7 Funny Wedding Traditions Around The World


Wedding is a legalized and socially-acknowledged conjugal partnership between the spouses. Generally, the couple exchange wedding vows in presence of an authority figure, who then publicly pronounces them as married at the end of wedding rituals. The world is, however, divided into many countries, religions, cultures, and ethnic groups. So … Read more

5 Foods To Avoid While At Work

Baked Birthday

Working in a busy office often leaves us with very less or often no time to think about healthy food habits. One tends to be careless about eating the right kind of food, ending up in gorging unhealthy snacks and beverages. It is very essential to know about certain hidden … Read more

6 Interesting Facts About Laughter


Laughter is the only universal language that is recognized by all and you don’t even need to learn it to communicate with others. This fascinating means of communication has intrigued scientists and general folks for ages. Many scientific studies have been carried out to understand why, when, and how we … Read more

5 Yoga Exercises For Children

Yoga Tree Pose

Yoga is an effective alternative to aerobic exercises, work-outs, and other new-age physical fitness regime. There are various yoga ‘asanas’ (poses) which benefits us physically as well as mentally. Yoga was, earlier, practiced mainly by grownups. However, the latest scientific studies have indicated that yoga also benefits children who practice … Read more

5 Funny Wedding Customs In India!

Tamil Brahmin Weddings

The fat Indian wedding is one unique celebration that every person must experience at least once in his or her life. India is a country with diverse culture and this diversity is reflected in the wedding customs practiced in various parts of the country too. In some parts of the … Read more

5 Ways To Avoid Stress While Driving In Heavy Traffic

Listening Music

Traffic stress can be very frustrating as one is stuck within the vehicle like a captive. Sitting behind the wheels and waiting for the traffic to move on can be extremely boring and emotionally stressful. Stuck in a traffic jam might mean getting late to work, missing an important meeting, … Read more

6 Simple Workouts To Reduce Wrist Pain at Work

Wrist Pain

Have you been suffering from wrist pain at work? Painful wrists produce a lot of discomfort during work. This is especially true if your job profile requires continuous working on the computer. Even otherwise, simple work in the office like holding a file, writing or clearing your desk can become … Read more