Practicing Spirituality to Deal with Challenges of Everyday Life

Let’s break a myth before starting this particular topic. You don’t need to be affiliated with a religion or be religious to be spiritual. The essence of spirituality stems from faith and belief in something/someone bigger than you.

Spirituality is a way of life, a belief system to surpass any difficulties. The basic ideology behind it is to believe that everything happens for a reason, whether it is governed by a greater force or simply destiny. This helps in relieving oneself from the disappointments in life and take life as it comes, in a stride.

Does practicing spirituality aid in the quality of life, you may ask? Yes, it does. According to research, having faith in a ‘bigger force’ or the ‘divine’ impacts the quality of life in a positive manner.

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Helps You Establish a Connect

Spirituality helps you feel connected to your soul. Having faith and maintaining it, is not an easy task in the contemporary times. Spirituality takes a driver seat in these times to connect you to not just like-minded people but the voice from within, the same voice that is popularly known to be the voice of the divine. Many psychologists also agree that your subconscious has answers to a multitude of your problems. What you seek, your mind/soul has a way to find it.

Makes Letting Go Easier

Being a spiritual person also makes letting go of bad incidences or people a bit easier. Once you know that everything happens for a reason then you let go of your desires to control everything in life and believe that there’s a bigger force that drives you towards your destiny. You may have experienced this in your life as well. What may have seemed difficult earlier to let go off doesn’t affect you anymore or took you towards a path for a happier life.

Spirituality does not avert your mind to unrealistic expectations with life but pushes you towards a path of peace. Mental peace. The prerequisite to having a happier life, the prerequisite to letting go easily, the prerequisite to moving on from the adversities in life.

Teaches You the Significance of Present

If you feel lost, lonely or sad today, spirituality can change that for you. Feeling that mindfulness grows in you once you let life take its course in whichever way seems fit, makes life easier. Finding that mysterious force within you can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Once you begin to have faith, whatever happens to you will no longer be a mere incident but take on a deeper significance to building your life.

Makes Life Easier

Being spiritual doesn’t mean performing rituals every day. It is a simple act of connecting to yourself, through meditation or self-introspection. Life may not give an answer to every question that you may ask like ‘why did this happen to me?’ or ‘why did he/she do this to me?’ But what spirituality does is that it provides you the capability to understand that whatever happened to you in your life is a done deal! It can’t change so let it be. Let go and move on with your life.

Today, we are too busy being hard on ourselves or others for committing mistakes. What we forget is that we are humans. We can’t control every situation or be perfect! Spirituality holds the pillars of strength to endure and enlighten you to the deeper significance of everything that happens in life. It helps you understand that there’s more to life than what you may believe is right.

Have you ever sat under the stars and wondered?
Have you ever sat near the sea or the ocean?

Do you know why you feel a sudden calm from all the turmoil within you? It is your body’s indication that there’s something bigger than you, a force of redemption! An ordinary life can become extraordinary if you can transcend your soul towards the peace of spirituality.

Whatever pain you are facing right now, find a way to overcome it and live. Spirituality will help you grow out of these aristocracies and make you a strong and positive person ready to take on life. Dust off all your pain and rise above it. Nobody feels the growth of life without the pain. So, learn to endure this pain in the right way and let go at the appropriate time. Spirituality is the path that will lead you to enlightening growth of the soul.

Millions of people have believed and surpassed life with triumph. Whether it is Gandhi or Mother Teresa or your grandparents who believed, they overcame life with faith to push forward and grow with the divine. I have seen people fight bullying, the death of loved ones and all other kinds of problems in their life with faith.

Have faith. Everything is meant to fall in place, eventually.