10 Tips To Get Over Depression To Live Wild And Free

Stay Calm

If you are feeling low, sad, and guilty while being tired with a low self esteem, you might be suffering from depression. This problem is like a deep well from where it might seem impossible to climb out. Each time you try, you fall down. But, the scenario can be reversed with proper guidance and timely treatment. Here are 10 tips that are practical and easy to apply to help you fight depression. These will definitely guide you to come out of it and live wild and free.

1. Stay Calm

Stay Calm

Photo by thebarrowboy, CC BY 2.0

 When depression is setting in, it makes the mind anxious and restless. Simple things appear to be complex and petty issues seem impossible to solve. Such feelings tend to make us hyper-reactive and we come to immature negative conclusions about our state of mind. Staying calm and trying to control anxiety should be the first priority to setback such negativity.

2. Seek For Help

Helping Hand

 Photo by Marco Giumelli, CC BY 2.0

If you have been a self-dependent person throughout your lifetime, it might be difficult to go out and ask for help for yourself. But depression has to be dealt with, and near and dear ones can prove to be really helpful. They can lend you a patient ear to listen to your woes. A good friend, mentor, sibling, parent or colleague – it could be anyone. Search for a good helping person who is compassionate and empathetic to your emotions.

3. Take Control Of Your Life

Control Button

Photo by Faramarz Hashemi, CC BY 2.0

Take your own decisions and abide by them. Believe in yourself, you are the same person who used to kick start life with full confidence each day. Try to decide what to do, whom to befriend and how to move on. Every decision might not be correct but it will teach you how to make a wiser choice.

4. Eat Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Photo by Anastasia R, CC BY-ND 2.0

Green leafy vegetables, omega-3 rich fish, fresh fruits and juices, green tea with antioxidants, lots of fluids and a fibre-rich diet has been shown to be quite helpful in fighting depression. Loneliness tends to increase our indulgence and we might be binging on unhealthy junk stuff. Try to pull away from such tempting food which eventually takes us to deeper lows.

5. Opt For Medical Help


Photo by Amy Wilbanks, CC BY-ND 2.0

Statistics have been persistently showing the increase in percentage of mental health problems worldwide. Over 60% of depression victims do not or are unable to reach out for medical help worldwide, owing to various reasons. But, Psychotherapy and medicines have an all-important role in this combat with the disease. It is as important as visiting a Doctor if you are down with a flu. So, do not hesitate to seek for a specialized medical person who will help you in finding out medical solutions to depression.

6. Meditation And Yoga


Photo by Santos “Grim Santo” Gonzalez, CC BY-SA 2.0

Recurrence of depression is as common as its occurrence. If you have a history of being succumb to this disorder, meditation or Yoga or both go a long way in healing. 20 minutes of simple meditation has been known to be equivalent to 8 hours of sleep. Join some meditation classes that will mentor you in learning this art. It will keep your mind peaceful and improve your concentration levels. Similarly, Yoga teaches us to control our body postures and breathing, thus promoting well-being.

7. Fight Stress With Positivity


Photo by MartaZ*, CC BY 2.0

In today’s world, people are expected to work in high stressful conditions from a very young age. Time constraints leave us with lesser family and social interactions. Work stress mounts up on top of that, making our soul dissatisfied and tired at the end of each day. Learn to love your work or better still, do what you love. Organise your daily schedule and take out some time each day to do something that you enjoy doing. It might be gardening for a retired person, cooking for a kitchen enthusiast or performing art for an artist. Spend more quality time with kids and friends that will help you live free.

8. Let Your-Self Loose



Photo by Andrés Nieto Porras, CC BY-SA 2.0

Sometimes, it pays well to let go of perfections in life. Settle down for a lesser target if that leaves your mind at peace and satisfied. Time limits can be left behind some times, provided it doesn’t upset someone else whom you are answerable to. It is OK to leave mess in the house uncleaned once in a while, if that allows you to squeeze in some more play time with kids. Learn to throw up your legs out in the sun, drowned in a novel or watch your favourite movie. Dress up well and go out to meet favourite friends or on your own. Remember that such things cannot go on forever, but can temporarily elevate sad moods which help us to stay happy.

9. Get Over Your Worries


Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões, CC BY 2.0

There must be something at the back of your mind that is troubling you. Less time, financial burden, bad health, loss of loved one, identity crisis or anything else that is acting as a setback in your life needs to be identified and worked upon. Whatever it is, tread on the rope and dive in. Although it is not going to be a cakewalk, you have to find a way out. Drowning down inner voice is not going to help, hearing it out and solving it definitely will.

10. Forget the Past and Move On

Move On

Photo by BK, CC BY 2.0

It is not at all easy to get out of painful memories of past, but it is equally essential to do that. Remembering our past can pull us deeper in the gloomy sea which is dark and grey. Put maximum effort to move on to newer heights that will leave you fresh and ready for newer challenges in life.

So, follow these helpful tips that will lead you to happiness. Kill your worries; else your worries will kill you. Always remember that depression is just a phase and can be overcome successfully with a calm, peaceful mind and a healthy body.