How to Overcome Shyness at Your Workplace?

Are you one of those employees who are called wallflower among all? Do you refrain from attending your official parties? Are one of those who make excuses when ordered to give presentations at your office? Do you hesitate in communicating with your authorities? Do you have your lunch in aloof? Do you feel discomfort at your work stead? If yes, then you are anti-social and you are in dire need of overcoming your fear of talking with people.  To all my readers, you must know that this era belongs to those who can express themselves and do not believe in hiding themselves behind the curtains. You better understand one thing that your proficiency is your sword, but to make yourself worthy of taking the sword out of the sheath, you have to conquer your diffidence.

Overcome Shyness At Workspace

Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0

Here are some tips that can help you to subdue your shyness at your workplace:

1. Turn On Your Dual Personality Mode

You might be an anthrophobic, or entertainer at home, but you are an employee at your workplace and you need to develop a professional attitude to cope up with the needs of your workplace. You have to switch on your worker mode and forget about how you behave at home. Even you are a loner at home, you have to crush your solitary and socialize with others. Try to converse with your mates, even if the interaction is on an irrelevant topic. You will feel good; you will realize why humans are called social animals? You can’t bear such silence around you for a long time. This loneliness would haunt you afterwards.

2. Take Initiative to Socialize

If you are determined to relinquish your demureness and want to be friends with few associates, then just have the guts to break the ice. Though it is extremely demanding for a gloss phobic to take such a big step, you have to gather strength to make it happen. If you want to build bridges for you, then taking such small steps is the only way out. Don’t be afraid to attend meetings because you wish to escape the chance of interacting with people. Stop searching for excuses, and start talking, otherwise you’ll lag behind others.

3. Don’t Overthink About Others’ Reactions

The main reason people are scared of communicating with others is that they think that people would judge them. Not every individual is a critique, you don’t have to bother about others; just say what you wish to say. People don’t have enough time to discuss about you and have debates over your behavior. Nobody is perfect, so say something for your own sake. Be laconic in what you say because loquacious people are often disliked by others.

4. Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Once you are out of your house, your comfort zone ends there itself. You need to comprehend the situation and then act. It is not your home that your relatives would feed you with a spoon. Here, you are an independent individual who comes to work and achieve incentives and rewards for the same. Your personality is depicted by your overall outlook and if you are bashful in front of your counterparts, then your impression would be sabotaged as you’ll be portrayed as a meek person, which you might not be in real life.

5. Don’t Let Anybody Mock at You

You talk less by nature, but it does not mean that you give a chance to others to make fun of you. If you get a hint that someone is trying to taunt you with something, then don’t just look around and keep mum. Nobody has the authority to comment or say anything defamatory about you.  It might be a subject matter of joke for others, but it is not for you and you have the right to voice your valuable input.

 6. Develop an Aura That People Are Magnetized by You

Communication is a two-way process, either you approach someone or you give positive vibes to others so that they become comfortable in talking to you. You are quiet, it can be your one of your characteristic, but it can’t be the definition of your whole personality. So, don’t let yourself be misinterpreted by others, wear a smile and let people be enticed by your humility.

7. Let Your Hepatics and Eyes Do the Talking

This tactic comes way after you actually start communicating with others. It is said when you can’t express yourself through words, then eyes and hand gestures can rescue your words. When your body language accompanies your verbal power, then it does magical wonders. So, even if you utter few words with lots of facial expressions, you can surely win the hearts of many.

8. Teach Yourself – Coyness Will Do No Good to You

Do you think that you can spend your whole day at your workplace sitting in a corner, or skipping your work days to neglect others? Your timidity will lead you nowhere. If you want to prove yourself to others, then you have to open your mouth because your reserved nature makes you look weak to some people and arrogant at times to others. So, don’t let people conceive you in a wrong manner.

9. Strive to Become an Active Employee

Your presence at your office can be noticed only when you are visible to them. Your actions, your work, and your speech makes a lot of difference. Don’t think that your point of view is of dime’s worth, so you are not going to raise your voice. You are one well-deserving candidate as others are and you need to respect that. You have to voluntarily accept the tasks and challenges before others. You need to catch hold of the opportunity and take up the company projects. This is how you vanquish your fear and become the pearl of everyone’s eyes in the office.

10. Do Not Undermine Yourself

If you consider yourself less than your colleagues, then suppress such thoughts and have the audacity to place your views in front of others. At a workplace, a team works together to attain a common goal and nobody is above the other, so stop giving importance to such filthy thoughts that let you down in your own eyes. You are different and one of your kind. Accept it and feel free to let out your opinions.

Do you have a little self-respect that you can stand up for yourself and speak up vehemently when it is required? There is nothing in this world that you can’t do, so do not upset yourself by saying that you’re like that, in fact, you can change and that too for good. To sustain in this competitive corporate world, you need to put words into your mouth and you need to do it fast, as the time is running out and so is this world. You will soon realize the significance of being a confident speaker as you will rise as shining star of your workplace.