5 Interesting Activities For A Perfect Weekend Relaxation

Long Drive

Dreaming of a perfect relaxing weekend after working hard the whole week? Work out a simple plan for the upcoming weekend to make it blissful. You can choose from a variety of interesting activities that will relieve the stress of frantic work schedules. 5 such leisure ideas that will ensure a splendid weekend are:

1. Camping Out In A Nature Retreat


Photo by PeterDargatz, CC0 1.0

Staying close to nature is a very rejuvenating experience. The serenity and breathtaking beauty of a starry night by the riverside can be thoroughly enjoyed by camping outdoors. So, check out for your nearest nature hubs and plan a camping getaway on the weekend. Staying in tents, enjoying warm bonfires under the open sky, cooking food over open fires and enjoying a fresh water bath in the nearby waterfall or a swim in the sea can be an exhilarating experience. Don’t forget to take the camera along to capture the best moments!

2. Go On A Long Drive To Unknown Destinations

Long Drive

Photo by Dr. Wendy Longo, CC BY-ND 2.0

Driving to our workplace and back is a mundane task which actually leaves us more tired. But going on a long drive on the weekend can be extremely exciting. You can make it more adventurous by switching off the GPS. Drive down to unknown places to explore that which is undiscovered. Use new paths and tread on fresh roads where you have never been before. Stop by on small highway inns, click pictures of the best scenes and feel the cool breeze on your face. This way, moving on unplanned helps in unnerving and surprises the mind, creating waves of excitement.

3. Indulge In A Pampering Spa

Pampering Spa

Photo by Unique Hotels, CC BY-SA 2.0

Maybe, it has been there since long on your wish list. Maybe you have been racing against time since the last few weeks or even months, left with no time for yourself. A weekend is the perfect time to opt for a luxurious spa. It does not necessarily have to be a far-off and expensive spa parlour that has long waiting lists for its clients. You can head for your nearby spa station too for self-grooming. So, make yourself free from all your job and home worries, indulge in an embalming body and hair spa and feel the waves of relaxation fill in. You will be much fresher and ready for the hustle bustle filled weekdays that are waiting for you.

4. Plan A ‘Staycation’


Photo by Nostepinne, CC BY 2.0

If you are unable to or not interested in travelling on the weekend, you can also plan a ‘Staycation’ at your own home. It does not require a lot of planning too! Try to pack off the kids to their grandparent’s place or to a close friend’s home. You can select a small corner or room in your house which can be converted to a comfort zone. There might be an altar for meditation, a comfortable bean bag to ease out, some of your favourite books, and of course your favourite food items. One rule that should be strictly followed is to switch off all devices. Your cell phone, laptop, pc and all such gadgets that connect you to your work should be put off. Sometimes, one should enjoy doing just nothing.

5. Do All That Is Fun For You


Photo by condesign, CC0 1.0

Fun can have different meanings for each one of us. Weekend is the ideal time to fulfil desires to something enjoyable that your heart has been yearning for. You can:

  • Tend to your body. Take a hot bath, try out a self-massage, wear your favourite fragrance, dress up in clean, comfortable clothing and feel good.
  • Cook up your favourite meal if there is a hidden chef within you who enjoys preparing gourmet food.
  • Watch movies or television shows .
  • Take to gardening if that is what nurtures your soul and satisfies your wish to nurture nature.
  • Take up a weekend Yoga and meditation course if your weekdays do not allow you to learn this art of physical and mental well being.
  • Enrol in some creative course like pottery making or an arts workshop if you feel like knocking your secret artistic talent.

Weekends are meant to be a happy break from your busy weekly schedule. Engage yourself in creative and fun filled activities to make your weekends more productive as well as relaxing. The regular grocery shopping, house cleaning and laundry can be postponed and re-adjusted a little to make space for enjoyment. So, make sure you spend your next weekend in complete leisure and enjoy it to the fullest!