5 Tips to Work on One’s Inferiority Complex for A Better Life

They say that with the right mindset, no achievement is too big to consider. Well, that is very true. And the only unfortunate part of it is, the reverse is true as well, that with your own mind working against you, every task you accomplish seems petty. Inferiority complex is no less than a dire disease which can ruin your life forever. An inherent inferiority complex refers to one which makes you think all of your peers surrounding you are in some way better than you, and you will never be good enough for a particular thing. This can have various underlying reasons, most of which are not your fault and therefore are all the more painful. But fear not! That is the sole reason we here have compiled a list for you guiding how you can fight this creeping complex and have the better life you deserve to!

Photo by jim Jackson, CC0 1.0

1. Positive Self Talk

We’re here to realise the power of self, how much we can do to help every situation, beyond our belief. So unsurprisingly, our list starts with what we can do to help our inferiority complex. We can talk, talk, talk ourselves out of it, we can talk ourselves good into feeling better, we can emerge successful and happy at the end. Positive self talk can start from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, telling ourselves how we did well at work, how we saved a relationship, how we have amazing dressing sense…the list can go on and on. And by the end of a period, we will definitely find we have helped our situation a bit. So, the next time you are feeling down in the dumps, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you all to keep talking well to yourself.

2. Quitting Comparing

Comparison mostly happens without seeing the whole picture, and at a glance, everyone can seem either worse or better than you. It is misleading, and it can be dangerous to hinge your peace of mind on facets of other peoples’ existences. We just saw in the previous point, how our self can provide answers to everything – so why drag anyone else into this? Peace!

3. Praying

God has everything under control. He can provide all the answers if you ask him earnestly enough. He can show you why one person was created one way and another person differently. He can show you why you look, work, think the way you do, why somebody else does it differently, how they weren’t made to be compared in the and how the two are neither better nor worse compared to each other, and first place. Praying to God can take you right away from your inferiority complex, and fast. It is highly recommended that all of you do it for the best results.

4. Taking up a new hobby

You know how you can show yourself you are better than the thing you thought you weren’t good enough to get? By proving how you are unexpectedly good at some other stuff! Go ahead, go bungee jumping, or take violin lessons. Who knows, this time of life may actually emerge to be one of the brightest patches for you!

5. Writing

Writing is a measure that has been used throughout history for self betterment. And nowadays, writing is so much easier – with offline journals and online blogs, feedback is also always at hand. You can discover your own thought processes through it, and figure out where exactly you went wrong, so you can correct it the next time round. And there’s no saying that you won’t create great literature in the process!

Feeling inferior to a part of your life is a very damaging thing to feel, and there can be consequences which increase that feeling and make life harder. Some sure-fire ways are getting otherwise engaged and communicating your thoughts to feel better. If they don’t work, seeking out professional help is always the right way to go. Remember, close ones are and will always be there for you. Don’t hesitate to seek help and be happy!