Does Self-Esteem Really Matter to Become a Better Person?

Have you have given a thought to the questions like what are you? Why have you come for on this planet? What is the motive that inspires you to live? What is the ultimate destination of your life? Have you thought in which direction is the river of your life flowing? What is it that you yearn for? Do you feel that the reason you took birth cannot be fulfilled because you are not dexterous enough to reach it? Have you been through a situation where you stop valuing yourself because the circumstances around you compelled you to believe so? Why do you never stop blaming yourself for the things that are not in your control? You know why I am pouring so many questions on your head altogether? The answer is that every day you come across miserable life situations which make you doubt your potentiality and as a result you develop low-esteem. But you must realize that you can only be a respectful fellow in your own eyes when you build self- admiration for yourself. Here are 5 reasons that tell you that self-esteem makes you a better person in life:


Photo by Milada Vigerova, CC0 1.0

1. Cultivates Confidence in You to Present Yourself with Panache

Self-esteem is the key to becoming a perfect person that everyone adores. When people find flaws within themselves, they tend to get astray in searching for the mistakes that they have done. Sometimes in counting the errors, people forget to live the life that awaits. It is definitely a good sign of progress when a person has a keen eye on the blunders that he/she makes, but one should not always blame oneself for all the wrong doings. It is so because self-contempt is one cause of low esteem and it often makes a person habitual of just being faulty. So, show a little trust on yourself instead of finding errors in yourself. Always keep in mind that there is no one like you in the world and you should be grateful to God for giving you a vibrant personality that no one else has.

2. It Gives Standing in The Society

Self-respect cements the relationship of a person with him/herself and with the society as well. The verve that self-esteem instills in you is unmatchable. You are a member of a community where people live together with coherence and coordination. People acknowledge one another’s position in society and thus, pay due respect. Dignity is held up high with the individuals’ efforts as the individual takes care of the self-image management. The more you indulge in sculpting your better side, the more confident you will become. Valuing yourself is the only way you can create space for yourself for the people to remember.

3. The Cynical Thought Gets Eroded

Such thinking pattern arises in mind only when a person sees the world with a binocular vision and consider everyone else to be selfish. People with shallow thinking are the ones who develop lack of self-confidence because they peep through the stained lens that forms a fabricated opinion about oneself and others. So, self-esteem needs to be germinated in such people as it helps them come out of this myth that they are worthless. The moment you begin erasing negative thoughts from your mind, you become a responsible human being.

 4. You Understand the Worth of Others

Once a person gains self-respect, he/she starts to look into this world with an erect perspective. It means that evaluating the goodness in oneself help the person to feel delighted with one’s own life and position. If you don’t display dignity to yourself, then how can you expect to see others with the same curtsy? If you stop making comparisons with others and stop humiliating yourself by repeatedly saying that you can’t do anything as good as your friend does it and that’s why you lag behind every time? So, turn a deaf ear to all the demeaning factors and consider yourself equal as others and don’t forget to address others with warmth.

 5. You Become a Person Who Accepts Coexistence

When you understand the significance of being part of the group, i.e. you accept the in-habitation of the other people in the community, you become mature enough to behave accordingly. Such people know that lack of self-esteem acts as restraint while conversing with others. When you firmly believe that you can stand in front of others with sangfroid, you can get the brownie points in any field. Man is called a social animal and thus, to prove his/her place in the society, he/she has to take challenges. Challenges cannot be won without willpower and self-confidence, so one has to be assured that his/her esteem would not be wavered by anything. Self-appreciation is one method to boost your self-esteem and boasting is another tactic used by people with high esteem. So, don’t opt for the latter.

To be a better person, it is firstly important to dig deep inside to scrutinize the refined person that is latent in you and is dying to come out. Every person has an angel that is longing for the wings to be freed and extended, so don’t let that angel be withered under the shadow of the merciless world. You must feel proud of who and what you are and accept your personality, no matter what. Just don’t crib about being unlucky or incompetent, focus on pulling up your socks and do the needful. A person who is revered by all is the one who finds respect within him/herself. You have to rise your benchmark and be a man of great repute. Everybody has got a dark side and you are no different, so layer up that side of yours with the goodness that you have, then see how well you present yourself in front of others. You should be satisfied with your thought and personality and start your own label.  Let others be jealous because of you and your confidence slaughter others’ arrogance.

Self-esteem is not a human trait, but a necessity.