10 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneurs

From a small vendor to a big coffee shop employee to a corporate official, anyone can be an entrepreneur. But then why hundreds of people fail and only a few become giant names? The simple answer to this question is that it takes a lot of passion and courage, first, to take the decision of stepping into the world of new challenges where risks enmesh the limbs of the neophyte and second, to dare to give a shot to the most vulnerable earning option, i.e. entrepreneurship. Success is just a tag that follows the track of excellence and diligence. Being an entrepreneur and that too a successful one is not a layman’s job, one has to burn the candle at both ends to attain the impossible. The biggest business tycoons have emerged from the bog of the unprivileged. For instance, the journey of transformation from a mere school teacher to one of the richest man in the world, Mr. Jack Ma, the owner of the gigantic “Alibaba group,” has displayed the essence of consistent efforts which has lifted him to the apex of the commercial market. There are other names in the queue of moguls like Bill gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page etc.

Successful Entreprenuers

Photo by 089photoshootings, CC0 1.0

Here are the common traits that are found in such hard working and tenacious entrepreneurs:

1. Divergent Minds

Do you know why the tagline of Apple is “Think Different”? It is because Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, had a strong belief that innovation is the manifestation of creation. Entrepreneurs are not only genius thinkers, but also they are proficient in what they do. They may be tyros at the business, but their work would showcase their actual expertise. Leaving a job in order to begin a full-fledged business of your own is a big deal, but people who make up their mind to experiment are the ones who have full faith in their talent and also in their devotion towards their interest.

2.One Man Army

Those who dream of becoming the leader of their enterprise are always fearless. They possess the power to discover the impossibilities by making solo efforts. They have the guts to take the responsibility of the business solely on their shoulders. They believe that if they have started the venture, then they are accountable for all the mistakes and success that the project witnesses especially during the initial days. Remember the struggle of Mark Zuckerberg in making Facebook the biggest networking revolution in the world. If you want to get closer to the endeavors of an entrepreneur, then watch the film based on Mark’s real story named “The Social Network.”

 3. Assertive in Nature

An entrepreneur is and must be assertive as to make the business function appropriately, he/she has to be compelling and authoritative. It is necessary to be bossy and raise the voice when required for the benefit of the business. The entrepreneur always foresees the betterment of the company and thus, he/she has to be adamant with the decisions that are concerned with the business as it makes the firm grow faster than before.

 4. Ability to Withstand Losses

In order to be triumphant in this field, one has to rely on the theory “Someone’s loss is another’s gain.” Once you hold the pride of being called a BOSS, you have to encounter some negativity as well. You have to confront critiques and don’t let yourself be shattered by the bitter words that naysayers tease you with. Let them say what they wish to, you just have to stand on your feet and revert back, not by physical force, but by the display of exemplary work of yours.

 5. Turn Serious Job into A Pleasure Driven Pursuit

Entrepreneurs don’t just work; they enjoy what they do. The best part of doing your own business is to live the dream that you have always envisaged in your entire life. You don’t have to act as a robot who is instructed to follow certain guidelines, rather you cultivate the habit of loving the work that you are doing. You don’t have to go on a quest to find amusement in your job, it comes naturally with your work.

 6. Competence Induces Power

To begin a venture is one thing, but to set it apart from thousands of start-ups that already exist in the market is a challenge. Entrepreneurs are highly competitive and they always have a strategic plan to carve out the best outcomes from the business. An entrepreneur holds the know-how techniques in mind to make their business No. 1 and the essential ingredient to become a successful entrepreneur is to have competency which instills perseverance and determination to do better than the rest.

 7. They Are Hard Core Workaholics

When a person works under someone’s supervision, he/she gives input under pressure, not by will. The moment you become the boss, you have to take each and every step gingerly to maintain your cachet. You have to burn the midnight oil to climb the steps of building a business empire. Converting into a work freak becomes the habit of entrepreneurs as the clock keeps clicking and pointing towards the owners and pokes them to work harder.

 8. Passion Oriented Plus Money Minded People

Many people often misunderstand the concept of being an entrepreneur. How? Let me tell you that people think that quitting a job that earns a monthly income for opening a start-up company which does not ensure a fixed earning does not make sense. In fact, people opine that those who commence such ventures are vested by money interests. But in reality, it is so not true because most of the entrepreneurs have confessed that any entrepreneur can’t guarantee that his/her business would bring a bag full of millions bugs at the very first stage.

 9. Live Their Lives On Their Own Terms

Entrepreneurship is synonymous to jeopardy in life. They don’t believe in walking on the old beaten path of life. They love to explore new ways even if it demands them to pave their own way which is filled with shrubs and it takes years to reap the harvest. They are not docile and they are self-made people who have learnt not to nod at the wrong things and therefore, they don’t want to fall in the trap of sycophancy. Do you remember the movie “Chef” where the main character gets fired by his boss as result of yelling at a food blogger who criticizes his dishes? After his unemployment, he embarks on a new venture of Food truck where help him regains his lost in reputation and also stand out a man of his own words. Such decision is always made all of a sudden and turn out to be the greatest decision in life.

10. Possess an Outlandish Personality

If you think that all entrepreneurs have a charismatic personality that drives people crazy, then you must come out of this myth and know the real truth. Entrepreneurs do develop such magnetism once they become popular, but initially they are the ones who are considered to be the weirdo among their friends. What I mean to say is that people with an unusual peculiarity have the worm of doing something unrealistic and create history. You can’t guess by taking a glance at them that they can do such wondrous accomplishments.

Who says you can’t be a regulator of your own business? Who says that you can’t build an ocean of opportunities for your enterprise? Who says that you can’t create a revolution with a small idea? Who says that entrepreneurs are people of different race? All the entrepreneurs are like any other human being, it is just that their brains produce extraordinary ideas and also the vision to execute them. Such innovative minds are not ubiquitous to the foreign lands, but also to the Indian subcontinent as well. Some of the eminent personalities include Kris Gopalakrishnan, the founder of Infosys; Verghese Kurien, the founder of Amul and many more. Entrepreneurs are people with a normal human body, but an abnormal obstinacy to do something that leaves others awestruck.