How to Bridge Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Science and spirituality are two different cuisines having absolutely dissimilar ingredients. Science ventures to interpret the factual facts rationally while spirituality is predominantly based on ingenious apprehension of popular philosophies. Here’s a world of difference between the two striking theorems.


  • Studies based on inquisitive thinking
  • Guided by argumentation and coherence
  • Evaluated by scientists & astronauts.


  • Studies based on extraterrestrial subsistence and karma
  • Guided by compunction and religion
  • Evaluated by priests and philosophers

Thus, scientific reasoning and spiritual beliefs bang against each other at every meandering turns of our uncertain life. What if we whisk the two vivid worlds and try to re-mediate the already fabricated aperture between the Science & Spirituality? What if we attempt to snap off the robust concrete wall between the two schools of thoughts and endeavor to mound a viaduct? Well, let us dive in!

Here’s our pick of instances where Science amalgamates with Spirituality like sugar delves in tea!

Photo by sciencefreak, CC0 1.0

1. Medical Science Meets Spirituality

At any given hospitals, the best team of doctors equipped with all the ultra-modern medical facilities undertakes to rehabilitate patients. Pallid diseases like cancers are being healed if detected at an early juncture. They also focus on holism and humanism accompanied by tenderness and benevolence. The immense power of love and care can cure hospitalized patients quicker than ever. The spiritual element in healthcare is a defining factor in the process of pacifying wounds. In this way, a new dialect in medicine and healthcare can conduit the divergence of science and spirituality.

2. Yoga, A Perfect Blend of Science and Spirituality

Yoga coordinates the biological anatomy and the spiritual soul all at once. Yoga was originally observed as mystic attempts based on delirium and apparition. But, in the recent past scientists have declared yoga to be utterly scientific and that it plays a paramount role in overall physical fitness. Scientists have also stated that the extraordinarily enrapturing spiritual introspection animates a metamorphosis in the brain and leads the yogis to persuade empyrean religious occurrence as palpably real. Thus, Yoga delves the two ends of spectrums into one common root.

3. Unearthing the Secrets of Our Universe

. Many theories have been put forward by the scientists along with the conduction of innumerable experiments. Honestly, the modules of the theories are principally based on hypothesis and that is where spirituality again comes into existence. Spirituality enables scientists to make speculations of superior trivia’s and the surveillance take place in domains that are sequestered to the quotidian senses. In a nutshell, science can take us far, but not that far because where science ends, spiritual beliefs take over with élan.

4. Allocation of A Knife

A knife is elementary tools or, ammunition that consists of a sharp-edged blade! The humans have been operating knife and knife-like tools since the dawn of civilization. It has both scientific and spiritual connotations. In medical field, doctors employ this tool as one of the indispensable equipment of operation while a murderer implements it   for homicide & terminating precious lives. Here, awakening of an individual’s spiritual mind plays a consequential & a pronounced role. The concerned scientific tool can be either deployed for welfare usages or, can be exploited to commit anti-social crimes. Thus, science and spirituality are mutually dependent on each other.