7 Office Workouts To Reduce Muscle Pain

Office Workout

If you are a regular office employee and your job calls for long hours in the sitting posture, you must have experienced or are prone to sore muscles. According to latest research, improper posture during sitting is one of the major causative factors of back pain during routine working hours … Read more

5 Ways How Yoga Can Gain Mental Stability


Yoga is transformational. It has its origins in the history of ancient India, but its methods and purposes are now universal. Yoga has become an important part of contemporary life. Generally Yoga practice is perceived as a way of improving health and fitness of the body, but it is also … Read more

How Can Meditation Overcome Anxiety


Do you find yourself grappling with mental stress or anxiety attacks? Do negative thoughts occupy your mind most of the time? Do you feel helpless and miserable about this? If yes, then be certain that you are not the only one facing such a situation. Actually, our modern ways of … Read more

How To Enhance Your Sense Of Humor


All of us possess a sense of humor but with varying degrees. A humorous person enjoys many benefits such as popularity, good health, and high-level of confidence. If you want to make your life worthy, you will need a good comic sense. Fortunately, you can improve your comic ability just … Read more

6 Reasons Why Following Your Passion Is A Must

Happy Life

Did you ever have that crazy dream when you were a child? The one where you would become a famous rock star, sports player or maybe even backpack across the world? Everything seemed possible when we were young. The sky was the limit to our hopes, dreams and fantasies. But … Read more

7 Useful Tips To Avoid The Monday Blues


No one likes Mondays. But since Monday is never going to disappear, why not make the most of it and make your grueling post weekend blues a happier one. I have put together a list of 7 sure fire ways to kick start your miserable Monday and avoid the downright … Read more

7 Tips On How To Take Criticism In A Positive Manner


How you deal with criticism can have a knock-on effect on your life. More than often, criticism causes anger and aggression and it can lower self-esteem of a person if taken negatively. But it is honesty, take it positively. Learn to resolve inner conflicts by accepting the facts about yourself. … Read more

How To Feel More Fresh At Work


Spending each day at work demands a high level of alertness and concentration. Whatever be the job profile, working efficiently asks for a great deal of energy to maintain productivity. If you feel dog-tired at work easily and get fatigued even before afternoon, here are some inevitable tips that will … Read more

How To Avoid Irregular Eating Habits When Sad

Junk Food

A person who has emotional problems and displays irregular eating habits is said to suffer from an eating disorder. Such a person either experiences a loss of appetite or indulges in overeating. It’s a well-known fact that feelings of sadness can strike anyone at any age, regardless of his or … Read more

5 Ways To Help A Friend Overcome Depression


Worried for your friend’s behaviour lately who is not the usual chirpy happy person as before? There might be a chance that your friend is suffering from depression. Though this disorder does not seem to be very devastating from the outside, internally it can inflict a lot of pain. Thus, … Read more