be compromised a bit!

3. Not Following the To-Do List

It is very crucial to stick to the to-do list you prepared in the morning. Not sticking to it can lead to an under-productive day. While you work, the first thing which you should do is to handle your list which will contain the bullets of your work which needs to be completed. Otherwise it’s a very common tendency, that while working, sometimes we have a propensity to skip important things. This makes us regret later. While preparing the list, always prioritize your work keeping in mind the urgency of the work using some symbols, so that you can differentiate which work is to be done first. This will offer a hand to you in not forgetting your important works and by completing all your work in time you will be proficient in living a happy and a successful life.

4. Getting Distracted

It is always suggested to people, to take advantage of good circumstances. You should make good use of our favorable time and most of an opportunity while you hold a chance. And while doing that, it is very important to stay focused. Opportunities might not approach very often; thus, it becomes obligatory that we make ourselves certain about the fact that we take complete benefit of it, before the chance glides away. Therefore, be convince while working, that you are away from all breeds of distractions, be it of any kind, like mobile, internet, facebook, someone calling you or anything else. If you are away from distractions you will be able to perform in a better way.

5. Multitasking

Make it a point to complete the work in hand before switching on to another. It is okay to multitask, but not every time, as it could easily mess things up. This will lead up in the ill performance of all the scheduled tasks. Also, make it a trend to take break of 5 to 10 minutes, after finishing one work and before starting off with the other one. This gap will let you construct your concentration again and gear you up for the next task. Hence, your efforts will execute in the correct direction and the things will happen in time.

Above provided are a few guidelines, which if followed will facilitate you in administering your time in an efficient manner.