5 Healthy Alternatives To Morning Tea

Fruit Smoothies

Are you one of those people who love their ‘me-time’ in the morning with a hot cup of refreshing tea but want to replace the beverage with a healthier option? Well, you are not alone! This quest for health is springing up commonly as most people want to switch to a healthier lifestyle nowadays and starting their day with a tasty health drink is becoming a priority. So, here are 5 such delicious and healthy alternatives that will leave you as addicted as you are to your morning cup of tea presently: (more…)

5 Foods To Avoid While At Work

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Working in a busy office often leaves us with very less or often no time to think about healthy food habits. One tends to be careless about eating the right kind of food, ending up in gorging unhealthy snacks and beverages. It is very essential to know about certain hidden facts that make common office foods unhealthy to consume. If you want to keep yourself healthy and fit in the long run, it is better to avoid these 5 foods during work: (more…)

6 Simple Workouts To Reduce Wrist Pain at Work

Wrist Pain

Have you been suffering from wrist pain at work? Painful wrists produce a lot of discomfort during work. This is especially true if your job profile requires continuous working on the computer. Even otherwise, simple work in the office like holding a file, writing or clearing your desk can become an uphill task with painful wrists. Chronic wrist pain can lead to swelling and limited mobility in the hands. If you do the right kind of exercise, it helps to maintain pain free and mobile joints. Here are 6 ways in which you can exercise your wrists to reduce wrist pain at work: (more…)

7 Office Workouts To Reduce Muscle Pain

Office Workout

If you are a regular office employee and your job calls for long hours in the sitting posture, you must have experienced or are prone to sore muscles. According to latest research, improper posture during sitting is one of the major causative factors of back pain during routine working hours at office. Simple steps in the form of some basic workouts can prevent or reduce muscle pains in your body. The basic principles on which these workouts are performed, concentrate on strengthening of the over – stretched muscles and stretching the tight muscles. Here are 7 office workouts that will definitely help you in reducing muscular pains: (more…)