5 Foods To Avoid When Feeling Depressed


It’s true that whenever we are depressed and also hungry, we start gorging on various deep fried, oil-soaked, or sugar-laden treats and snacks. We think of them as our ‘comfort foods’ and ‘mood-lifters’. Moreover, majority of us gulp down many cups of coffee to feel better, while a few of us try to drown our sorrows by drinking wines and liquor.

Unfortunately, after filling our stomachs with these foods and beverages, we end up feeling more miserable and weary than before. This is because they contain certain substances which prevent the brain and various glands from working, properly. As a result, we are unable to feel happier and healthier!

Here is the list of 5 foods and drinks that you must steer clear of, if you are enduring a bout of depression:

1. Refined Sugar And Artificial Sweeteners

SugarPhoto by HebiFot, CC0 1.0

These substances are present in almost all sugary foods and drinks, available in the market. Recent scientific studies have proved that refined sugars play havoc with our blood-sugar levels and negatively impact our endocrine system. After ingesting such products, we begin to suffer from mood dips, sugar hangover, and lethargy as soon as our endocrine system gets exhausted. Aspartame, an artificial sweetener, has also been reported to cause insomnia, anxiety, and headache in an already depressed person.

So, if you’re already suffering from depression, then it is advisable to limit your intake of commercial sugary beerages and products.

2. Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic DrinksPhoto by jarmoluk, CC0 1.0

It is actually an addictive beverage that slowdown our brains and nervous system. It also aggravates all depression-related symptoms. Ironically, some people who are already depressed consume alcohol to deal with their feelings. Unfortunately, they end up as drunkards or in extreme cases as booze-addicts. According to medical science, your liver might get affected badly if you keep consuming high amount of alcohol for a long period of time.

3. Hydrogenated Or Saturated Fats


Photo by Films42, CC0 1.0

Hydrogenated edible oils, animal fat, dairy products and food cooked with them contain cholesterol and trans-fats that are detrimental to our health. Some of the common diseases related to overconsumption of such fats are obesity, heart attack, stroke, and kidney ailments. Recent scientific studies have also pointed out that eating such fatty foods when depressed will only make you more lethargic, gain weight, and therefore more unhappy.

4. Processed Foods

CerealsPhoto by shixugang, CC0 1.0

Finely-milled rice, cereals and all food products made of refined wheat flour (a.k.a. Maida) come under the category of processed food. They also interfere with the functioning of our endocrine system and prevent absorption of essential body nutrients. A depressed person will always feel sudden insulin boost followed by heightened feelings of fatigue and misery. In such a scenario, you should definitely avoid food such as white bread, noodles, pasta, bagels, and cookies.

5. Salty Foods Rich In Sodium

Salty FoodPhoto by PDPics, CC0 1.0

You should stay away from highly-salty foods as excess intake of sodium can cause various health maladies such as high blood pressure and high retention of water in your body. Apart from these health conditions, you might end up suffering from severe mood swings. Thus, you will feel worse than you felt before munching those salty snacks. You should also control the amount of table salt you add to your homemade dishes.

Interestingly, certain scientific studies have indicated that an abnormally-high level of caffeine, a mind-stimulating substance, in the human body overburdens its endocrine system. This would mean, after feeling euphoric for a while, we get overwhelmed with sudden feelings of anxiety without any reason. It is advisable to prevent yourself from consuming endless cups of coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

We know it’s hard to resist ourselves from eating and drinking some or all of the products listed above. However, you will have to strictly avoid them, if you want to get over your depression, sooner. You should also try to limit the intake of such foods even if you aren’t depressed. Practice self-control and follow a healthy diet if you want to enjoy good physical and mental health!