10 Secrets to Happy Life with Effective Stress Management

Though, the article is titled ‘Secrets to a happy life’, there are no secrets to happy living. Everything you can do to stay happy is out in the open. Here, we bring you some overlooked stuff you can do every day to stay happy and bid stress adieu! 

Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0

1. Discuss Feelings

Sharing your feelings and thoughts is not a crime. But keeping them bottled up surely is illegal. Discuss your feelings with your family or friends or confidante. There is no harm in telling how you feel, it’s just a way to express yourself. And if you have no one to whom you can tell, just write and express it in written form. This is the first step to happy life. 

2. Just Say No

Learn to say no sometimes. It is better to say no than accepting something and going out of your comfort zone. And there is no point in doing everything at a time and it just builds up stress. Be clear about your priorities and limits. Know your capability and say no to unnecessary work. It’s not that difficult to say no and live stress-free.

3. Get Personal with Nature

There is actually a really affordable way to relieve your stress and that is nature. Get personal with nature. Appreciate its eternal beauty. Get up in the morning, walk bare feet on grass; it is the best-known stress reliever. Nature is beautiful and just provides happiness. Start gardening plants on your terrace or garden, and this will help you free up some stress. 

4. Call A Friend

When in need, call a friend. The most clichéd method yet effective. And “friend” doesn’t necessarily have to be a friend. Said “friend” can be your sister, family member, guru, anyone. Share your troubles, tell them what you’re up to, and their feedback will give you a sense of care, which will eventually provide you bliss and feel content. Sometimes the simplest methods are the best. 

5. Do Yoga

Yoga helps you to maintain balance and peace. Even meditating peacefully, thinking just good thoughts can also help you release stress. Meditation and yoga slow down your heart rate, normalise your blood pressure and relieve stress. You feel peace around you and in you. Your inner self just gets boosted up and you feel free and satisfied. 

6. Focus on The Present

Thinking over and over about your past and regretting your decisions won’t just make you any happier. Regretting just harms your body and you won’t ever find peace with yourself. Calm yourself and think about the present. Even thinking about the future and jumping to conclusions increases your stress level. Forget the past, work on your present and better your future. 

7. Stop Comparing

Comparing your life or lifestyle with others is just another nasty way of feeling bad about yourself. The comparison may motivate to aim higher, but it also inflicts damage. Comparing your results, lifestyle and looks can never make you happier, the comparison only makes you feel malcontent. And dissatisfaction only leads to stress. So, stop comparing and feeling satisfied with what you have. 

8. Identify and Solve Problems

Your problems are your reasons to stress and gloomy life. Identify your problems, work on them and solve them. Problems shouldn’t be your reason or excuse to a happy life. Problems can be easily worked upon. If you can’t work on them alone, take help of others and free yourself. There is no harm in asking others for little help.

9. Don’t Expect Too Much

The expectation from life and people in your life should be minimal. Not everything goes as expected. Never expect too much from anyone. Not everyone every time can come up to your level of expectation. Stop expecting from others, rather fulfil your own expectations. Expectation is just false hope or mirage. 

10. Forgivingness

Anger is a root cause for stress. Manage your anger. Forgiving is one solution. Forgive people, their mistakes, and their wrong deeds and get over it. Blaming and getting angry over people is just a waste of time, and also increases your stress level. So be forgiving and release your bottled-up stress.