10 Formulae to Live a Happy Life

Happiness is a treat that everyone does not get in life. It is the most priceless possession of human life which takes the whole life for its attainment. If today is said to be a gift full of surprises, then tomorrow the shelf life of the pleasure derived out of yesterday would fade away. There is one quest that every human being embarks on for the entire lifetime is the quest of happiness. Felicity is not the sip of a drink that you can earn with a laud of “Cheers.” Do you ever feel that prosperity is the root cause of all the fortunate events that occur in a family or any other social group? Does it nag you that gaining happiness is the world’s toughest task and the most titillating one? There is no guru or expert who can prescribe a set of rules of happiness, but there are some universally accepted formulae that help a person live a happy life:

Happy Life

Photo  by digaita, CC0 1.0

1. Follow The Theory of “Laissez Faire

The theory of “Live and let others live” is a wonderful step towards the achievement of happiness in life. It implies that you should be your own guard, live your life the way you like and not intervene in others’ business. You have to just live your life to the fullest without the disturbance of any outside factor in it. It will help you in building long lasting relationships which will bring joy to your life.

2. Don’t Expect Too Much

The main reason for the emergence of sorrow and woes in life is that humans expect a lot from themselves, from others and from situations and opportunities. It should be a lesson to be learnt by people across the globe that they should leave upon the Almighty whatever is to happen, just don’t anticipate too much. The more you expect, the harder it gets to accept the reality, which is totally different from what we expected. So, expect less and gain more.

3. Go Easy On Yourself, But Not Carefree

Sometimes life offers some awkward choices – we tend to either takes things way too seriously or too lightly. To become nonchalant does not happen by chance, but by choice, it is often recommended to go slow rather than just doing things in haste. It does not mean that you become too casual in your life and let your life slacken in every aspect. Be a little less harsh on yourself, but not too blithe either.

4. Join Hands with Generous People

When you are thronged by people who care for you and have a sense of belongingness, then you can receive equal love in return as you give them. Such encounters can help you to make friends who can be the source of happiness in your life. Cheerfulness comes from within when you see people with sparkling eyes and a welcoming smile.

5. Do Good to Your Family, Friends, And Well-Wishers

Generosity reflects from your personality when you work relentlessly for your loved ones. You have to be innocent and fair to the ones who are associated with you.  Be content and do not question your caliber. Your dear ones stand as the supporting system that can’t sabotage your image and make the emotional bond grow stronger than before.

6. Don’t Walk On the Path of Venality

To live a straight life where your name is not stained by any allegation or fraught by any threats, you need to choose the path of honesty. Honesty is the best policy might seem to be a very childish proverb nowadays, but its implication has never been taken seriously by the human race. To live a long life without the craving for more, be prepared to be non-corrupt in the midst of this mercenary world.

 7. Live Simple

Have you ever heard of the saying “Simple living, High Thinking”? This saying illuminates the fact that you must live a decent life with no obligations and regrets. Your simplicity must be reflected in your personality. Don’t try to make your life a chapter of mathematics which is hard to solve. Just keep it simple and let it flow with no demands and complaints.

8. Don’t Be Rapacious

It is the humans’ unremitting demands that make a person grow greedy in life. The motive behind life should not be to become a billionaire, but to win hearts of people and embrace lots of love. Love is the medicine that cures the pain of greed, so don’t lose yourself to the insatiable trap of lavish lifestyle. Don’t make shopping or any such sumptuous attractions be the reason for living your life. You have better purpose to serve.

9. Be in Green Health

The secret of living a happy life lies in maintaining your health because as long as you keep yourself full of beans, you’ll have enough vigor to do work. You need to be hale and hearty in order to think for you own good and also follow the path that evokes exuberance. You have to look after yourself because your salubrity affects your mood and if you are in great mood, then only, you can be full of energy and vice versa.

 10. Happy Heart Means Happy Life

When your heart and emotions are in place, you can live a life that is far away from hysterical drama. When you’re all sorted and not involved in any kind of self-invited troubles, then you can lead an egalitarian life. Your heart sulks when you are in grief and thus, you spend your life lamenting about it. So, don’t let your heart tear into pieces and keep it happy with little amusement.

When you ask someone ‘what do you do to live a stress free life?’ What do they reply? Some people say ‘Practice yoga,’ some say ‘Do laughing exercise’ and some say ‘Take a chill pill’ and some cinephiles say “Don’t worry. Bade Bade Shaharon me, aisi choti choti batein hoti rahti hain” (Such small mistakes happen in the big cities –Dialogue from DDLJ). So, there are various approaches of all the people towards managing tensions and anxieties in life. The utopian style of living is not known to any and in this era of Kalyug, where people become the albatross around others’ necks, it is way too difficult to show trust on people, law, and nature. You never know when you surrender yourself to the Almighty’s grace because everything seems to be off the beaten track in your life. Remember one thing that you are not the only person who is in search of the ebullience in life, give some time to yourself and the circumstances in your life and eventually everything would be just fine. Do you believe in God’s miracle? If not, then start believing in yourself and miracles would happen inevitably.