7 Simple Ways To Be More Joyful And Blissful At Work!


‘Do what you love or love what you do’- This is the basic rule that everyone needs to follow so that they enjoy their work. However, your workplace is not just about work and it involves people, machines, rules and office politics as well. This is the reason why most of us find it difficult to deal with Monday morning blues and office stress. Although there is no full-proof solution to deal with the office stress but there are some simple ways which can make working at your office a fun experience.

1. Always Keep Learning

LearningPhoto by Hans, CC0 1.0

The craze and knack for learning can keep you happy and add to your work experience. Also, it would increase your self-worth and make you an indispensable part of the organization. This way your work place would seem like a new and exciting place for you each day, where you can explore more of your interest.

2. Accept Your Mistakes

MistakesPhoto by BK, CC BY-SA 2.0

‘With great powers comes great responsibilities’ – along with your job position you have been assigned some powers which are followed by couple of responsibilities as well. One of the important responsibilities is to own your mistakes. Seldom do people vouch for their mistakes at work place. Most of them try to shift the burden of mistakes on to their colleagues, thereby creating an unhealthy work environment. Ensure that you take full responsibility of your mistakes and try your best not to repeat them. This way your colleagues and boss will develop a sense of respect for you and you will be able to get over your cons as well.

3. Take Help And Help Others

HelpPhoto by Leo Grübler, CC BY-ND 2.0

A helpful attitude will make you everyone’s favorite at work place. Always try to help people out whenever you can and do not hesitate to ask for help whenever you need one. Also, asking for help is always a better option than wasting time and ending up getting frustrated. This also helps in improving the teams’ co-ordination and rapport.

4. Take A Power Nap

Power NapPhoto by Floris Oosterveld, CC BY 2.0

Sometimes it is just a power nap that you need to boost out the creative potential inside you. Hence, in case you are not having the best of your days, all that you need is a power nap. In fact, many of the organizations across the globe have made power naps compulsory for their employees.

5. Have Your Food On Time

Healthy FoodPhoto by foodswings CC BY-ND 2.0

A healthy body is essential for healthy functioning of mind. Skipping and postponing your meals would end up making you sick. This can also hamper your contribution at work place. Hence, to make sure that you enjoy your work and be fruitful, ensure that you take your meals on time. Also as far as possible avoid eating oily and heavy food at work place as it makes you feel lethargic.

6. Make Friends At Your Work Place

Making FriendsPhoto by marusya21111999, CC0 1.0

A friend can be a great company at any place and at any time. Hence, if you can make a couple of friends at work place, work would seem more like a fun time activity. You would look forward to meeting up your friends at workplace and have more fun. Making friends at work place may seem difficult at start. However, with small efforts like sharing your lunch and bonding up after office hours would make your job seem easier.

7. Do Not Indulge In Gossip

GossipPhoto by Baruska, CC0 1.0

Gossip is a fact that is not completely true or right so why indulge in something that is not right! As far as possible, keep yourself away from all the gossips and the negative energies. A positive energy is quite vital for individuals’ growth and happiness so gossip is a strict no at workplace!

A person spends almost 1/3rd of his life at his work place so it is important that he actually enjoys the work atmosphere and the work itself. The above tips would certainly help you spend the best of your time at workplace.