5 Tips to Conquer Anger in Public

Are you one of those people who tighten their fists when something bothers you badly? Do your eyes turn red because a fountain of rage boils inside you? Do your emotions get erupted in the form of abusive words? Do small things get on your nerve very easily? Do you break something, may be a non-living thing or at times human bones, when you get mad at something? If you have answered yes to all of these questions, then you are undoubtedly a person with a short-fuse. People who are short-tempered are often interpreted as being hostile by nature. And in fact, it is not incorrect because fury ignites frustration and frustration compels hostility in behavior. Such people are mistaken to be misanthrope because others feel that every time such characters interact with their folks, they end up fighting with them. This presents a dark side of those people which misquotes them as haters. If you are one such anger junkie and you no longer want to be misinterpreted by others, then here are some tips that you can use to conquer anger in public:

Conquer Anger

Photo by annca, CC0 1.0

1. Breathe and Close Your Eyes

If you think you are an anger freak, firstly, watch the animated film “Angry Birds: The Movie” and if you ask why, then let me tell you that the protagonist of this film – “Mr. Red” is exactly of the same temperament as you are. Once you see the film, you will relate to the character and definitely you’ll find the ways by which you can channelize your energy that you waste on burning yourself up. Now, you must have heard about this breathing remedy thousand times, but this technique works. When you feel that your emotions are getting heightened and the next step that you might do is to slap someone, then hold back and take a deep sigh. You can also seclude yourself by closing your eyes and making yourself believe that nothing has happened. This will help you to compose your mind and free from the clutches of trap of fire.

2. Seam Your Mouth

The best way to stay calm when your volcano is about to explode is to keep your mouth shut. Why? Let me tell you that the instant reaction that a person gives in response to a deadly situation is pouring a lot of filth out of the mouth. People with repulsive nature are prone to using such immoral ways of tackling the situation which aggravates the whole scenario. So, if you think that your tongue can debase your name, then you must not do the blunder of saying anything. Distract yourself by counting numbers or by playing a music track in your head, but do not say a word. You will see the results and you will be happy about it.

3. Go to A Silent Place

If you don’t want to be there in the situation, then neglect the entire conversation. Definitely, you can’t just walk out in between the interaction, but once the fight is over, you can find a peaceful place where you can erase all your bad memories. The place can be a washroom, or your room, or a park, or any place you feel comfortable and suppress the negative thoughts. To completely erode your anger issue, you must start engulfing your soul in a better surrounding like sitting in green lush gardens where the scenic beauty can help you lift your mind and induce positivity in you.

4. Using Sarcasm Is a Healthy Way

Pelting foul words from your mouth or making sarcastic statement on your enemies, what would you choose? If you think that you can’t just sit back quietly and handle a situation, then you must speak, but what you can do is change the tone of your voice and also the harsh meaning of the words that you are about to say. For instance, if someone continuously makes fun of your short height, then bang on him/her by saying “I wish I could have borrowed your height” or anything better than this statement. Sarcasm helps you to lighten up your mood. So, put on your Chandler Bing Hat and start working on your sense of humor. But make sure that your joke sounds like a joke, not an insult, otherwise the situation would worsen.

5. Don’t Let Anything Trigger Your Anger

There is always something in our lives that we hate to confront, be it a person or a situation, we avoid the occurrence of any such unfortunate event where we might lose our cool. After all, we are humans, our lives move on, but we tend to keep grudges from the past. So, in such awkward situations, you should try to be silent and listen to mind’s voice which commands you to maintain your equanimity. Don’t let such grudges overpower your life. There are other things that matter in life and you need to divert your attention from such unproductive things to the things that bring joy in your life.

Do you still feel that your anger issues are so severe that you need an expert to resolve them? Do you think that your bad disposition can be detrimental to your reputation and you will not be able to rectify it ever? Do you feel that you are being sidelined by others because of your furious attitude? Are people scared of talking to you because they think that you might burst on them for no reason? Don’t worry, no disease or emotional disorder is above your life. If you are fed up of being embarrassed at public places because of the display of your wrath, then it is high time that you pull up your socks and start controlling it because it is never too late. You can and you will overcome your belligerence by opting these small tips. And if nothing works out, then sit in front of your TV sets and watch American sitcom “Anger Management” starring Charlie Sheen, which will help you recover from the pain of being called a “Angry Young Man/Woman.”