How Spirituality Helps to Build a System of Personal Beliefs

From the moment you are born, you are always feeling something whether good or bad, and so is every other person in this world. You can stop your conscious thoughts when you are sleeping, but you can never stop feeling, because to be alive is to feel life. You are an emotional and sensitive being to the inner most cores of you and you can’t call this creation of every part of your human body likewise for feeling life, an accident.

Your thoughts and words are powerless without your feelings, in your life, they are nothing without the feelings, and they are immobilized. Around 99% of the thoughts which cross your mind every day are the ones which you have been thinking since forever, only the thoughts which are new will elicit your feelings to stir . It is your feelings that matters the most.

Photo by nandhukumar,  CC0 1.0


Everything in life is about how you feel. Every single decision made by you in your life, is the outcome of your feelings. Your emotions act as a motivating power in your life, be it relating to anything. Whatever you want in your life, you want it because you love it and because it will make you feel good.  Whatever you don’t want in your life, you don’t want it because you don’t love it and because it will make you feel bad.

Like everything else in life, your feelings can be either good or bad. You have positive or negative feelings. All sorts of good feelings are the outcome of love, whereas the reverse kind of feelings are when we are feeling or going through the phase of need of love or are searching for love.

Now, keeping these feelings as one factor, you develop certain beliefs in your life which come to be known as personal beliefs. These you develop giving due regard to your personal experiences or the consideration of those which are already the established facts. Every person living on this planet has a set of personal beliefs for himself. Our personal beliefs are also affected by how much spiritual we are. These beliefs may also include our ones those related to spirituality. One can have personal beliefs not only with respect to the religion or social life or culture; it also leaves its deep imprint on the mental and physical health of people.

But, does spirituality have any sort of effect on our personal beliefs? First of all, let us know what spirituality is? It is basically one’s belief in the divine power. Not only this, it can be understood in several other ways also. Being aware of the meaning of your life, developing your personal beliefs which you will inculcate in your life, finding inner peace, are all different means by which spirituality can be well understood.

If you are being spiritual, then it’s obvious that it will affect your whole life in one way or the other. This shows its impact even on the personal beliefs of the individual. There are various ways by which one comes to be known as spiritual. Meditation, prayer, yoga, love, care, support, faith, hope, forgiveness and many more are the elements which spirituality covers within its ambit.

Taking an example like a person personally belief that drinking is not a bad habit, at this point of time he was not a spiritual being. Now when he has started following and walking on the roads of spirituality, you will find that his feelings are changing slowly and gradually. He is trying and getting rid of all sorts of bad habits which the person has inculcated within himself. He now tries to modify himself; now he feels himself connected with the divine power above all on this universe. He tries to find internal peace and solace in whatever he has with himself. Now his capacity of making healthier choices will increases and he will be less bend toward the bad or the criminal activities. He will start finding joy in spreading happiness. His way of seeing things and life will totally differ. Hence, automatically his beliefs will also change gradually. He will also live a long and a happy life, as there will be no negative feelings inside him now.

Inculcating spiritual practices in your daily routine helps one think positive and reduce depression and stress from the day to day life. Hence his outlook towards life will change and so does his personal beliefs.