Must Read – Mankind’s Relationship with Spirituality

You know what happens when you enunciate the word “Om” during meditation? It creates a link between the human soul and the Great Lord. When you have come to this mother earth, there are certain responsibilities as a human being that you need to perform in order to serve the righteous way of living. The human life is a vicious cycle that is to be fueled every now and then so that the ceaseless life journey continues with no torments and infernal outcomes. The virtues of a human character gauge the relationship of a person with the world out there that is waiting to eat up the humanity inside you. The terms philanthropy and misanthropy were coined because the lover and haters of mankind exist equally in this world and what you are supposed to do is work towards maintaining the least amount of generosity that is left on this land. Here are the 10 ways by which mankind bonds with spirituality:

Spirituality And Mankind

Photo by maxlkt, CC0 1.0

1. Instilling Humanity in Oneself and Others

Humanity is the one rarest entity that is found on this planet nowadays. The crime related news seems like circadian programs for all of us as unethical practices are increasing day by day. The diabolism is inflicted upon the lives of the innocent people due to the occurrence of such immoral activities. So, to build a staircase that leads the way to spirituality, you have to let the little amount of humanity left in you alive. Therefore, you have to let kindness shower from your acts and follow the path of truthfulness.

2. Pure Devotion to The Almighty

The spiritual land is the home of the all-powerful Lord and thus, all individuals must reach that home by pure piety towards the deities. I mean to say that you should have no pleasure driven demands to worship God nor should you always sit in the temple to pray, the only necessity for you is to have belief in God and have no selfish motives whenever you venerate the Almighty. Nobody is asking you to fast whole day or make a mannat (wish) as we say in Hindi, just be a man of good intentions. That’s it.

3. Do Not Play with Nature

There is a term you must have come across – “Spiritual naturalism” – which means the relation of nature with the mankind. Nature gives you back as much as you embrace it with warmth. Don’t even try mess with the natural world because the results would be devastating. Nature presents resources to you and you have to look after them. If you try to deceive nature and misbehave with it, then you will have to pay the price. I am saying that if you hurt nature in any way, then nature will be infuriated and retaliate in a vigorous manner.

4. Religion Is the Bond Between the Supreme Being and Mankind

Religion is the thread that connects mankind with the Divinity. So, you should be religious in nature, and bring harmony to the world. Religion is the propagation of beliefs and practices, you must conglomerate all the religion and pay equal respect to all so that the global peace can be conquered in the world. Don’t indulge in any blasphemous activities that can trouble your relationship with the heavenly world. All the religious convictions preach helpfulness, unity, and kindness, and no religion teaches you to be disrespectful to anyone. So, to be closer to the Creator, the best way would be to adhere to morality and let your douths decide your spirituality level.

5. Healing The Pain of Others

Empathy is one characteristic that every individual should inculcate to extract pain of others and to be on the toes for charity. Spiritual healing is one treatment type that enables a person to be recovered from fatal ailments as well. If you take the grief of others, then you will become the savior in their eyes and receive dozens of blessings which will lighten up your soul. Spirituality is not about worshipping only, it is about finding out the humane sentiments left on the earth and how the human souls travel through the routes of love and affection?

6. Spirituality Flourishes with Self-Discovery

How do you associate yourself with a religious community? How do you connect with the spiritual world? Do you believe in The Other Side and the existence of ghosts and spirits? All of these questions are the indication of the fact that you are a spiritual believer and your mind functions in that manner. So, when you introspect yourself and understand your significance in this world, your navel-gazing process would pacify your heart with mysticism.

7. The Connection Between the Two Lets You Control Your Senses

When you have a positive relation with transcendence, then you possess the capabilities to control your senses efficiently. What I mean to say is that when a person meditates, all the sensory organs are exercised and thus, the person cultivates some extraordinary powers. Have you seen in movies that some people have special psychic powers like paranormal experts who are called up in every other horror movie in Hollywood? I don’t intend to say that all spiritual souls are born with such mystical powers, but at least spirituality gives you different strengths like self-control, self-contentment, etc. So, the connection between you and spirituality has to be unwavering.

8. Reincarnation Is Another Step into A Mankind’s Beliefs

Karma is the foundation of all creations and if you want to walk ahead in the race of winning the hearts for the needy, then you must cleanse your soul by doing good deeds. Reincarnation is the subject of study in cosmology and the formation of the new self of a person is decided depending upon the previous happenings in the person’s past life. So, live your current to the fullest, as you never know where you end in the next incarnated version of yours.

9. A Moral of Code of Conduct to Maintain a Decorum

There are certain rules that you have to follow to maintain the standards of spirituality. It is enough for an individual to be living a life with honesty and modesty. By the code of conduct, it is meant that you should heed to all the religions, not be offensive to anyone and know the difference between right and wrong. You must mature with the growth of the knowledge of spirituality in your life.

10. The Relationship Is Strengthened by The Insight into The Truth of Life

Once a human being attains fulfillment in life, he/she becomes true to him/herself. The spirituality flowering in the human beings is hindered by the vice thoughts that are instigated in people’s mind by some wicked people around. When such negative impressions enter your mind, you forget to scratch out the real modest person in you. Spirituality can be awakened only when you become true to yourself and to your endeavors in life.

Spirituality is not a chapter of a book that can be crammed in one day. It is a long tale that is retold by people in different forms like ballads, enactment, drama, etc. from one generation to the other. The breach to the world of spirits can only be collapsed by a healthy relationship with the non-materialistic world. All the worldly pleasures are just alluring baits to deviate the mankind from the path of courteousness and thus, mankind gets captured in the circle of greediness. It does not mean that one has to live an ascetic lifestyle, but one should live a simple life and abstain from the disturbance caused by materialistic desires.