5 Funny Wedding Customs In India!

Tamil Brahmin Weddings

The fat Indian wedding is one unique celebration that every person must experience at least once in his or her life. India is a country with diverse culture and this diversity is reflected in the wedding customs practiced in various parts of the country too. In some parts of the countries the wedding rituals continues for days together. Heavy costumes, colorful environment and mouth-smacking delicacies are a common site at any Indian wedding. Apart from these, there are some age old customs, which are quite amusing. Although most of these customs are backed by some strong reasons, you still would find them funny. Some of the funny wedding customs followed in India are as follows.

1. Wedding In Uttar Pradesh

I am sure you must have heard about the ‘tomatino’ festival. A similar practice is carried out in a small town of Uttar Pradesh- Sarsaul. The baraat is (groom’s wedding procession) is welcomed in a unique way here. The procession is not welcomed with flowers or scented liquid but tomatoes are hurled on them. The reason behind this custom is that the people there believe that if a relation begins on an unhappy note then it always ends up in love. Quite a special way to ensure love subsists in relation! Isn’t it?

2. Bengali Weddings

Bengali Weddings

Photo by Deeporaj, CC BY-SA 3.0

Apart from being known for their sweet dishes Bengali weddings are known for their weird wedding rules and customs. As per one of the tradition both the families (bride and grooms) exchange pond fishes to signify their prosperity. Early in the morning on the wedding day brides aunts set a plate full with goodies and gifts. This plate is then offered to the Ganges River. It is believed that Ganges River will shower its blessings on the bride. The list still does not end here. The weirdest rule followed by Bengalis is that the grooms’ mother is not allowed to witness the wedding. The logic behind this rule is that the mothers’ happiness may jinx the grooms’ happiness. Hence, she stays back at home until all the rituals are completed.

3. Tamil Brahmin Weddings

Tamil Brahmin Weddings

Photo by Karthikeyan.pandian, CC BY 3.0

This is one unique wedding custom ever practiced! When the groom gets inside the wedding hall he has to pretend that he has changed his plan and wants to go for ‘sanyaasam’ (asceticism). Thereafter the bride’s father has to persuade him so that he chooses ‘grahastham’ (family life). This tradition is followed by the Brahmins of Tamil Nadu and is known as ‘Kasiyaatrai’.

4. Gujarati & Marwadi Weddings

Madhuparka is the ceremony in which the bride’s parents welcome the groom by washing off his feet with a liquid that is made up of milk, honey, sugar, ghee and yoghurt. The groom can enter the wedding venue only after the completion of this ritual. Also in Marwadi wedding the groom is bought inside the wedding venue by his mother-in-law in a unique way. The bride’s mother pulls the grooms nose and welcomes him to the venue.

5. Bihari Weddings

This is one scary wedding custom! As per this custom the mother-in-law places heavy earthen pot on the brides head. More and more pots are then added on her head until she gives up. This particular custom checks the endurance level of the new bride. It is a type of test in which the bride’s family handling skills are tested. Larger the number of earthen pots she is able to handle greater are the chances that she’ll be able to maintain balance and peace in the family. This wedding custom is followed by the people of Bihar.

India is a colorful nation with vibrant people and more vibrant traditions. Wedding is considered to be one of the most auspicious occasions here. Accordingly the wedding customs too are followed with utmost care and vigilance. Hence, although some of the wedding customs might seem funny to most of us but people here still follow it seriously and rigorously.