How to Bridge Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Science and spirituality are two different cuisines having absolutely dissimilar ingredients. Science ventures to interpret the factual facts rationally while spirituality is predominantly based on ingenious apprehension of popular philosophies. Here’s a world of difference between the two striking theorems.


  • Studies based on inquisitive thinking
  • Guided by argumentation and coherence
  • Evaluated by scientists & astronauts.


  • Studies based on extraterrestrial subsistence and karma
  • Guided by compunction and religion
  • Evaluated by priests and philosophers

Thus, scientific reasoning and spiritual beliefs bang against each other at every meandering turns of our uncertain life. What if we whisk the two vivid worlds and try to re-mediate the already fabricated aperture between the Science & Spirituality? What if we attempt to snap off the robust concrete wall between the two schools of thoughts and endeavor to mound a viaduct? Well, let us dive in!

Here’s our pick of instances where Science amalgamates with Spirituality like sugar delves in tea!

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1. Medical Science Meets Spirituality

At any given hospitals, the best team of doctors equipped with all the ultra-modern medical facilities undertakes to rehabilitate patients. Pallid diseases like cancers are being healed if detected at an early juncture. They also focus on holism and humanism accompanied by tenderness and benevolence. The immense power of love and care can cure hospitalized patients quicker than ever. The spiritual element in healthcare is a defining factor in the process of pacifying wounds. In this way, a new dialect in medicine and healthcare can conduit the divergence of science and spirituality.

2. Yoga, A Perfect Blend of Science and Spirituality

Yoga coordinates the biological anatomy and the spiritual soul all at once. Yoga was originally observed as mystic attempts based on delirium and apparition. But, in the recent past scientists have declared yoga to be utterly scientific and that it plays a paramount role in overall physical fitness. Scientists have also stated that the extraordinarily enrapturing spiritual introspection animates a metamorphosis in the brain and leads the yogis to persuade empyrean religious occurrence as palpably real. Thus, Yoga delves the two ends of spectrums into one common root.

3. Unearthing the Secrets of Our Universe

. Many theories have been put forward by the scientists along with the conduction of innumerable experiments. Honestly, the modules of the theories are principally based on hypothesis and that is where spirituality again comes into existence. Spirituality enables scientists to make speculations of superior trivia’s and the surveillance take place in domains that are sequestered to the quotidian senses. In a nutshell, science can take us far, but not that far because where science ends, spiritual beliefs take over with élan.

4. Allocation of A Knife

A knife is elementary tools or, ammunition that consists of a sharp-edged blade! The humans have been operating knife and knife-like tools since the dawn of civilization. It has both scientific and spiritual connotations. In medical field, doctors employ this tool as one of the indispensable equipment of operation while a murderer implements it   for homicide & terminating precious lives. Here, awakening of an individual’s spiritual mind plays a consequential & a pronounced role. The concerned scientific tool can be either deployed for welfare usages or, can be exploited to commit anti-social crimes. Thus, science and spirituality are mutually dependent on each other.

How Spirituality Helps to Build a System of Personal Beliefs

From the moment you are born, you are always feeling something whether good or bad, and so is every other person in this world. You can stop your conscious thoughts when you are sleeping, but you can never stop feeling, because to be alive is to feel life. You are an emotional and sensitive being to the inner most cores of you and you can’t call this creation of every part of your human body likewise for feeling life, an accident.

Your thoughts and words are powerless without your feelings, in your life, they are nothing without the feelings, and they are immobilized. Around 99% of the thoughts which cross your mind every day are the ones which you have been thinking since forever, only the thoughts which are new will elicit your feelings to stir . It is your feelings that matters the most.

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Everything in life is about how you feel. Every single decision made by you in your life, is the outcome of your feelings. Your emotions act as a motivating power in your life, be it relating to anything. Whatever you want in your life, you want it because you love it and because it will make you feel good.  Whatever you don’t want in your life, you don’t want it because you don’t love it and because it will make you feel bad.

Like everything else in life, your feelings can be either good or bad. You have positive or negative feelings. All sorts of good feelings are the outcome of love, whereas the reverse kind of feelings are when we are feeling or going through the phase of need of love or are searching for love.

Now, keeping these feelings as one factor, you develop certain beliefs in your life which come to be known as personal beliefs. These you develop giving due regard to your personal experiences or the consideration of those which are already the established facts. Every person living on this planet has a set of personal beliefs for himself. Our personal beliefs are also affected by how much spiritual we are. These beliefs may also include our ones those related to spirituality. One can have personal beliefs not only with respect to the religion or social life or culture; it also leaves its deep imprint on the mental and physical health of people.

But, does spirituality have any sort of effect on our personal beliefs? First of all, let us know what spirituality is? It is basically one’s belief in the divine power. Not only this, it can be understood in several other ways also. Being aware of the meaning of your life, developing your personal beliefs which you will inculcate in your life, finding inner peace, are all different means by which spirituality can be well understood.

If you are being spiritual, then it’s obvious that it will affect your whole life in one way or the other. This shows its impact even on the personal beliefs of the individual. There are various ways by which one comes to be known as spiritual. Meditation, prayer, yoga, love, care, support, faith, hope, forgiveness and many more are the elements which spirituality covers within its ambit.

Taking an example like a person personally belief that drinking is not a bad habit, at this point of time he was not a spiritual being. Now when he has started following and walking on the roads of spirituality, you will find that his feelings are changing slowly and gradually. He is trying and getting rid of all sorts of bad habits which the person has inculcated within himself. He now tries to modify himself; now he feels himself connected with the divine power above all on this universe. He tries to find internal peace and solace in whatever he has with himself. Now his capacity of making healthier choices will increases and he will be less bend toward the bad or the criminal activities. He will start finding joy in spreading happiness. His way of seeing things and life will totally differ. Hence, automatically his beliefs will also change gradually. He will also live a long and a happy life, as there will be no negative feelings inside him now.

Inculcating spiritual practices in your daily routine helps one think positive and reduce depression and stress from the day to day life. Hence his outlook towards life will change and so does his personal beliefs.

How Can You Attain Higher Level of Consciousness Through Spirituality

Man is superior to animal in that he is not only a rational being but also a spiritual being. He is capable of discriminating between good and evil. Conscience is indeed our inner voice, divine and transcendental. While conscience guides a man to do well, simultaneously it also deters him from doing evil and such a man is surely a coward. Unscrupulous persons have a tendency for acting regardless of what is moral or immoral. They may cheat, defraud or act dishonestly. They can easily override moral compulsions. This kind of boldness is undesirable part of character. Good persons are guided by the noble promptings of their soul. It is universally true that noble deeds are the expression of a noble mind and these deeds can never go wrong.

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Life is very simple, basically your life is a mixture of two types of things namely the good and the bad i.e. the positive and the negative things. Each arena of life, be it health, relationship, money or work either it is positive to you rather it is negative.

Consciousness works in three different stages in our life, when we are awake, when we are dreaming and when we are sleeping. When we are fast asleep then it is our sub conscious mind which works.

Attaining a level higher of consciousness helps you lead your life in a very peaceful manner. The higher level means that you are aware of the fact that you are but you don’t know who you are or where you are. When you have attained this kind of stage in your life, it means that you possess the consciousness of a greater level. You will feel that your life is fully complete and there is nothing that you will demand more than whatever you have in your hand.

On reaching this stage you will be stopped feeling disturbed by the small things that take place in your life. You will feel that these things do not matter to you. You just want to live your life in a beautiful way and no outer forces will have the daring to be able to deter you from doing the same. It is not very complicated to attain this stage in your life. The main thing which you will have to learn in life is that you will have to let go things. You should not be affected by the puny bad things that are taking place in your life in your daily routine or if they are not bad, they are not up to your expectations.

You can reach and realize this stage by indulging in various spiritual practices. Meditation or hypnosis can also help you achieve this state in your life, as these will help you in realizing your stress to a greater extent. The spiritual practices which are talked about include prayers, developing the art of self-control, inculcating in yourself the power of love, you can develop the power of sensing various things from before only, through various kinds of intuitions, or by being alone and imaging pure love all around you.

The foremost thing that you need to do is that you should never tolerate anything to be stronger than you or allow any other thought to be able to impose upon your thought. You will need to have control over your feelings, emotions, thoughts and several animal urges which a human being has while living his life. If you and the other person will have the same desires than what will the difference that will prevail between both of you. Once you have attained this state then despite of having nothing with you, you will feel that there is nothing which you don’t have and no one is richer than you in the terms of the thing you have. This higher level of your consciousness lies within you only, it is just that you need to become aware with this fact and bring the things out and let them happen in reality.

This state is not difficult to achieve. You will be able to live your life beautifully, once you have achieved this stage without any kind of worries. It’s not that people who have attained this stage have some kind special power inculcated within themselves. That special power also lies within you. It’s just that some kind of spark needs to be ignited within you, so that you become aware of the true you.

Be awake, know who you are, and be aware of the real meaning of your existence and live your life in a very peaceful manner and enjoy it to the full extent in a very different manner.

5 Advantages of Practicing Spirituality in Everyday Life

In today’s day and age, life is moving fast and the world is getting smaller at the touch of a button. As a result, you are expected to do more in lesser time. You often find yourself confused, dissatisfied and unhappy. The need for spirituality is now more than it has ever been before. Being spiritual is not simply being religious. Spirituality is about seeing life for what it is, it is about rising above the smaller things and seeing the big picture, it is about being able to establish a cause and effect relationship with regards to everything that goes on in your life. Practicing spirituality in your daily life can be life altering. You will find that the overall quality of your life has improved manifold.

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1. Peace

Happiness is your perception of a situation you are in, and so is unhappiness. No incident is negative or positive. Every failure takes you closer to success. Then how can anyone term failure to be negative or to be a source of sadness, when it is failure that has ultimately lead you towards success or happiness? Beyond happiness and sadness is peace, which is a state of acceptance of all that is good or bad, of all that makes you happy or unhappy. There will be certain situations in your life wherein it is impossible to be happy. But it is always possible to be at peace. Remember, spirituality does not dictate that there is no sadness. It only teaches you how to accept it, to not resist it and allow it to be. Spirituality enables you to be at peace with all the happenings in your life, which is above happiness or sadness.

2. Freedom to Be Yourself and Lead the Life You Want

Practicing spirituality helps you to be honest to yourself and allows you to accept yourself the way you are. Being aware of your dreams, ambitions and expectations makes it easier to realize them and increases satisfaction in life. People often find themselves to be unhappy about the way their lives have panned out and pretend to be the victim. They blame their misfortunes on life or on god. The truth is that you can always take your life in your own hands and get the results that you want. You are in charge of your peace of mind and no one else. Spirituality helps you realize that only you can decide what you make of what you have.

3. Acceptance of Your Problems and Freedom from Pain and Misery

The human mind constantly tends to focus on the problems. Most of these problems are self-created. In doing so you become your problems. Spirituality helps you to cut off from your problems and rise above them. It enables you to see the bigger picture and helps you to solve your problems without attaching yourself to them.

4. Living in The Moment and Appreciating the Little Things

The human mind has a compulsive need to live through the memories of the past and anticipation of the future. It is so preoccupied with what has happened and what is about to happen, that it is unable to appreciate the present, “the now”, that is the most precious thing in this entire universe. Spirituality brings you into the now, the state of being alive, and experiencing everything in that moment, in a state that is free from all your problems, thoughts and worries of the future and the past.

5. Being Kind and Sensitive to The People Around You

Spirituality is not only good for you, but also for the people around you. It makes you feel deeply for the underprivileged sections of the society or for anyone who is going through a rough time in life. It makes you a kinder person at heart and sensitizes you towards the needs and feelings of others. You begin to spread joy among the people around you, causing a ripple effect, and the world becomes a better place to live in.

Practicing Spirituality to Deal with Challenges of Everyday Life

Let’s break a myth before starting this particular topic. You don’t need to be affiliated with a religion or be religious to be spiritual. The essence of spirituality stems from faith and belief in something/someone bigger than you.

Spirituality is a way of life, a belief system to surpass any difficulties. The basic ideology behind it is to believe that everything happens for a reason, whether it is governed by a greater force or simply destiny. This helps in relieving oneself from the disappointments in life and take life as it comes, in a stride.

Does practicing spirituality aid in the quality of life, you may ask? Yes, it does. According to research, having faith in a ‘bigger force’ or the ‘divine’ impacts the quality of life in a positive manner.

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Helps You Establish a Connect

Spirituality helps you feel connected to your soul. Having faith and maintaining it, is not an easy task in the contemporary times. Spirituality takes a driver seat in these times to connect you to not just like-minded people but the voice from within, the same voice that is popularly known to be the voice of the divine. Many psychologists also agree that your subconscious has answers to a multitude of your problems. What you seek, your mind/soul has a way to find it.

Makes Letting Go Easier

Being a spiritual person also makes letting go of bad incidences or people a bit easier. Once you know that everything happens for a reason then you let go of your desires to control everything in life and believe that there’s a bigger force that drives you towards your destiny. You may have experienced this in your life as well. What may have seemed difficult earlier to let go off doesn’t affect you anymore or took you towards a path for a happier life.

Spirituality does not avert your mind to unrealistic expectations with life but pushes you towards a path of peace. Mental peace. The prerequisite to having a happier life, the prerequisite to letting go easily, the prerequisite to moving on from the adversities in life.

Teaches You the Significance of Present

If you feel lost, lonely or sad today, spirituality can change that for you. Feeling that mindfulness grows in you once you let life take its course in whichever way seems fit, makes life easier. Finding that mysterious force within you can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Once you begin to have faith, whatever happens to you will no longer be a mere incident but take on a deeper significance to building your life.

Makes Life Easier

Being spiritual doesn’t mean performing rituals every day. It is a simple act of connecting to yourself, through meditation or self-introspection. Life may not give an answer to every question that you may ask like ‘why did this happen to me?’ or ‘why did he/she do this to me?’ But what spirituality does is that it provides you the capability to understand that whatever happened to you in your life is a done deal! It can’t change so let it be. Let go and move on with your life.

Today, we are too busy being hard on ourselves or others for committing mistakes. What we forget is that we are humans. We can’t control every situation or be perfect! Spirituality holds the pillars of strength to endure and enlighten you to the deeper significance of everything that happens in life. It helps you understand that there’s more to life than what you may believe is right.

Have you ever sat under the stars and wondered?
Have you ever sat near the sea or the ocean?

Do you know why you feel a sudden calm from all the turmoil within you? It is your body’s indication that there’s something bigger than you, a force of redemption! An ordinary life can become extraordinary if you can transcend your soul towards the peace of spirituality.

Whatever pain you are facing right now, find a way to overcome it and live. Spirituality will help you grow out of these aristocracies and make you a strong and positive person ready to take on life. Dust off all your pain and rise above it. Nobody feels the growth of life without the pain. So, learn to endure this pain in the right way and let go at the appropriate time. Spirituality is the path that will lead you to enlightening growth of the soul.

Millions of people have believed and surpassed life with triumph. Whether it is Gandhi or Mother Teresa or your grandparents who believed, they overcame life with faith to push forward and grow with the divine. I have seen people fight bullying, the death of loved ones and all other kinds of problems in their life with faith.

Have faith. Everything is meant to fall in place, eventually.

10 Key Differences Between Science and Spirituality

Science and spirituality, the two polar ends of this world, collide at every front of life. For centuries, there has been a clash between the cosmic and scientific world. The universe is balanced on a scale that puts these two ends on the platter. Superstition, truth, fallacy, inventions and discoveries form the web that entangles the people of old and new generations. You may find people who call themselves spiritual and some who always stand against the astral beliefs, i.e. the scientific minds. In fact, many of the horror films have tried to hook upon this idea of conflict of thoughts where the priests/paranormal experts and the physicians/ psychiatrist are in opposition to one another. How the viewpoints of these two subjects differ distinctively is what sets them apart? Here are the 10 key differences that you can spot between these two highly mismatched worldly thinking schools:


Must Read – Mankind’s Relationship with Spirituality

You know what happens when you enunciate the word “Om” during meditation? It creates a link between the human soul and the Great Lord. When you have come to this mother earth, there are certain responsibilities as a human being that you need to perform in order to serve the righteous way of living. The human life is a vicious cycle that is to be fueled every now and then so that the ceaseless life journey continues with no torments and infernal outcomes. The virtues of a human character gauge the relationship of a person with the world out there that is waiting to eat up the humanity inside you. The terms philanthropy and misanthropy were coined because the lover and haters of mankind exist equally in this world and what you are supposed to do is work towards maintaining the least amount of generosity that is left on this land. Here are the 10 ways by which mankind bonds with spirituality: