10 Smart Tricks to Deal with Stress from Work Life

In today’s modern day fast paced and monotonous life, being stressed out and hassled with your work is not a new thing. It has become very common these days. You will get to hear this from every other person around you that he is going through or facing the problem of stress in his life. This is such thing which apart from facing in your personal life, you can witness the same in your work life also. Despite of this piece of information, it is not obligatory to make it a habit to see stress in negative terms or rather it is always seen as bad and as having negative impact on the person’s life. This is not the case every time. Sometimes, stress is positive also, like if we take the example of students till the time exam fear starts roaming around their heads, they won’t study. Hence, in this case stress is positive. This is the same case which happens in the professional life of the person. It totally depends on the person’s outlook towards his work. If he has the capacity of finishing up his work within the provided deadlines, he won’t be stressed, otherwise he will be stressed. This stress may act in positive or negative both terms.

People want to live their life happily and want to cope up with stress be it of any kind, whether the case be of their professional or personal lives. Let’s see below some smart tricks and tactics which after inculcating in your daily routine you will be able to deal with stress which you face in your professional work life.

Photo by caio_triana, CC0 1.0

1. Leave for Work Early

The first thing which you should keep in mind is that make it a habit to always leave before time. If you will leave on time or late according to your estimated time you will hurry up and then you will scuttle. This will have a negative impact on your mood because of which you will ultimately feel stressed for the whole day, because your day was not given a proper head start. Hence, leave from home around 15 – 20 minutes early and remain cheered up the whole day.

2. Plan Your Work and The Area of Work

Secondly, always remember that once you reach your work place; manage your place of your work, like your table or your cabin or wherever you have to sit and work. After this, plan your day. Once you clean up your desk and manage your things, you will automatically wish to work. Otherwise seeing the whole thing messed up, you will not feel like working and will stress yourself for no good reason. Hence, arrange your things in a proper manner and work in a healthy mood for the whole day.

3. Focus on One Thing at A Time

Then, remember that you should always work on one thing at a time. Multitasking is good, but only to a certain extent. Don’t forget that you are a human, not a robot, nor a computer nor you are working at the speed of light. So, try and finish your work in hand and then go on to the next work. Otherwise you will have to waste ample of your valuable time and none of your work would be completed. This will ultimately leave you being frustrated. Hence, to avoid this, take up single task at one point of time, finish it with full dedication and then shift your focus on to the other task.

4. Take Small Intervals for Rest Between Work

After this, when you are working for long hours, do not forget to take short breaks in between your work and have some of your favorite snacks. Otherwise, it may also result in making your blood pressure low and you will feel dizziness while working. So, a short break of at max 5 minutes after an hour of work will help you remain in keeping your energy level boosted up and you will be able to complete your work creatively and effectively.

5. Do Some Activities to Calm Down

Then, it is pretty common that if you are working for long hours, you would be fed up from work and then you will be unable to concentrate on your work with the utmost level and power of concentration. To cope up with this, you can try listening to music, talking with one of your best friends or eating chocolates. This will facilitate you in giving yourself a slight change from your monotonous routine and you will be ready to be back in your work mode in a positive mood. Following this you will manage giving a better performance in your work.

6. Think and React, Rather Its Better to Act

Followed by all this, it is better that you should act firstly according to the demand of the situation rather than to react instantly. It may happen generally that whenever we feel that situation is not in our control, we may react, but this offers a wrong impression. Stay calm, think and then act accordingly. You should try and avoid the immediate and haphazard reactions of others as much as you can. By doing this the plus point is that you will not stress yourself.

7. Go Out in Break Time

Most important of all is that when you get lunch breaks, try and leave your office surroundings and freak out with your colleagues at some place or the other. Away from work in your busy schedule you will feel relieved from stress and will get some time for yourself to chill. This will lighten up your mood.

8. Set Your Reminders for Important Tasks

Keep reminders of your to do work in the form or dairy, chits, alarm clock or the wall, whichever you like. This won’t let you forget your important tasks which you have to complete. This won’t let you forget any of your further scheduled tasks and you can work stress free in a well-planned routine.

9. Determine Your Every Day’s Progress and Compliment Yourself

After doing work the whole day, it becomes very important to determine the progress of your work which you have shed your sweat and done the whole day. Always determine your progress only in terms of you and stay happy. No need to run behind perfection. It will automatically come with progress. If you will think about the progress you have made till now, it will act as a motivation factor and you will stay calm and stress free.

10. Intake Proper Amount of Food and Sleep Well

Lastly, the most important of all the things is that you have to eat right and sleep well, so neither it makes you dizzy nor you will feel laziness while working. This will make you perfectly ready for your work.

And so, these are some tried and tested tips and techniques which can help you to take pleasure in your work. As when there will be no stress and pressure you will enjoy doing it.