10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down When Annoyed and Irritated

If you have to talk to a lot of people they would say that being annoyed and irritated is just normal and that it is a part and parcel of life. Annoyance and irritability are very normal emotions that prevail in mankind and in the animal world as well. These emotions help us to express our dislikes and disappointment. In a sense, they are necessary human emotions that help us to lead a balanced life and keep the world going.

As long as you are breathing you cannot do away with these emotions and can help healthy relationships going, as long as you can control these emotions. The problem begins when the emotions control you rather than you controlling the emotion. Then you know its time you start working on yourself or even looking for help outside. There are very simple self-help techniques that you can try to keep these negative emotions in control.

Photo by nastya_gepp, CC0 1.0

1. Use Music

The most common do it yourself remedy that is recommended for a lot of stress related issues is music. Music is an instant stress buster and the fact is that there is no human being that is untouched by it. If you are someone who blows a fuse very easily that keeps some of your favorite tracks ready.

2. Communication Is the Key

There are times when you simply can help getting annoyed. For example, in your work place you may have to work with team mates who may not be as responsible as required. This repeated behavior can cause irritation which can be a genuine reaction. But however, unleashing your emotions may not solve the problem you may have to resort creative as well as assertive ways to communicate your disappointment and disapproval. Being calm and assertive is the key to good communication when dealing with such situations.

Expressing your disapproval can be a great way to release your emotions. Take care that you don’t go in a tangent. Take time to consider what you want to say and your purpose behind what you say. Make positive statements. For example, if your child displays a behavior that is unapproved by you, then tell your child that you believe that he or she is capable of much better behavior. If you can closely observe, a lot of times positive communication can produce positive behavior. It takes a person of strength to master the art of communicating positively even when annoyed or irritated.

3. Shift Your Focus on Something That Brightens Up Your Spirit

Know your mood busters. There are so many things that can bring a smile on your face. Identify them. Choose ones the one that are practically applicable to your everyday life and engage yourself in it. Doing things that can make you happy can give you a calmer mind.

4. Ponder Over Your Purpose

You may have to come across people who irritate and annoy others for no reason. This can be very a difficult situation, especially when you have to encounter them on a regular basis. Facing such challenges requires wisdom as well as grit. One of the best ways to get over such challenges is to remind yourself of your purpose and working hard towards meeting them. When you focus yourself on building a constructive future then you realize that all the negative energy around you cannot impact you.

5. Talk to Your Ego

The reasons for irritation and annoyance can be many. Sometimes it could also be your ego. An individual with a big ego can flare anytime. If you find yourself falling prey to irritation and annoyance check out for your tolerance level and ego. They may require some makeover.

6. Drink A Glass of Water

This is probably the easiest thing to do. It gives you time to pause yourself before you react.

7. Crack A Joke

Handling your emotions with a dash of humor can lighten the tension that prevails at that particular point and brighten the spirit of those around you.

8. Be Practical

To put things plain, there is no sure shot solution that will keep you permanently insulated from getting annoyed or irritated. Accepting the fact that life will present you with situations that can blow your top can help you be on guard. Being able to guard your temper is a process. It is not something that you can change overnight. 

9. Empathize

Give the other person the benefit of out. You never know why someone said that nor did that until you get into the details.

10. Use Mini Cards

Carry mini cards with inspirational or religious quotes that can calm and strengthen your mind.

Given the fact that each individual is different, it takes time and effort to find a good agenda that enables you to manage your emotions.