20 Skills A Person Needs, To Be Successful at Work

No matter what field you step into, there remains cutthroat competition everywhere. What should be done in such a case? While some are still trying to cope up with work pressure, how can you still hope to outshine among your peers? Here are some helpful tips to lead you to glory.

Photo by Calita Kabir, CC BY-SA 2.0

1. Cooperation with Colleagues

It is important to maintain good rapport with your colleagues at work, you may never know who becomes useful when. Moreover, winning the popular vote not only makes you respectable in the workplace but also makes your work area give off positive vibes.

2. Uniqueness in Work

Always consider what could make your projects and assignments stand out. What unique factor, could contribute in helping you earn that standing ovation that you have been longing for?  

3. Time Management

This is the most essential skill to work on. If you have acquired the ability to balance your work/social life you are bound to succeed in both.

4. Emotional Strength

It is important to have good emotional strength to deal with petty issues common in the workplace. Be it the boss that throws tantrums, or the colleague who didn’t work his part of the group project, emotional strength helps you keep your cool and avoid office politics.

5. Well Informed

You should be well informed about any topics related to your work. No one doubts a knowledgeable man with expertise in his area. 

6. Accommodative

Never fail to understand that being accommodating of everyone’s needs or shortcomings in the workplace helps you handle challenges way better.

7. Obedience

Listen to your boss, take constructive criticism, and always be ready to work on your mistakes. This way, you not only build good rapport with your boss but also become better at your work.

8. Punctuality

It is important to be on time, be it for a meeting, an assignment that you are asked to submit, or getting to work in the morning. This shows how enthusiastic and dedicated you are for your work, and you are bound to perform better.

9. Staying Ahead of Deadline

Go the extra mile and present that report a day before the deadline, but make sure that the work you present is of superior quality. This shows that you have the capability to stay ahead and with excellence.

10. Keep Your Desks Clean and Mind Clutter Free

Organizing your workplace helps you locate those important files on time. Moreover, it translates into clarity of mind, thus helping you work in peace.

11. Thinking Out of The Box

Be unorthodox and try to think of new ways to approach the problem. You are bound to be rewarded for your creativity.

12. Risk-Taking

Take a stand for what you think is right. Don’t hesitate to tell your boss, what may be a better way to handle a certain situation if you seem to have full faith in yourself. It is important to follow rules and regulations but it is equally important to be a risk taker at your workplace.

13. Mindfulness

Try to take away 15 minutes of your day to sit aside and meditate. Meditation gives you a clear perspective towards life, makes you level headed and mindful of whatever you are doing.

14. Hardworking

Work your best, and never leave space for complaints. To stand out you need to show why you are worthy of achieving what you do.

15. Rewarding Yourself for The Good

If you know you have worked hard on a certain project or a report, reward yourself by allowing yourself to enjoy with friends or taking a vacation. This way you can earn great balance in life.

16. Punishing Yourself for The Bad

You know you didn’t give your best in that client meeting, and you are sad about the same. What can be done? Try to cover it up by putting in some extra effort in the upcoming meeting to neutralize the last one. This way you can forgive yourself for not performing to the best of your capabilities that one time.

17. Integrity

It is not about the report that went wrong, it is about how well you rectify it. There is more pride in owning up to your mistakes than simply hiding them hastily.

18. Presentation

Be presentable and dress smartly, and have good etiquettes. Make sure you greet everyone ranging from the spot boy to your seniors.  Everyone appreciates a strong personality with a good moral standing.

19. Balance

Try to wake up early in the morning around 5 am if work start at 9, join those yoga classes that your neighbor told you about, or perhaps go to the nearby gym to build up your physique. Meet with friends and family occasionally because it is understanding the importance of balance to have a good mental stability and balance in life. This not only helps in eliminating stress but builds good base for success in the workplace.

20. Pomodoro Technique to Beat Procrastination

There may be times when your mind wanders off and you would just want to quit everything. In those cases, try this Pomodoro technique of concentration, work for half an hour continuously and then take a 5-minute break to check your phone, this is a guaranteed way to beat procrastination that helps you get your work on time.

So now that you have been through these essential tips to help you excel in your work, meditate and compose your excitement as you wait for your next promotion!

Five Reasons Why It Is Okay to Be Stubborn Sometimes

You are way too stubborn,” is what you may have listened to a zillion time. You might have mocked it away, explained it, or even ignored it often, but deep down your heart you know you don’t deserve to be constantly reminded of it this way.

‘Stubborn’ has always remained a word of the negative stream. Like many others out there, even you are unaware of how beautifully you are growing your wings and lightening up your future while inspiring others with your stubbornness.

Dear Stubborn, there are several reasons why it is okay to be stubborn sometimes and if you are still unaware of them, hold my hand and walk further to know:

Photo by Pixabay, CC0 1.0

1. Who Else Will Understand Your Dreams Better Than You?

There are loads of things which you desperately want and have even planned about it day and night burning midnight’s oil. Those are the things that move you or call you every now and then to an extent that you have even started breathing them. No one other than you can understand the struggle of explaining to others your plans and why they are so important to you. But, it is high time people, and you have to admit that people understand only through their level of perception. So, you better do what your heart says. If they call you Stubborn, they are not wrong. That’s okay.

2. You Need to Be Your Own Person, Right?

Hey, Stubborn?  You deserve yourself. You know? You love yourself and do whatever it takes to face the obstacles in your way. It’s okay to be your own person and not blindly follow the crowd. You know what you want and what makes you happy. Knowing yourself completely is a difficult task at which most of the crowd fail. Most of the population around you is still confused about what they’re doing with their lives and what they ultimately want. You are different. You don’t give up like others and fight till the end to get your things done straight. You are allowed to be stubborn and that’s okay.

3. You Don’t Need a Challenge. You Own the Challenge, Don’t You?

It’s okay to be stubborn because by being so, you constantly challenge your own self, own calibre and achievements. You don’t need extrinsic motivation.  You are your own lit up source of motivation. The word ‘Impossible’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary. While others will be depressed and afraid of stepping forward, you are unstoppable because you know how risking a few things and working hard for your wishes is worth it. You never quit and that’s what make you come out as a Stubborn. Yes. That’s okay. You are stubborn, and we love you.

4. Can Anyone Drag You Down? No. No. No.

You have certain values and ethics built up through your past experiences, teachings, and reasons. Come what may, you will always stand by them. You value them. Others can get distracted and adjust or compromise at times for fewer privileges and temporary recognition but you won’t. That’s what makes you look rude to the world sometimes, but you are not. You are stubborn. That’s okay.

5. Has Anyone Told You This? You Are the Inspiration!

I know this society has never really made you feel anything other than ashamed of being so stubborn. But, trust me; you inspire others in every way even though none, including you, accept it. People remember you for your ‘You may get hit, but never quit’ attitude. They wish they could be or act like you. They wish they have the same determination, decisiveness as you. You motivate everyone around. I am not saying these things to make you feel better but to make you realize how your presence is important in others’ lives. Do you still feel bad about being stubborn? If yes, that’s okay.

Dear Stubborn, you’re not unrealistic or naive. Your stubbornness is a part of who you are. You need to acknowledge the worth of it instead of worrying about what others say (That’s what you always do. ;)). Your calling is worth every chance taken. Your heart matters. The things that inspire you are worth chasing regardless of what society think of it. Your dreams are not for everyone. They are for you. Who else will take care of them if not you?

Life can keep your call on hold, but you are going to get the right answer 

I know about your depths, darkness, fears, and efforts you are taking. And, guess what? That’s okay because all of this compilation is making you stronger, more beautiful and a better version of yourself. You are stubborn.

Reasons for Lack of Self-Esteem in Some People

Do you feel that somebody is mocking you? Do you think that your stammering problem is a piece of embarrassment for you in public? Do you think people only notice your face without make-up and laugh at you? Do you hide yourself behind the bars because you feel that you are not good as gold? Do you ever give a thought about raising your self-worth? Pointing yourself out for everything and misleading yourself by stabbing yourself with the low confidence dagger is what you will continue to do till the end, if you don’t develop self-esteem. Just answer me if someone scolds you for something that you have not done, then will you stand like a statue and nod or you will respond wisely? Have you come across this phrase when you face such situation, and your friends say “Dude, why didn’t you strike back? Don’t you have a little bit of self-respect left in you?” How do you feel then? So, if you are also one such coward and you are unable to figure out what fuels the advancement of such low esteem in you, here are 5 major reasons that will clarify your doubts:


Does Self-Esteem Really Matter to Become a Better Person?

Have you have given a thought to the questions like what are you? Why have you come for on this planet? What is the motive that inspires you to live? What is the ultimate destination of your life? Have you thought in which direction is the river of your life flowing? What is it that you yearn for? Do you feel that the reason you took birth cannot be fulfilled because you are not dexterous enough to reach it? Have you been through a situation where you stop valuing yourself because the circumstances around you compelled you to believe so? Why do you never stop blaming yourself for the things that are not in your control? You know why I am pouring so many questions on your head altogether? The answer is that every day you come across miserable life situations which make you doubt your potentiality and as a result you develop low-esteem. But you must realize that you can only be a respectful fellow in your own eyes when you build self- admiration for yourself. Here are 5 reasons that tell you that self-esteem makes you a better person in life: