4 Ways to Commit Yourself to Personal Growth

Personal growth is an ongoing process. It is something that an individual needs to adopt as a lifestyle if one needs to lead a successful life. Ideally, it requires an all-round approach. A lot of times personal growth is attributed to professional growth and success. Many times people attribute the word ‘personal growth’ to improving skill sets that enable a person to achieve professional or monetary success. However, a broader perspective will enable an individual to achieve much more.

Personal growth does not end with just attending a bunch of personal development program or reading books related to it. However, one can never undermine the value of good quality workshops and books. They can be great resources to edify and motivate a person towards greater personal success. However, a more radical and grass-root level approach can yield lasting benefits.

Photo by Pixabay, CC0 1.0

1. Decide Your Future

As utopian as it may sound, your future truly is in your hand. Yes, the fact is that we live in uncertain times and that no one knows what the next minute holds. But the truth is every minute that life grants us can be impactful when we make the right choices. Ask yourself few questions and answer them. What is that gives you real happiness? What would you be like to be known as by people around you? These are few questions that help you making yourself a better person. 

2. Make A Personalized Plan of Action

This era of information overload can be both inspiring and overpowering. There are many resources that enable you to chart out a plan of action for your personal growth. However, these resources are best used as guidelines. They can be tools that help you personalize your POA. The best person to make your POA is you. Your plan of action for your personal growth should be challenging and practical as well. If you are happy where you are, then sketch out a plan that will jostle you out of your comfort zone.

Jot down your strengths and weaknesses. Work on areas that you need to get strong in order to achieve your goals. Break down your long-term goals into short term goals. Set time limit for short goals too. It is easier to appraise at regular intervals.

3. Take One Day at A Time

The ‘instant culture ‘gives only instant result. Lasting results always take grit, perseverance and integrity. Living in a fast-paced world you simply cannot deny the ethos of the instant philosophy. People who really emerge successful are those that know where to draw the line. One has to strike a balance somewhere. This can only be possible when you are sure of who you are and what you want to be.

Having a vision or a goal for life, makes life simpler. When you start focusing on your vision then you know where you need to invest your time and resources and where you need not. You will notice that each day is less cluttered with unwanted chores. Now it is easier to focus on activities that will take you towards your life’s vision. The fact remains that some days will still be bad and that nothing might go in the right direction. Yet that is not the end of the road. A true athlete always runs till the finishing line. Similarly, a winner always finishes what he or she begins in the midst of all challenges.

4. Be Accountable

Being accountable is an effective way to attain your goals. There is a natural tendency in human beings to be more alert when they are being watched.  Why not use this as an effective bait to enhance yourself.  Being accountable to a reliable person can make your personal growth plan more effective and efficient. You can be accountable to a close family member, friend or even take professional help.

Personal growth sounds more complicated than it actually is. In simple terms, it is an exercise that an individual performs to bring about happiness and success into one’s very own life. The primary beneficiary of the personal growth is your own self. Others around are only secondary beneficiaries. To sum up personal growth has to be adopted as a way of life. If you are committed to personal growth then identify your goals, make a plan of action and take one day at a time and appraise your own self at regular intervals.