5 Reasons Why Minimalists Lead a Happier Life

Intentionally trying to live with only things you need is called minimalism. Over here, the word intentionally is the most important. Sometimes, leading a simple life can be much more satisfying than always chasing behind the word “more”. Here are some reasons why minimalists lead happier lives. Photo by Stocksnap, … Read more

6 Non-Verbal Techniques to Influence Others

“Actions speak louder than words” is a phrase we have heard more than just once. Over the years, there are many things which people have told us over and over. We know the theory but don’t know how to execute it practically.  We all want to influence people, to be … Read more

3 Ways to Take Over Mind Using NLP Hypnosis

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s. They claim that neurological processes (neuro) and language skills (linguistic) are closely related and when one learns to control this (programming), they can be changed to achieve certain goals in life. Experience which … Read more

3 Ways How Colors Have an Impact on Memory

Colors stimulate the brain. It enables the brain to learn easier and faster. Colors have a great impact on memory and using the right kind of colors can have a positive impact on an individual.  There is a lot of interesting information that has been arising out of a number … Read more

5 Ways How Positive Thinking Gives Your Health a Boost

The growing number of studies and their evidences show how important positive thinking is. While stress is the insidious product of modern day living. Today more than ever, the attitude of being positive has become a quintessential prerequisite for healthy living. The human body responds to thoughts, be it negative … Read more

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Self Confidence

‘Where are you in your life now?’ is a question of the past. Nowadays, you are judged by your ambition to get ahead in life. ‘Where do you see yourself five years down the line?’ is the question any interviewer will entertain you with. And it is where the world … Read more

8 Interesting Ways to Improve Your Social Skills

Okay. Before the preaching begins. What are social skills? Why do we need them and why are they important? According to the Oxford Dictionary, social skills are the essential skills required for successful social interaction. Society is what shapes who we are, most of the time. A person who has … Read more

7 Mind Development Ideas for Children

The growing years are extremely important in shaping the child’s emotional, mental and intellectual capabilities. However, no two children are the same. This makes it essential for parents and those in involved in molding children to understand and develop ideas that would help in building their minds. Photo by Pixabay, … Read more