8 Most Stressful Things in A Teenager’s Life

Adolescence is one of the most tumultuous times in everyone’s lives. In addition to all the difficult hormonal changes, there is the constant societal pressure to act like an adult while still being treated like a child. The cherry on top is having to decide on a career and being … Read more

10 Key Differences Between Science and Spirituality

Science and spirituality, the two polar ends of this world, collide at every front of life. For centuries, there has been a clash between the cosmic and scientific world. The universe is balanced on a scale that puts these two ends on the platter. Superstition, truth, fallacy, inventions and discoveries … Read more

Reasons for Lack of Self-Esteem in Some People

Do you feel that somebody is mocking you? Do you think that your stammering problem is a piece of embarrassment for you in public? Do you think people only notice your face without make-up and laugh at you? Do you hide yourself behind the bars because you feel that you … Read more