Best Practices to Stay Happy Every Day

No matter what you do throughout your day, it all comes down to a familiar question at the end of it. Have you spent your day well enough so that you can go to bed as a happy soul? Well, this is a common realization. Now, the other realization is the outcome or rather the answer to this common question. Somewhere from within, you wish for a positive effect. But, believe me your inner self will speak for the real you and it will only speak the truth. After a couple of minutes of this couple of realizations, the outcome will be crystal clear to you. You will go to bed either as a happy you or as a disappointed you. Remember, if you feel happy at the end, you had been happy throughout your day. Many of us tend to stay constant and expect things to change. But, that’s not the way life goes. In order to stay happy, you need to adopt few practices and fix few already in practice. Here are few daily life hacks which will certainly endorse you in your transition to a happy person.

Photo by pixabay, CC0 1.0

1. Waking Up Early

When you get up early while the rest of your neighbors are still in their sleep, it keeps you one step ahead of the rest. I won’t focus on the physical effects of getting up early but mentally, your efficiency is in its prime and emotionally, you are stronger than ever. Waking up early should always be supplemented with going to bed early so that at least you get seven hours of sleep.

2. Jogging in Morning

It really takes some extreme form of inner strength to ditch your cozy bed, put on your running shoes and motivate yourself to the running tracks. I personally feel that what you do to get to the tracks straight after waking up in the morning matters more than what you do on the tracks. Aren’t you challenging yourself at the start of the day? And, I don’t need to explain the feeling of winning a challenge. It’s all tacit to you. Believe me, any sort of failure that you face in course of your day will be countered by your accomplishment early in the morning and you will certainly be able to build on that failure. This extremely beneficial practice will always keep you jolly.

3. Sensible Eating

You are not a sensible man unless you don’t eat sensibly. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to keep a check on the different nutrients taken in, the fats content of a dish or even the sugar in your tea. All these are sensible only for body builders or for those to whom it is prescribed. Eating things that you like is a path to happiness but you should not gourmandize. Eat in limits, eat sensible. That’s the message.

4. Admiring Others

Jealousy is perilous quality to possess. It tends to infiltrate deep into you and accounts for a melancholy life. In fact, we should consider ourselves blessed if good things are happening around us or good people are present in our vicinity. Because it is from the good that one learns and succeeds. When you don’t admire, you don’t accept the goodness and so will goodness, not accept you. See, Karma is a robust force, which does exist.

5. No Grumbling

No grumbling corresponds to ‘remaining stoic’ which is a virtue of the happy ones. You should learn to take everything that the life has in store for you without any complaining or overflow of emotions. Learn to capitalize on good things have the freedom to fail. This quality will always keep happiness attached to your life. Mourning over the same thing again and again will land you nowhere.

6. Following A Routine

You should assign a chronological order to your day to day activities. This can be done by crafting out a routine. Let the routine decide your activities and not your activities decide the routine. Go by the routine and you will certainly go to bed as a happy you.

7. No Excuses

I feel that human beings fail because of two types of causes. One type is under our control and the other is uncontrollable. Generally, we tend to blame the uncontrollable cause in order to get away or prove that it was not our fault. If you don’t accept your fault, you can never be happy. Accepting your fault is similar to accepting yourself and happiness comes when you accept yourself.

8. Reading

Considered as a must have habit for all, reading has the ability to keep us stress free and ultimately, happy. Reading materials are in abundance and it’s up to us to utilize them. Once you have developed a habit of reading, you will start loving it. Whatever you read has a direct or indirect impact on your life.