10 Steps to Setting Clear Goals in Life

Failure gives motivation, motivation follows intentions, intentions form determination and determination paves the way to perform the endeavors in life. This is the vicious cycle that begins with a spark, continues with smooth speed and at times, halts with brakes and then, finally stops and start all over again. It is the pattern of life that every individual goes through. If you are one such person who does not accept the natural course of life and want to go carefree till eternity, then you are not wrong, it is just that you are not exposed to the trials and tribulations of life. “You” can only decide what kind of life you would like to live? A life where everything is sorted, but to grab that serenity, you work hard for it or the one where everything is already a mess and you don’t wish a break a leg to solve it out? At whatever point to life you are right now, you will soon unravel the unexpected surprises in life, some you will adore and some you will discard. Here are some tips to help you set clear goals in life, hopefully you will find enlightenment after reading them:

Setting Clear Goals

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1. Introspection Is the Guiding Parameter

The first to step towards walking on the aisle of difficulties is to dig deep inside one’s own soul. If you want to set clear and real goals in life, then self-analysis is a must. Sit in an empty room, recall your life experiences and evaluate how you have acted and reacted in those times. This navel-gazing process will help you in gauging your ups and downs and thus, you can map out a better plan for yourself.

2. Set A Vision and Move Accordingly

You must have heard professionals talking about SMART goal – SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT and TIME-BOUND goals. You have to visualize a goal that you can attain with your caliber. Your goals are your life-makers; you need to be meticulous about placing them on your list. Moreover, you also have to prioritize the targets at the right time.

3. Your Intentions Matter

It is very well quoted by Andy Andrews that “Intentions without actions are an insult to the ones who expect the best out of you.” Your eyes guard your goals and you should be equipped to load the gun and hit the bullet. Goals are always motive driven, but the difference is what your intention is behind it to get it accomplished. Your life lays on your decisions that you make, so make them with a lot of contemplation.

4. Don’t Label Someone Else’s Aim as Yours

Most of the time, human beings do things that they don’t wish to, but just because others are doing it, they want to try their luck. It is foolish of you to make any such decision. Your aim should be a reflection of your thoughts, your deeds and your personality. You must work your fingers to the bone to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself, not by someone else.

5. Don’t Make Bleak Promises, Take Onus of Your Deeds

Don’t make promises because they are meant to be broken. If “promise” had been much of a big deal for you, then “pinky swear” could have become the ultimate words meaning “I surrender to my goal and earn it to the best of my potential,” but it does not happen like that. Promises are not valuable, but oaths are. When you pen down a goal, it stands out as a solemn pledge that you take for yourself assuring that you are moving ahead on your journey of conquering your goals.

6. Feasibility Is Yet Another Factor

Is your goal affordable? Does it lift up to the standards of a SMART goal? Especially your career goals, they are for lifetime, so you need to be cautious before taking any step. Your goals should be such that you can actually envision yourself achieving it. For example, if you are a cricket player and you aspire to be selected in under-19 team in the upcoming tournament, will you be selected if you are just a novice in this field? You have to take some time and practice and then set this goal, only then it will become an attainable one.

7. Prepare Yourself to Be Nudged

The path leading to your goal is never simple. Nobody serves you the perks and benefits of the position where you see yourself right away. You have to burn the midnight oil to get closer to it. Your goals can only come towards you when you train your mind to take the spank that life gives you on the way positively. Be ready to be hit hard by the pebbles on the way. Watch out.

 8. Don’t Make Vague Choices

Your indecisiveness can cost you an arm and a leg because once you make a choice, you begin to experience the taste of your goal achievement from then onward. If the choice is well-defined, then you succeed and if not, then you fall badly from the ladder. Fickle-minded people often find it hard to stick to their goals because they keep vacillating their opinions every now and then. So, in order to reach the pinnacle of success, you have to be clear with your decisions.

 9. Clarity in Thoughts Comes with Maturity

With maturity comes a certain level of responsibility that an individual understands. So, once you grow up to become the breadwinner of the house, you start realizing that your roles and priorities in life have to change, and you need to behave in a manner that is organized and conscientious. Your old days of chilling out without giving a second thought to your career, family, or life are gone. You have to create the life of your own. Don’t let anybody be disgraced because of your behavior. It is time to clear out your rusted brain and draw a life plan with short-term and long-term goals.

 10. Dreams and Goals Are Different

Every person has the right to dream, which can or cannot be fulfilled. But goals are to be envisaged with a proper thought in mind to attain it at all costs. Dreams can be fantasizing and alluring, but the firmness that is needed to make them true is missing somewhere. While goals are something that cannot be declared just like that, one needs to be self-confident and prepared to get the taste of bitter medicine if they have to taste one. The moment a person defines the demarcation between goals and dreams, then he/she becomes capable of achieving the goals.

Goals, dreams, passion, aim, and ambition, these are terms that keep following you till you take your last breath. You can’t run away from the reality of life which demands you to fix some objectives that can last forever. Do you ever feel that your life is haphazard because of your unplanned course of actions? Can you answer, how long can you survive in this world with your stick in the mud attitude? If you think that your life can go with the flow without a set design, then you are highly mistaken. You have to understand that setting clear goals in life is next to making your life grandeur and it is an effort to complete your life with perfection.