10 Tips to Avoid Distraction While Studying

It is always suggested to people, to take advantage of good circumstances. We should make good use of our favorable time and most of an opportunity while we hold a chance. It can be used as a supportive substitute. Hay should be gathered at the time of shining of the sun, as it will get ruined, if wet.

Likewise, it also applies to a student, during his study time. He should make good use of his time, as once it is gone his time would not come back. No matter how much we hear that marks don’t define you, but knowledge does, so study with all concentration to have defined knowledge of your field of study!

Distractions are momentary disturbances which can make you lose your concentration. Then again, it is up to you to succumb to them. Here, we bring you some tips which will help you concentrate on your studies without getting distracted!

Photo by CollegeDegrees360, CC BY-SA 2.0

1. A Good and Suitable Place for Studying

The foremost and most important thing which comes in mind when we talk about studies is the place of your study. You should choose a place in which you are comfortable to study and also are away from any kind of distractions. It may a library. But it is always not such, some people feel sleepy there. So, you can choose any other room or a quiet place where you can study with your full concentration.

2. Take All Your Required Materials and Then Start

Before you sit for study, always collect your needful materials at one place, so that you do not need to get up again and again in search of your belongings. These materials could be pen, highlighter, notes, book, register or any other thing. This will not break your concentration and you will be able to study in a proper manner.

3. Do Not Make Use of Your Mobile Phone

Always keep aside your mobile phone while studying. Try and keep it in silent mode, so that even if it rings it doesn’t distract you. Once, you complete your chapter or a part of it, and then feel free to take a break of 5 minutes and check your calls and inbox. If you feel that some of the calls require immediate response, give them another contact number for emergency, which may be of your mother.

4. Do Not Make Use of Internet

Try and avoid the usage of internet. If you have any such access, that will lead in distraction. Still if you feel some need of using it, resist your lure and note down the things which you have to search and then search them when you take a break.  This will help you in focusing on things more properly.

5. Ask the Members Around You to Give You Privacy

When you are studying ask your mom or other family members and friends not to disturb you. You should sit and study at the place with least noise. When you are not prone to any kind of disturbance, your focus towards things will be better and then you will get to study in a more efficient manner.

6. A Good Sleep Of 8 Hours Every Day

Always make it a habit of sleeping on time. For your brain to function in an effective manner, a good amount of sleep it very essential. If you are not sleeping properly at night, then it would make you feel lazy the whole day and then your concentration towards your studies won’t be proper.

7. Learn the Habit of Saying NO to People

When you are studying sincerely and someone calls you out for work or play, try and say ‘no’ to them. It should not matter how much hard this may be for you. You will have to learn to resist yourself from various things if you wish to achieve something in your life. Say ‘no’ to all the activities which hinder your schedule and work and gives you stress.

8. Develop A Schedule for Studying

While some are day persons, some are owls. You need to choose the time according to your comfort, that whether you will study during the day time or at night. Choose the time during which you are able to concentrate at your best level and are surrounded by minimal amount of distractions.

9. Intake A Proper Diet

The food you intake should be in a proper amount. Do not eat too much before you sit for study. This can upset your stomach and act as distraction for you. Try and eat healthy meals. Avoid junk food.

10. Take Short Breaks and Relax

When you study for around 1 hour, prefer taking shorts breaks and relaxing yourself. You can also chant mantra like Gayathri mantra during this time as it would help you in relaxing your mind. Then you will feel fresh again at the time you would go for study.

These are some small tips which if followed in a proper manner can reduce the sources of distractions around you and you will be able to concentrate in a more enhanced way. Developing a more effective concentration power will not only help you in your studies, but through the life time it will act as an asset.