20 Quotes On Happiness That Will Change Your Life 

Some words coming out from the mouth of an expert just dwell in your heart and you just can’t stop thinking about those golden words all day long. Great thinkers and philosophers have strolled their minds to solve the mystery of happiness. The sayings by these maestros enable to change the flow of thoughts and sparkle new rays of hope. Happiness is not a measurable entity that you can scale and distribute equally to everyone’s goodie bags, it is like the sand granules that slip out of hands in no time. Life gives you opportunities to show off your white pearly teeth, but to sustain that smile intact you have to break your back to achieve that. There are straight and some zigzag paths that lead to temporary or eternal felicity. What if I say that there are solutions to keep your happiness alive all the time, would you believe me? Well, if you don’t, then just go through these 20 quotes that will make you learn the key to happiness and will bring a drastic change in your life. Have a look at these life changing quotes:


Happiness Is When

  • Happiness is in peace
  • Happiness is in love
  • Happiness is when we look ourselves from within
  • Happiness is when we all are together

May All Beings Be Happy!