5 Practices to Develop Innovative Thinking

“The true sign of intelligence is imagination.” -Albert Einstein Innovation is a part and parcel of our quotidian life and it is credited to be a herculean weapon. Some people are born with a naturally creative mind while others need to build it with a toiling rehearsal. The creative thinkers … Read more

5 Amazing Mantras to Love One’s Self

The fact is that any human being born into this world under normal circumstance is born with self-love. At the core of our very existence is self-love. Self-love is not conceit. It is rather a healthy attitude towards oneself and towards life per se.   Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0 … Read more

8 Ways to Boot Self Esteem in Your Kids

Why is self esteem so very important? Why is it even more important as parents to help your child build a healthy self esteem? These are questions that we need to answer ourselves. Self esteem is a set of thoughts, feelings and opinions we have formed about ourselves. In simple … Read more

How to Bridge Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Science and spirituality are two different cuisines having absolutely dissimilar ingredients. Science ventures to interpret the factual facts rationally while spirituality is predominantly based on ingenious apprehension of popular philosophies. Here’s a world of difference between the two striking theorems. Science Studies based on inquisitive thinking Guided by argumentation and … Read more

Know How to Measure Success in Life

Now when coming to the rate of success or how we measure success, then its concept differs from person to person. People, there is no set formula or a tried and tested by which the rate of success can be determined, like today I have achieved my goal so I … Read more