5 Self-Help Books That Can Help in Personality Development

Personality is the definition of one’s real self. Values, beliefs, thoughts, perception, attitude, desires, and code of conduct collectively form what is called a personality. There is no holy scripture or any set of rules that govern the personality of a human being. Personality varies from person to person, but there is definitely a lesson of a bunch of traits, emotional stability, and intellectual ability that needs to be learnt by every individual in order to acquire a personality that can be adored by others. There are numerous prolific writers, psychologists, and philosophers who have scribbled their thoughts about personality development in various books. Here are some of the examples of self-help books which requires you to read and experience the real life situations and how you can inculcate the qualities of an appealing personality:

Inspirational Books

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1. Awaken the Giant within

This book written by Tony Robbins is one of his great self-help books, which includes Unleash the Power Within, Unlimited Power, etc. This book is an eye-opener because it unravels the secrets of awakening the giant in oneself which tries hard to break the bars and shout out loud. The chapters of the book include Master System concept, step-by-step process, vocabulary of ultimate success, etc. It throws light on the sanctity of decision making in life. It preaches that one can bring measurable change in life only when one sets some standards for oneself, make it certain that one can and will reach them. It illuminates the idea that destiny is drawn by one’s decisions and the actions followed to achieve the decision shape up one’s life. Moreover, it places forward the reality of life that whatever we do in life is either to gain pleasure or to avoid fear and thus, consistency determine our personality. It tells the composition of personality – core beliefs, values, repetitive questions that one asks oneself, the emotional status, and the source of inspiration.

2. The Secre

It is a psychological insight written by Rhonda Byrne which discovers the law of attraction and gives scientific reasons for the concept of positive thinking and how it compels an individual to do what is right. With 19 million copies sold globally and a film made on it with the same title, this book unfolds that when a person aims to achieve something, then his/her thoughts radiate frequency into the universe which attract cosmic rays and thus, they reflect back to him/her. What one wishes to do is the outcome of the thoughts that models out behavior towards the accomplishment of the goal. For example, if you continuously wish to receive an offer letter from a renowned company where you have always wanted to work, then you will get it, only if you stick to your words and be optimistic about the same. Though this book’s theme “It’s all in the mind” had to bear many criticisms from various reputed personalities, it is also one of the most admired books of all times.

3. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The book is written by Joseph Murphy is a piece of religious connotations. It elaborates how the power of praying determine the life decisions. This book considers subconscious equivalent to God and thus, asks one to pray wholeheartedly so that the request prayed can be heeded properly. It says that subconscious mind is like the captain of a ship and the thoughts accumulated and approved by conscious mind are always positive for oneself. This book stands out as a tool that which monitors the function of conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious minds.

4. Talent Is Overrated

Written by Geoff Colvin, this book specifically elucidates that only possessing talent can’t let you win the race, rather deliberate hard work needs to be applied to achieve the extraordinary. Learning by constant practice and following certain principles can help in brushing up the talent. If you wish to be called a gifted soul, then you need to work hard and gain expertise in the discipline you aspire to progress. As the name of book suggests that talent is highly overvalued, in fact, the actual appreciation that one should get is for the sleepless nights that one dedicates to transforming talent into expertise. It is a wonderful book which concludes that talent without work is good for nothing.

5. A Long Walk to Freedom

Though it can’t be called a self-help book exactly, it is an autobiography that one can’t resist reading. The unprecedented struggle of Nelson Mandela, his journey from a small lawyer to the first Black President of South Africa in 1994, and the 27 years of incarceration during his anti-apartheid movement were incredible. This autobiography teaches us that mesmerizing personality does not emerge from nowhere, one has to devote valuable years of life to earn that respect and magnetism. Nelson Mandela was and still is an epitome of simplicity, passion, strengthen and wisdom and his ravishing personality would always be cherished across the globe.

So, what do you think about your course of life? Have you been living your life by concentrating only on grooming yourself or actually setting real goals for yourself? Do you think what you wear is the only way of evaluating your personality? Do your characteristics suit your personality? Do you feel embarrassed at social gatherings when you are not able to meet the high standards of the elite class? Look, the personality is not the slave of any class, religion, or any gender. Personality is the amalgamation of a person’s physical appearance accompanied with utter intelligence and simplicity in living. Generally, people make assumption about someone’s personality by just looking at their height, weight and face. Please, get out of this silly method of personality assessment and spare time to look at yourself, then you see how well can you pull off your personality charm?